The [Corona]virus Soft Coup


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer


This report under footnote one below indicates preplanning of the [corona]virus crisis as a soft coup based on a propaganda effort that even Paul Joseph Goebbels would have marveled at and his teacher Edward Bernays. The key element is induced fear as in the Reichstag fire even though the Goebbels diary said the National Socialist Party had nothing to do with the fire but they did take advantage of it.   

This ties in to the fact that the virus has never been isolated so it has not been proven to exist which makes the propaganda even more outstanding. In the article below the Chief Chinese Epidemiologist explained that he could not alert the world to the [corona]virus because it has never been isolated which means its existence is unproven.

Since the influenza virus has disappeared, this so-called [corona]virus seems to be the influenza virus magnified out of all proportion as all deaths that can possibly be attributed to the [corona]virus as those from pneumonia or other comorbidities are being called by this disease to create a world panic. There are those who believe that this is one of the most advanced PSYOP operations in history dwarfing the successful PYSOP operation against the Soviet Union culminating it its overthrow in 1991.

As the next link points out the PCR tests were a fraud and have now been calibrated to to show a collapse in the number of positives to prove that the dangerous genetic vac/cinations are working.


Pregnant women are losing their ba/bies to the vac/cines and it may be damaging the placentas of women who are taking the vac/cine.

3 Dozen Cases of Spontaneous Miscarriages, Stillbirths Occurring After C19 Vaccination

The presentation by the following doctor representing Frontline Doctors recommends against all the genetic vac/cines in all cases whether for old and young as hydroxychloroquine is 100% effective in treating the disease in the early states and warns against the vac/cines potential effect in damaging the placenta in females and that could cause sterility in men and women.  In addition, its safety is unproven by two month tests which should be more like five to ten years as there are lagged effects to such genetic vac/cines as proven in previous experiments over the past two decades where they were found too dangerous to use..

The Stand | The Truth About the C19 Vaccine

The next link covers the violation of the Nuremberg Laws regarding medical experimentation without warning the patient of the potential danger of the vac/cination and requiring him to sign a waiver that he wants the vac/cination as being part of the experimental group even if it includes billions of people. That waiver must state that he recognizes the risks of the vac/cination include grave illnesses and death. It is unconscionable that national states are talking about the use of mass coercion to force people to take the dangerous vac/cine by passports, loss of jobs, and other means to force people to endanger their lives by unproven medical testing.  

The Nuremberg Laws on Today’s Vaccinations


Here we point out below that doctors and scientists must earn our respect as we have seen in history how their quack remedies such as bleeding for curing illnesses based on the blood being one of four humours being out of balance used as a cure for thousands of years was pure nonsense as scientific conceptions today on how the universe operates.  

Nuremberg C0V1D Trials and Geocentricity | Operation Disclosure Official

Footnote 1:

Roadmap to Vaccination EU

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