(Reader: Hawke) UK 5G is the Mutation or Variant they are Not Telling you



Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

After one of my previous postings about my observations & experience about the UK’s ‘Emergency Works’ cover – done by unmarked vans with unmarked servicemen – to which the local council(s) tells you they are unaware of any work permits for works to be carried out – They know… You know these companies who ‘fob you off’ (I believe it’s called) when asked “Who they are?”, “What are they doing?” & they give you a card or tell you to “Ring this number” & you are met with an automated call answering service well…..

It has clicked… I’ve worked it out & believe:

The huge push & laying of these cables which seem totally unconnected by yet ARE CONNECTED are (variable suspicion & observations noted) the laying & connecting of cables to connect to the 5G towers / receivers / infrastructure boxes, junctions, network etc…

I believe given the trend with the mutation / variant that:

This IS the cover by the D|S to activate the switch (which they’ve been doing) & have been ‘5G’ full spectrum, amplified blasting beyond the safe levels to create an impression of a ‘mutation / variant’ when actually & I’m sure those who have researched into this will know – It is highly & successfully probable / evidenced that this IS related to excessive ‘5G’ radiation exposure’. The damaging of cell structures which can create bodily toxins & other issues.

When you look at the symptoms of this – They are so coincidentally the same as guess what ‘C19/C21, SARS-COV2 / Coronavirus…

**To all the UK Citizens who are planning on sending their children back to the education establishments as part of the Bull crap “Return to school”… Please, look into this, you know there have been non-stop works by ‘Emergency Gas works’ that didn’t even have any Gas piping in site but unmarked vehicles & ‘Say no more’ type workmen / workwomen…

Please, observe the amount of changes in plain sight!!! This is the cover to use the D|S plan to cover up as pandemic 2.0 – Why else did the Budget come out on Wednesday 03rd March 2021 with the ‘Furlough’ scheme running till September 2021! – Why! Don’t you see – They want the children to put blame on them as they crank out the 5G at full whack causing people to all get sick & ill…. You are handing the D|S everything all on a plate…. STOP!

All, please who read – You please need to inform everyone you know out there – In the UK, other parts of the world as this ‘deployment model’ is being used. You need to spread this to one & all – This is the same agenda everywhere so please – This is beyond the children – So please let people know…

Don’t send your children please – don’t March to their timings – You need to resist & see the science, the sense the situation.


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