A Lighthearted Look at the Biden Administration


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

March 5, 2021

A Lighthearted Look at the Biden Administration

There’s so many differing views of what is happening in The U.S. today, perhaps it would be calming for some, to take a lighthearted look at the Biden Administration.

There are unfortunately many people in our country that truly believe that Joey, is the President of the United States. I personally think Joey’s already lived out the dash between the dates of his birth and his death. Thinking about it that way you may think that I have already digressed from the light- hearted nature intended for this article to portray. So allow me to get back on point.

Perhaps there was an unreported conversation held between Joey, and President Trump, o the early morning of January 20th. I can imagine a conversation between the two men going something like this:

President Trump (PT): “Hey Joe, my personal deluxe jet is at the wash rack, would you mind if I borrow Air Force One, for my flight to Florida, I’m going to be staying at Mara Logo, for awhile to relax, and catch up on my golfing?”

Joey (J): “No problem, you’ll have it back soon, won’t you?”


PT: “It shouldn’t be that long. And by-the-way, if it’s okay I’m going to have Marine One, and the Beast, ferried down there as well for my shorter trips, is that okay?”

J: “I fully understand, that’s fine. I know really, you beat me in the election, but I told you we had the election rigged so there’s no way you could win. So it seems only fair that I should lend you the transportation to get you, and your family, to your southern home.”

PT: “Just as a courtesy, knowing you have already taped your inauguration, make sure you have your team reach out to the media to make certain they stage the broadcast so Kammy, begins taking her oath at just past noon, as that’s the time set up by the corporate Constitution of 1871. I watched the tape and it seems that everyone was in a pretty somber mood when they weren’t being interviewed.”

J: “Thanks for the tip, I wouldn’t want to violate the Constitution by being sworn in before your term expires, the legality of the inauguration could be called into question.”

PT: “You’re welcome Joe. Before hanging up I thought I would remind you to get your staff car cleaned up as I know it must be dusty after sitting around for several years. I’ll speak with you soon.”

And I can imagine two days later (January 22, 2021) Joey, calling President Trump.

J: “Hi Donald, I thought you would have called yesterday, or at least brought Air Force one and the rest of my vehicles back.”


PT: “Joe, I know we have known each other for quite-a-while, but I still prefer you address me as President Trump, or Mr. President.”

J: “I thought I was President, that’s why I called you Donald.”

PT: “No Joe, I see why you may have thought that, thinking as how you stole the election, but we have proof positive that will flip the election results back to me being the winner, having beat you by a landslide.”

J: “Well President Trump, what will I do now?”

PT: “Well, I thought I would give you a while to live your dream, and give your followers a chance to see the type of President you would be.” Now Joe, remember the tip I gave you the other day? It turns out the the media showed that you were given your vows before my term had expired. I think that little misstep in and of itself would declare your inauguration invalid. Now, since I am using Mara Logo as a southern White House, I plan on just keeping Air Force One, Marine One, and the Beast, with me here in Florida. If you care to, you can take one of the previous Air Force One aircraft out of mothballs, have it serviced, and soon you will be enjoying the same comfort as President Nixon, when he was in office.”

J. “Agreed, I was told I wasn’t allowed in the White House anyway, and I can’t even go into the Pentagon, and they have no plans to brief me on Defense matters. Since I’m using the Oval Office, and conducting my business, here at Castle Rock Studios, I find it very convenient since both Kammy, and I are using a Motel 6, just a couple of blocks away, as our personal residences. I was given two units in the left-wing, on one side of the hall, and Kammy, is just across the hall from me. Security is good as they are leaving one unit empty on both sides of hall as a buffer between the Presidential, and Vice Presidential Suites and the tourists that come in town to visit Hollywood. As further protection we have a Security guard from the Southern California Security and Cleaning Services, that are on duty from 8AM-10PM, 6 days a week, and all of their officers are licensed to carry batons and mace, and some can even speak broken English. And it’s true, at Motel 6, they do leave the light on for you. Unfortunately, one of the lights is on a pole just outside of my bedroom window, and a couple of slats are missing from the window blinds. All in all, my short time in office has had it’s perks. I only wish this transition period were more helpful, as you could have explained what Executive Orders are. When I first started, they put blank pages in these really nice folders and told me to sign them. Later, they had words printed on the pages I didn’t understand. The one thing I don’t like is this full head mask I have to wear, it gets hot, and sometimes itchy, but still it’s not as bad as when I have to leave the studio office with a face diaper on. Mr. President, how long do you think I will be playing this role.”

PT: “Joe, for national security reasons I can’t really say how much longer it will be, but I do believe it will be less than two or three months. And Joey, if the real Joe was still around, I know he would be proud of how well you have done, the way you jumped right in and closed the pipeline, and the number of illegals you are letting in through the southern border. That’s exactly the type of things he would have done. I’ll have to come back soon as it will take me awhile to undo those things. In the meantime, I’ve turned the running of the country over to the military. That’s something you won’t have to worry about as they are only here to enforce our original Constitution, and protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic.” And, just one more thing, is your Press Secretary really Mark Zukerberg with a mask on?!”

J: “Well Mr. President, in answer to your last question, I cannot confirm or deny, but since you felt it necessary to ask that question, I feel like I am doing a job Joe would be proud of. Buy-the-way, have you noticed the “woman” I placed in the Health Department??!! What do you think?”

PT: “Joe, I’m speechless. I have no words to describe many of your appointments. Let’s just leave it at that. In the words of Johnny Bench, “Catch you later!”



Let’s get serious for just a few comments.

For quite some time, I felt President Trump would be inaugurated on March 4th, 2021, as the 19th President of our Republic, this being after he signed a new Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 2020, declaring our independence from the now defunct UNITED STATES CORPORATION, we were sold into back in 1871. Now we know March 4th has come and gone. So what now? I have to think we are now mere days or weeks away from seeing “The Plan” come to its end. If it’s true that our military is fighting Communist Chinese troops under our soil, defeating them is obviously an objective that must be completed before the war is won. That could alter the timeline. And we must complete the rescue of all the children, and adults, held in the underground D.U.M.B.s and tunnels. As we found out before Trump was sworn into office the first time, “it’s all about the children!”

I’ve read that Planet Earth, is the most evil planet in all of God’s vast creation. And just with the level of knowledge I have, from the research I have done, it’s easy for me to believe that we must be at least among the most evil places in the universe of universes. While it’s difficult for me to place full trust in a plan I have no access to, it’s totally impossible for me not to know that we will win in a battle between good and evil, having TOTAL FAITH IN OUR HEAVENLY FATHER the ALMIGHTY and ONE TRUE GOD.

Since the 60 day period spoken of in the Presidential Transition Act of 2019 ends in approximately 2 weeks, I believe we have reason to believe President Trump and his V.P., which I have long felt will be JFK Jr. could be inaugurated somewhere near the 20th of March. But then they say that NESARA/GESARA will begin on March 15th. If that’s the case, it makes me believe that President Trump must be back in office, or at least recognized as being the President before that date. It’s already been said that he inaugurated on one of two previous dates, either January 11th, or January 20th. We also been told that the MSM would be taken down earlier tonight at 6:30PM, through this coming Sunday. We will see, but whether we do, or we don’t, we must be patient and know that in war timelines change and disinformation used.

One thing that I can tell you, God is in complete control!! Keep your faith strong through prayer and meditation. It’s recently been said that we have lost many of our warriors. Please pray for the comfort of their families as they deal with their loss, and for the safety of all our military and their families. Pray for President Trump, his family, and all the White Hat Alliance members and their families.

The best is yet is yet to come, and each day, we have one less day before its arrival. Please be patient.

Take care, and may God bless you, and may God bless America.






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