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Don’t worry, it’s good news. You really must hear me out to see. Very happy stuff.

I felt the cringe of the risk and life force energy it would take to correct dear Charlie on the question he asked  of which the true answer is against programming of operation mockingbird and it was not a good time to risk an argument as it’s one of those things you must be in the head-space for as it’s delicate, and especially* so while live on the internet (well, he asked if he was right, and we both know the operation mockingbird vs human nature on it, I felt, dearest Mr. Tellinger).

Dear Charlie, you asked (not exactly word for word – it’s been a few days since you and Michael’s video came out – my gut still says to help explain since I can and it’s healthy knowledge); you asked, “…And those who don’t work won’t eat, isn’t that right?” This was about the Ubuntu movement and money-less world. 

Dear Charlie, I want you to know first there has long been programming (against the truth on this matter which corrects your misconception) by operation mockingbird against  you/us/We The People of the world to prevent understanding on how you’re wrong about that. The bad programming, you know, was invented by brilliant people, so misunderstanding is understandable.
Forgive me: I’m not sure if it’s best to give the correct answer first or the programming first; which will make this most receptive (give it justice). 

Dear Charlie, you see, for people to want it to be “if you don’t work, you don’t eat,” is the inhumane programming. You obeyed the rules and thus earned your right to life (the rules of the corporation’s schools for a right to life on the global tax farm). No no no no, dear Charlie, no. You don’t work, you still eat. You don’t work, you still enjoy all your human rights to be treated with dignity. Charlie, everyone takes care of you and there is no reason you wouldn’t want to take care of everyone back; that’s how an abundant society works. Dear Charlie, if someone doesn’t work it’s because they can’t. This whole “lazy” nonsense is really about resenting freedom – that’s the programming, you see. 

I hope this makes sense (that I did it justice). Did I do it any justice, dear Michael? Feel free to add anything. 

With respect and gratefulness for you both,




PS: For anyone who wishes to have the context, feel free to watch the video yourself, but do not take this reach out for granted. It should be the first project to be given humanity funds by NESARA>GESARA, if you ask me (we just can’t be attached to a date for that to come out, as I been learning nonstop for years, and the best time to start our abundance mindset and humanitarian ways is now (that do not require “earning” your right to be alive – the opposite of an abundant mindset and the opposite of freedom; if you remember, Michael Tellinger used the term “work/job*” loosely but you cannot see this “work” as the same you see earning your right to breathe and eat on a tax farm – you have a right to every human right by being alive and there is no such thing as lazy in the free world [“lazy” is freedom to rest as you wish so you have an abundance of life force energy to do the things you’re passionate about of which will turn into what some may call “work” but is your dream rather than an obligation {being full of life force energy also means we’ll be able to make better more-fulfilling choices for ourselves and those around us}]). Oooops, I guess I got a bit squirrely like our precious Santa Surfing; I meant to post the link to video (there’s just so much wonderful things that can be expressed about a free world with people whose conscience are not acculturated by operation mockingbird via MSM, Hollywood, and Big Tech, and corporation-developed schools and the garbage from them like the operation mockingbird in the mental health system – it runs deep). Cheers to deprogramming back to our human nature, and here’s that link:

PSS: Michael, I’ve been sharing other links online for you as well. I intend on doing more as I am able to. I have bought your Ubuntu Contributionism book many times as gifts to others through the years. You know I didn’t do a very good job when I mailed those documents to my local officials a year or so ago either. I just want you to know I hear you and support you and I believe your time of support is finally going to arrive – you are exactly what those humanitarian funds are meant for and I hope you’re the first to get them. If I am financially abundant while you still need help than you will have my support in that way asap. I have faith in your and your movement and your knowledge and your spirit.

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One Small Town Global by Michael Tellinger


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