Kim Goguen’s Quest


Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

March 13, 2021

Now if you are already familiar with Kim Goguen this is (admittedly) a run of the mill interview (for me anyway). But of real note are two things. The first is about 36 mins in, and is where she says this …

(She has been talking about the futility of relying on the govt … )

Interviewer: “What about these people that are being arrested?”

Kim: “Not by the government! Epstein has a great life now, he is over in Iceland chilling with a group of people … These people … Getting arrested for these people is a joke! They all commit fake suicide, go out the back door and live fine … They are just cannon fodder. They are to make you believe that this person is an enemy because they couldn’t hide the fact of what he was doing from the people anymore. And they were probably more concerned with you killing them, than they were of putting them in prison … “

Electric stuff! The second piece I think is worth highlighting is at the 52 min mark where I think she skips a step and I think she knows it, unless I am misreading her (very possibly but let’s not dwell … ). Given I am not tho, it is an important one and I am going to tell you why.

The interviewer is asking her why not use what leverage she has … (galactic … financial …etc) to get the 1% immediately arrested. The interview suffers ‘connection problems’ and Kim eventually come back with the question “What then?” “What is going to replace that …?” And things continue along this line and move on. But think about this …


How hard must it be currently for Kim to be trying to get people to take seriously the notion of self government with a government (allbeit with an unelected leader) already in place and positively acres of juicy ripe intel hanging on the web and being plucked daily effectively saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s all theatre and the curtain comes down soon and rises on a Great New Tomorrow … Make sure that armchair is good’n’comfy and popcorn is in good supply, you do not need to do anything else …”

Very hard, wouldn’t you say …

But if something were to happen along the lines the interviewer was indicating it would put the ball right in her court, “What! So much of the govt is corrupt! The System has been consistently working against us. Well then we may just have to start looking into governing ourselves …”

So she is neglecting the catalytic effect such an event may have. It would certainly be a much easier position to start from with so many woke up and ready.

She will have reasons I am sure … It would be good to hear them tho … (Unless I am oversimplifying).

Anyway with that said I am again recommending you get the free United Network News app from the app store and start clicking on the free news …


Did you know that 600 Isis troops have been dropped off in the mountains of Iraq as a build up to an Armaggeddon playoff the Jesuit/Black Sun generals are trying to set up over there … What about Richard Weiss trying to scare the Pentagon into taking him more seriously by waving an imminent Pleiadian invasion over there heads.

You really should be adding this to your file of Possible Valid Intel for possible future reference because when the patterns start to crystallise (also, admittedly, if they do …) you have a definite and alternative frame of reference as to who could be pulling the strings.

There is never a problem in shaking the tree with so much happening in secret. It is always a good thing, absolutely always … Maybe you are wrong and will eventually discover matters to be so, or maybe … the tree really is hiding some very rotten fruit. (The very rotten fruit that is holding us back) The only way to ever find out is to keep shaking …


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