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Here we have an interview a former high ranking officer of the Air Force, Lt. General General Tom McInerney, recommending that we read the whistleblower account below where we have indicated the links.  This interview makes a number of charges. First, that Scalia was murdered. There was no autopsy and he was immediately cremated. The participants in the interview make the charge the Seth Rich was finished off at the hospital and did not die in the street after being shot. It is said that Seth gave the DNC tapes to Wikileaks for which reason he was liquidated Felix Dzerzhinsky style. That the corrupt Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts is guilty of pedophilia and that this is a widespread phenomena as proved by the Epstein affair and his subsequent murder under the Supervision of Attorney General William Barr of the DOJ and the US United States Attorney of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York both of which bodies are totally corrupt. In other words, the Supreme Court was a participant in the rigged election and none of whose justices are any good as they report to the [d]eep state as the President and the Congressional leaders. Trump went out under orders from the same number one to whom [B]iden now reports to or his handler. The General gives his imprimatur on the fact that the DOJ and FBI are corrupt. And the US military are derided for not intervening in the US against the stealing of the election as they are obligated to do under their standard Constitutional oath to protect the Constitution internationally and domestically which latter part gives them the right to intervene in the US election if stolen as it is alleged. Allied in this effort is former DIA Head Lt. General Michael Flynn.

I would like to throw a spanner in the works here. First, we must look at the GPU technique in their Operation Trust where you create a “loyalist” movement such as above to control it at the same time in order to keep track of those that may create a danger to the state as it presently exists. This does not mean that the charges above are not true. What it means is we must study those who are publicly making the charges. First, we find it strange here that a former high officer of the US Airforce supports sodomy as the General reveals for himself below.  This has never been the tradition of the US Armed Forces. This is a giveaway. Second, we know that this former third ranking officer of the air force was quite knowledgeable about the heroin operation in Afghanistan which goes back to 1979 when the US financed the Afghani resistance using air force planes to fly out the heroin and later as the US airforce carried the heroin from Afghanistan to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo for European distribution while the US Army convoys carrying supplies from Pakistan ports to Afghanistan returned with the heroin as backhaul. The US Army was thus also involved at the highest levels with the heroin business. We also know that General Michael Flynn as head of the DIA was part of the heroin operation in Afghanistan. You can find this in the article below on the heroin rat line which I know for a fact was true. The rest of the high officers are waiting for the board seats who are not going to rock the boat for any reason. This military does not have the principles of the Prussian military in 1933 under Field Marshall and President Paul von Hindenburg. The true unrest in the military will not be found here but at the level of the Colonels who you will not hear about until the coup happens. No one discusses a coup until it happens unlike the fake at [Q]Anon and company and you can interview every officer in the US Armed forces and no one is going to talk about it as [B]iden is proposing to do to find out who is with him and who is against him.  

What you can learn is this. When a soldier in the National Guard in Washington, D.C. was asked whether he would take an order from Joe [B]iden, he said hell no. Only from my commanding officer.  In Germany on July 20, 1944 during the Putsch against Hitler, Colonel Ernst Remer went in to arrest Dr. Goebbels.  Goebbels put him on the phone with Hitler and Hitler countermanded the orders.  Remer then took his forces to arrest Count Stauffenberg. In other words, every German soldier was loyal to Hitler except for a small clique of officers. 80% of the military believe in Trump.

Count Claus von Stauffenberg had been loyal to Hitler and danced in the street when he became Chancellor as being a devout Catholic as Hitler was going to stop abortion. He later became disillusioned with Hitler’s handling of Stalingrad. What he did not know was that the there was a traitor at the high command named General Erich Fellgiebel who gave the British the Enigma code breaker, and since the signals to the eastern front were too far way for the British to pick it up, General Fellgiebel via wireless the Stalingrad plans to Stalin at the Center via the Red Three in Geneva. The Field Marshall Fritz Erich von Manstein rescue plans for Stalingrad were given to Stalin via this route and it was the co-conspirator with Staufenberg to kill Hitler Fellgiebel who was responsible for the defeat at Stalingrad and not Hitler. The Prussian Army was remarkable on how well they stood up when every plan was being conveyed to the allies. Even Napoleon could not have won. The surprise attack at the Battle of the Bulge took place as Hitler for the first time would not use the wireless for orders.  See footnote one for more details.

Afghanistan and the CIA Heroin Ratline

Everyone should read very carefully the writings of Ray Dalio, the head of the Bridgewater Associates whose Assets under management are 150 billion USD (January 2021), who says the US is nearing Civil War. He says the proof is in the massive fleeing of whites from the black jungles of the north to the south. We have not seen population movements like this since the Germans were forced out of large areas of Europe after Word War Two. There is an uncontrollable reign of terror in the north as crime skyrockets. The US as a world power is finished.




NYPD Crime Stats: 166% increase in shootings fuels rise in violent crime across NYC

Between 1944 and 1948, millions of people, including ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) and German citizens (Reichsdeutsche), were permanently or temporarily moved from Central and Eastern Europe. By 1950, a total of approximately 12 million Germans had fled or were expelled from east-central Europe into Allied-occupied Germany and Austria. The West German government put the total at 14.6 million, including a million ethnic Germans who had settled in territories conquered by Nazi Germany during World War II, ethnic German migrants to Germany after 1950, and the children born to expelled parents. The largest numbers came from former eastern territories of Germany ceded to the People’s Republic of Poland and the Soviet Union (about seven million), and from Czechoslovakia (about three million).  The death toll attributable to the flight and expulsions is disputed, with estimates ranging up to 2 to 2.5 million.

Race and Crime in America

This is recommended reading by retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney:

Lin Wood WasRIGHT!

Footnote one:

Here is a brief description of the effect of these codes:




China has warned the United States that it will intervene to protect North Korea just as it did in late 1950 when MacArthur approached the Yalu River if the United States unilaterally first strikes North Korea for any reason. It is possible Russia may be drawn into this war as they did in the Korean War. Russia was essentially a co-belligerent with China against the United States during the Korean War providing extensive air power with their World War Two aces over North Korea and massive supplies. This time it may be more

The comments of Joseph Stalin on the Korean War to Zhou Enlai on August 20, 1952 which still apply today:

“The Americans are not able to carry on a big war. All their strength is in air raids and the atomic bomb. The Americans are merchants. It took the Germans twenty days to conquer France; the USA hasn’t been able to deal with little Korea for two years. What kind of force is that? You cannot win a war with the atomic bomb……..”

The Russians lent their crack airforce from World War Two to the North Koreans though they were not allowed to follow the American planes over South Korean territory or the sea to retain anonymity. It was called the 64th Corps based in northern China which included fifteen Soviet air divisions and several anti-aircraft divisions. The identification marks MiG-15b planes were in Chinese and the pilots wore Chinese or Korean uniforms. The corps commander, Colonel E. G. Pepelyaev, shot down nineteen US aircraft, and other Soviet pilots achieved similar success. From the end of 1950 until the cessation of hostilities in July 1953, the 64th short down 1,309 US aircraft, of which 18 percent were downed by the Corps’ anti-aircraft batteries. Over the same period the Corps lost 319 planes.

This was later demonstrated in the lost wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Stalin’s comments are not surprising if the reader has an understanding of how poorly the US performed in World War Two, and the analysis of the work of William Casey entitled “The Secret War Against Hitler” follows.

This William Casey work is quite interesting though you can reduce most of it to one sentence. The German traitor General Fellgiebel gave the “Enigma” secrets to the British which cost the Germans the war losing ten thousand men per day at the height of the war as they were able to listen in on every wireless message of the German High Command during the war and was the chief source of the Allied victory. Colonel General Jodl said at Nuremberg that the allies had the plans before he did.

Alfred Josef Ferdinand Jodl was a German Generaloberst who served as the Chief of the Operations Staff of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, the German Armed Forces High Command, throughout World War II.

Casey does not identify Fellgiebel as the source but a decrypter at Bletchley Park so as to avoid the fact that Germany was again stabbed in the back as in World War One. Since the eastern front was beyond the intercept capacity of the British, Fellgiebel wired the high command decisions to the Red Three-Lucy in Geneva who relayed it to Stalin within 24 hours so he had the plans on the coming battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, etc. way in advance.  

Hitler only achieved surprise at the Battle of the Bulge because he did not allow wireless transmission and Casey acknowledged the truth of that. Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg planted the bomb next to Hitler at headquarters helped by Fellgiebel though Stauffenberg did not know about Fellgiebel’s treason that cost Germany the Stalingrad battle that Stauffenberg blamed Hitler over. This is the same Staufenberg who danced at Hitler becoming Chancellor as he thought as a devout Catholic that this would end the mass sodomy and abortion murder in Germany through this national revolution. Yes, Hitler should have brought back von Kleist’s panzer armies that were close by to Stalingrad for a massive counterattack on one side with von Manstein on the other which would have created a victory but he had no way of knowing then of Fellgiebel’s treason. Field Marshall Fritz Erich von Manstein’s rescue plans were routed to Stalin via the Red Three-Lucy and therefore had no chance. Stalin lost his source when Fellgiebel was implicated in the assassination plot when he interrupted communications with Berlin during the assassination attempt and was hanged.

The rest of the rather traditional espionage craft that Casey conducted later as CIA director would not have had a material impact on the war. The Germans even would have overcome the invasion if it were not for the espionage despite the successful diversions which Casey gives a lot of details on. (1,500 men on the east coast of England held down 22 German divisions making believe that they were the main force for the invasion of France representing 50 phantom divisions to strike at Pas de Calais by using wireless deception equipment, tending dummy boats, planes and tanks and lighting fires to animate phantom embarcation camps for Germans to see at night.) 




Here is an example of the Enigma decoding: these are the exchanges between Hitler and Field Marshall Gunther von Kluge which were read by the British giving the exact details on Hitler’s plan to cut Patton off from his communications (supplies) at Avranches and thereby enabled the allied armies to cut off the retreat through the Falaise Gap. This is worth quoting as it is the most important use in the war of Fellgiebel’s treason:

“As Patton’s XX Corps raced toward Loire and his XVth Corps dashed toward Le Mans. Field Marshall von Kluge and Hitler conducted a strategic debate decoded at Bletchley (where the intercepts were decoded) revealed day to day to Churchill and Eisenhower, Montgomery and Bradley. Hitler ordered von Kluge to pay no attention to Patton’s breakthrough but to collect four Panzer divisions from Caen and to retake Avranches in order to divide the Americans at the base of the Cherberg Peninsula and roll them back into the sea.” This was a very brilliant plan and would have worked. Patton would have been defeated and routed as he would have been cut off from his supplies. Patton was ordered to stop, send his forces back to protect his lines of communications (supplies). Hodge’s first army was sent toward Mortain to protect Avranches, and Montgomery to move south to cut off the Falaise Gap. Even the military genius Napoleon Bonaparte could not have won his heroic battles against such spying, and Napoleon said that it is a truth in history that espionage has outweighed in many major battles the greatest valour and boldness and genius. Such words of Napoleon were prophetic as he was defeated at Waterloo by the bribed Field Marshal Emaneul de Grouchey which transaction was handled by (later Baron) James de Rothschild. The Germans argue that Field Marshall Gephardt von Blucher won the the Battle of Waterloo, and the British say it was Wellington, but the reality was that it was the Rothschilds who were the only victors at Waterloo making so much money on the London stock markets using the Landgrave of Hess’s riches that they attained complete control of England, Europe and later the US from that time on. 

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