(Reader: Socrates) The Socratic Method


Reader Post | By Socrates

The Socratic method is a Greek philosophy about asking questions, named after the famous Greek philosopher.

Sometimes the wrong questions are asked. It seems that some are content to be told what is or isn’t happening so they don’t have to ask questions or do any research at all.

Certain questions are more difficult than others? Sometimes the answers are right in front of you. Can you see?

1. Donald Trump will return at the right time. It was necessary to continue with the election fraud cases until it was shown the Supreme Court is corrupt. Trump has made all of his moves within the Constitution and the Law. Trump has shown all observers that he took every legal route open to him.

2. Suspecting that the Supreme Court was corrupt, Trump pre-empted this possible outcome with several executive orders which could allow for an interim military government. The military also needed to ensure that Trump had stayed within the Constitution. There is now every reason to suspect that the military will act. It seems as clear as day B/iden is a powerless sock puppet, why do people still talk about him as if he was anything more?

3. The sheer scale and size of this international operation involving millions of arrests, including very very powerful individuals, needs to be appreciated logistically. The enemy’s playbook is known but every possible permutation may not be known. Delays ensue, unforeseen circumstances arise, Adaptation is ongoing. Did you know that Spirit is unpredictable?

4. The main problem is the vaccines – whether Warp Speed is code or not – people are dying and being maimed by vaccines (or is this propaganda too?) You can’t tell the people, you have to show them sure, but clarity around this issue is urgently needed. If the purpose of all this stealth is to prevent casualties, it’s clearly not working. Every day people suffer while nothing can stop what is coming, except whatever is stopping it currently it seems?

5. There has been some dissent within the US military and this may be another reason for stalling, but I think this is old news now. Trump has a habit of making his moves at the very last moment. He continues to uncover those who are loyal and those who are not. Who is loyal and who is not?


6. No outside comms. Although truthers vary, most do not have any direct information. If you are concerned about a particular truther then research what they have said and whether they have ever offered anything but false promises. Keep an eye on those with actual information such as Juan O Savin, Mike Pompeo, General Flynn, General McInerney, Dan Scavino, Chris Miller and Kash Patel. Watch deep divers like Santa Surfing. Gene Decode and Amazing Polly but question everyone. There are many commentators. I question why you have to pay them for “insider information”. Is the Truth only available to those who can pay?

7. Many need to question Christianity. When I was young i discovered it was a corrupt institution involved in pedophilia and the arms trade etc – I couldn’t wait to have nothing to do with that joyless authoritarianism. The current Qristianity is either about code or if genuine, needs to ask questions about its patricentricity and denigration of the female. No surprise it turns out the institution is more than corrupt but we need more information if we are to blindly have a Road of Damascus moment. There may be other books to the Bible to explain things sure, but let’s see them and perhaps we will have a clearer idea of what Christianity actually is. It seems simply too crass to expect everyone who is true to adhere to unproven assumptions. The dichotomy of black vs white seems a little too storybook, but it isn’t it important to know what your enemy believes even if you do not?

8. You either adhere to goodness or you do not. Words are there to trip us. Religions are psychological constructs. Is Spirit so mundane it must deal in language?

9. The EBS will occur soon, the military will take action, declas will begin, Trump will be restored but there are no dates. And once the US Republic is restored how long before other places are liberated? There are no dates. Or perhaps taking class actions, organizing food sovereignty, engaging in civil disobedience and refusing to acquiesce in your own destruction are necessary now rather than waiting years for the “deep clean”. Do we disempoer ourselves by waiting for others to come to our rescue?

10. There is much speculation about upcoming events and it can go in many directions, but what direction is your Spirit following now? My intuition says sooner than I think – see how it works?




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