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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer


The key question on the genetic vaccines is that they have not been tested for over two months and as such they must be regarded as experimental. The Nuremberg Tribunals in the case of Dr. Josef Mengele stated that it is a crime against humanity if the medical experiment is forced on the patient without their consent, and such experiments must be explained to the patient and he should sign a document stating he is aware that he could die or become ill from the experiment but he is willing to do so. There cannot be any coercion as passport denial or penalties in society for the purpose of coercing him or he will lose his job. Nor can any parent force his children to take the vaccination. This is especially true since the virus has not been isolated or proven.

Masks have been proven to be worse than no masks. Socializing may give you a common cold which they will call [corona]virus but that does not mean it is [corona]virus.  And the [corona]virus has not been isolated so no cases have been proven as China’s Chief Epidemiologist states and no one in the west has isolated the virus. He could not alert the world to it as he could not isolate the [corona]virus.  

We are not saying people do not get sick and there are nearly 3 million deaths per year in the US each year. There are 1.3 million cases of pneumonia each year in the US and a lot of pneumonia cases are being tagged with [corona]virus. Some doctors estimate most of the influenza deaths that used to be recorded died of pneumonia. If the [corona]virus does not exist, then many or most of these deaths may be pneumonia. The existence of influenza disappeared in the last year which indicates that all of these cases are now being treated as [corona]virus. In addition, [corona]virus deaths are more profitable to hospitals than pneumonia, and so they are calling almost all deaths as [corona]virus.

Several basic premises are seriously flawed. That an untested vaccine that in every test before where genetic vaccines were tested were proved too dangerous to use should not be used after five year tests. And never in history has a heathy population had to quarantine itself for being healthy. There is a serious theological issue that has arisen as follows. The vaccines are drawn from the tissues of abortions in the Pfizer vaccine which is theologically considered murder of the innocents. The Vatican, which used to be the barrier against this, has collapsed. What follows is a theological discussion of the use of an aborted fetus written in a non-denominational manner using the Bible itself as the source.




We know that the killing of the unborn soul in the womb is a mortal sin as it is explained in Jeremiah’s first chapter and constitutes murder.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

This means the baby was ensouled in the womb at conception. As you know, the soul is the breath of God created before conception, and enters the fetus or child at the time of conception. The word for fetus in the Bible is yeladim in Exodus 21 or sons or children in the plural:

22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit (in Hebrew children or yeladim) depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,

24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.




The word yeladim implies that this fetus had the full rights of a child for protection as it does not differentiate between the child and the fetus in the womb calling both a child in the plural as children.  

The Septuagint then explains this to mean that the fetus is a child if formed which is a Greek conception and certainly not Biblical. It means that a fetus is formed with the rights of a child at 40 days.

In Exodus 21:22-25, the consequences for hitting a pregnant woman are discussed. But the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint seem to differ. The MT refers to harm to the child, while the LXX refers to the “formation” of the child:

22 When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out, but there is no harm, the one who hit her shall surely be fined, as the woman’s husband shall impose on him, and he shall pay as the judges determine. 23 But if there is harm (אָסוֹן), then you shall pay life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (ESV)

22 And if two men strive and smite a woman with child, and her child be born imperfectly formed, he shall be forced to pay a penalty: as the woman’s husband may lay upon him, he shall pay with a valuation. 23 But if it be perfectly formed (ἐξεικονισμένον), he shall give life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. (Brenton’s LXX

In the time of Aristotle, it was widely believed that the human soul entered the forming body at 40 days (male embryos) or 90 days (female embryos), and quickening was an indication of the presence of a soul. Other religious views are that ensoulment happens at the moment of conception such as Catholicism and Rabbi Judah the Prince. Philo Juedaus says that the murdered fetus requires the death penalty. Here is what Judah the Prince said about the issue:

Rabbi Judah the Prince, who said the soul (neshama) comes into the body when the embryo is already formed, was convinced by Antoninus Pius that it must enter the body at conception, and considered the emperor’s view to be supported by Job 10:12

If we look at verses Job: 10: 9-12, what the Prince was saying was that the word “me” is the soul: “remember, please, that thou hast made me like clay, and bring me into the dust again” at verse 9. What Job leaves out of this verse is that “the soul or spirit returns to God that gave it” in Ecclesiastes 12:7 if we are good. What the Prince is saying is that the soul in the womb was covered with clay in verse 9. The word for soul in Hebrew is nefesh. And we know that the nefesh is in the blood. The fetus is ensouled with the nefesh in the womb of the mother and is mingled with the air that we breath. The Bible completely understood modern science in that we know the air goes into the lungs and the oxygen is removed to circulate in the blood. This is how the soul in the fetus breathes. The air goes in and out and the blood of the mother feeds two souls her own and that of the fetus. So when the last breath is breathed out the soul goes with it to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7) if we are good or to Hell if we are bad (Isaiah 14:9).

Since the soul is in the blood, then we can see Biblical conception in how pork defiles the soul as the pork is digested in the digestion system thereafter entering the blood as food which intermingles with the soul in the blood defiling the soul. See Leviticus 11:43 where the uncleanness that comes from eating the forbidden food makes the soul detestable when it says do not make your souls detestable, and the word here is soul though the King James Version translates yourselves for the Hebrew word souls. Leviticus 17:11 literally translates that “for the life (nefesh) of the flesh is in its blood”. Nefesh means soul and comes from the root of breath. This concept of the Bible is the same as in Greek for the word Pysche means soul and in German where the word geist means spirit or soul or in English where the word ghost comes from the root gust or strong wind which has the same German root.

The issue of soul comes out further in the practice of onan in his onanism for which mortal sin God killed him in that he denied his wife the child whose soul had already been created before conception as explained above, and his brother also similarly practiced onanism now making there two souls in a form of limbo where God killed him also (Genesis Chapter 38). Onanism denies the souls entrance to the womb as there is no conception, and thus it is regarded as the equivalent of murder for which God killed the two brothers for such murders.  Since it was inconceivable that Jacob who was pure day and night for his 84 years before he married Leah could lose children in his grandsons, see that Reuben being the first of his strength (Genesis 49:3) or first seed that he generated in his life to have this son, Judah had two twins by Tamar in sin (Psalms 51:5) in that she was his daughter-in-law in a form of levirate so these souls found their way to conception as two souls one of whose sons Pharez was the ancestor of King David who describes in the Psalm this sin while the other was named Zarah.




Alexander the Great is quoted in Plutarch that he felt closest to death in the conjugal act and in sleep which is very profound in that in the Garden of Eden there two linked punishments in the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is death and in thereby becoming ashamed of their being unclothed (concupiscence) which are connected for the physician Galen says that life is shortened by excessive conjugal acts as we saw with King Solomon who hardly lived past 50 as he had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and in the opposite where Moses married at 77 having two conjugal acts bearing two children before he went down into Egypt at 80, and none for the next forty years that he was with God, and did not die from a disease as Galen teaches but was taken by God in perfect health having twenty twenty vision and unwrinkled skin (Deuteronomy 34:7), and sleep is what happens to us after death in the sense described in the Bible as in the resurrection of the dead when we awake (see Daniel 12:2). It is no wonder he is the goat in the Bible. (Scholars are agreed that the goat’s first horn (the horn which is broken) is Alexander the Great, and the four horns which then arise are the four generals who divided his empire.) The detail that the goat does not touch the ground as he attacks the ram may reflect the speed of Alexander’s conquest.) Thus, Nachmanides tells us in his commentary on Leviticus 18:6 to “know that conjugal act is distant and detestable in the Torah (Bible) except for raising children, and where no children can be born from it, it is forbidden.” Saint Augustine in his “On The Good of Marriage” says the same that the conjugal act cannot take place if there is no procreative intent as in menstruation, after menopause, or during pregnancy and nursing. This is also related in Plato in his “Laws” in book 8 which he learned in Egypt from the Prophet Jeremiah. Queen Zenobia of Palmyra restricted her husband’s entrance to her bed to once a month at the most procreative time and when menstruation stopped he was not allowed in her bed until after pregnancy and nursing were completed. This explains the three year age difference between Moses, Aaron and Miriam and why the holy Levite tribe grew more slowly than the rest of the Israelite tribes being the most holy. This also explains why the angel had to come to Sarah to tell her to accept Abraham in her bed at 89 (Genesis 18) though menstruation had ceased as descendants of Shem would refuse such a request as procreation was impossible and why she was so beautiful at 65 that the King of Egypt desired her and at 89 King Abimelech as female beauty is destroyed by excessive conjugal acts as described in this paragraph.

If we needed a scientific basis based on experimentation for the truth of the above, the famous actress Bridgett Bardot said that her hideous ugliness was caused by her hundred paramours, and her hips have become dysfunctional measure for measure in that she can hardly walk.

Since the Greek physician Galen says that 99% of all premature deaths is because the patient violated the holy concept of marriage outlined above, we provide more details next.

Some centuries back there was a Catholic King and Queen who had five sons. On the birth of the fifth son this good woman nearly died and her physicians told her that she would die if she had a sixth son. She conveyed the terrible news to her husband and felt wretched for the sake of her husband that she could have no more children. She did not want to deny her husband more children so she offered him one of the most beautiful peasant girls in the Kingdom to be his second wife to produce for him additional children. Her husband replied that he was a Christian and would serve God from then on in holy continence as these two devoted married royals thereafter lived. The five sons became the most prominent men in Europe and this was truly a blessed pair with blessed children. Virtue, my friends, is the only true aristocracy.

This is a true story told by Daniel Defoe in a book entitled “The Use and Abuse of the Marriage Bed.” In this book he proclaimed the holy concept of marriage being that the use of the marriage bed should be exclusively for the purpose of procreation in accordance with the teaching of Holy Scripture under the commandment of “be fruitful and multiply.” There are few who know today that the source of the greatness of America was founded on a number of doctors throughout the 19th century from Dr. William Andrus Alcott to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the latter who invented the corn flakes. These folks taught holy matrimony as medical science. Kellogg lived from 1852 to 1943 and was behind the movement that medically supported Saint Augustin’s rigoristic concept of marriage (marital relations without the possibility of children was a form of sin) as yielding beauty and youthfulness for the longest time and supporting the health of the married participants. His works prove that virtue and pursuing the moral laws are not only ideal but practical. Who would not wish to preserve their beauty indefinitely and die as Moses without a wrinkle on his or her face at the age of 120 (Moses married at 77 according to Nachmanides, the Spanish Bible Commentator, and practiced holy continence until 77, and when he died it is said that his face was unwrinkled. See Deuteronomy 34:7) It was the true way to stay the aging process rather than the Dorian Gray manner of face lifting today, and retain feminine beauty or masculine good looks indefinitely. 

Kellogg led the fight against pornography and birth control devices with Anthony Comstock enacting severe legislation against these attacks against the family, and Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and other major industrial figures supported Kellogg. There is no coincidence that the chief proponents of revolutionary manufacturing techniques and high wages such as Ford were motivated by Kellogg, and these men made the United States the greatest industrial power in the world. Steve Jobs idolized Ford and he was his model in a material sense but not a moral sense, and died prematurely in his sins (Proverbs 10:27). The beauty in those days of women in America was phenomenal and due to the cultivation of virtue. Ugliness and social misery has risen in the west today which is in parallel to the precipitous decline of moral values with the promotion of homosexual perversity, sodomistic marriage, and four billion abortion murders.

The preservation of youth through old age is found supported all over Holy Scripture. The life of the man who lived the longest, Methuselah, married later than anyone else at 187 after practicing holy continence for that period, and lived to 969. Yared married at 162 and lived to 962 whereas Adam had Seth at 130, and earlier for Cain and Abel, and lived a 930 years. Their late marriages more limited their cohabitation though it was most definitely within the holy concepts outlined here. Caleb the son of Jephunneh at 85 years old was as strong a warrior as when he was 40 as related by him in Joshua 14:7, 10, and 11, and we can deduce he lived as Moses in holiness so his youth was preserved. King David’s friend Barzillai was unable at 80 hear singing having aged very considerably which must be attributed to the polygamy of the rich in those days (King David had six wives though he died at 70 due to his sin with Bathsheba) and this makes our point and is the most telling point from a physiological standpoint against polygamy. 

It was justified in the Old Testament on the basis that wars were often of extermination of the men (See the Biblical law on this question at Deut. 20:13 where no quarter was shown and this was applied by Cromwell in Ireland. It is not in the Catholic war traditions of Europe.), and if there were no polygamy, then many women would go without husbands which would not enable them to comply with the law to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1.28). Those that practice the new natural family planning or rhythm error in present Catholic teaching treat their individual wife as if they were the thousand wives and concubines of Solomon thereby awfully degenerating them into premature hags, and it was my personal experience in visiting homes for signing petitions from those who voted right to life to see the ageing of these parents of few children who were so obviously misled by this Siren song of natural family planning that leads to physical shipwreck, rack and ruin. There can be no concealing the past of an individual as their deeds appear on their faces. (Natural family planning seeks to use the infertile periods in the menstrual cycle for performing the conjugal act which is a form of prostitution in marriage.)

We see this in Holy Scriptures in the case of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. Abimelech, King of Gerar in Genesis 20 took Sarah in her 89th to 90th year as she was then the most beautiful woman in the world. He was plagued by God and he returned her. Now, Sarah lived to 127. Let’s say our average age is 80 for women, then if Sarah was 70% through her life at 90, then an 80 year old woman would be the equivalent of 56. Benedict Pererius, the Spanish Jesuit philosopher, says that this beauty was preserved by Sarah, if not created, by avoiding the common usage of mankind of ruining their beauty by immoderate use of venereal pleasures, which for sure makes a woman grow old and ugly. We saw such ageless beauty in Joan of Aragon, Queen of Castille, and Louise Borgia, the Duchess of Valentinois and the Marchioness de Vasca, of whom Pierre de Bourdeille, seigneur (and Abbe) de Brantome wrote as follows:

“She was praised most highly (the Marchioness of Vasca) that he placed her among the lasting beauties. For after repeating the fine things… that her autumn surpassed all the springs and summers there in the room, he adds, and indeed she was still fairer, and more desirable, than either of her two daughters, though both being fair and young. And though she was, then, near sixty years of age, the Grand Prior was immediately jolted and shaken by her fairness. And after six years from then, he saw her again but little changed, and still so fair, that he was so devastated by her beauty that he was hardly capable any longer of the reasoning process her beauty was so matchless”. (Drawn from Pierre Bayle’s Historical and Critical Dictionary under Sarah.)




It is important to note that we have evidence in Holy Scripture of the holy continence of Sarah in that (see Genesis 18:11) “Sarah’s laughing within herself is also a proof of her extraordinary continence and chastity. You will find cadaverous old women who are more lascivious than young women. Sarah was not of that kind. As long as there was hope of offspring, she had marital relations with her husband (once a month, as Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, who only would receive her husband to her bed once a month, and when menopause stopped, then never through pregnancy and nursing thereby creating a three year age separation between Aaron, Moses and Miriam. The Levites, the holiest of tribes which were the tribe of Moses, therefore was the least in number because they waited out these three year cycles, editor) and waited for the blessing of God. But after her age put an end to this hope after menopause, she refrained from such marital relations and looked for offspring from Hagar…..This chastity is by no means an insignificant virtue….. These people are really angels compared to the others, because they desire to make use of marriage only for procreation…… and I simply count them among the angels….. For it is a great gift of the Almighty if I look for and desire only offspring from a woman….Such a man was Abraham, whom I count among the angelic husbands who desire “Godly offspring”, as Malachi says in 2:15 (Dr. Martin Luther). If it had not been for the the angel telling Sarah that she was to become pregnant from Abraham she would never have received Abraham in her bed having passed menopause as outlined in Genesis 18:10 and 18:11 as it violated natural and Biblical law for cohabitation for children when there could be no children.

Saint Augustine in his “City of God” discusses the fact that Plato studied under the Prophet Jeremiah in Egypt. He goes into a discourse as to whether this dating history is accurate for according to the Pagan Ptolemy Canon it is not but according to the Biblical dating system found in Seder Olam the Prophet Jeremiah was in Egypt at the same time as Plato. It is a tradition brought down both by St. Augustine and the Hebrews that this was so. The studies of Plato under Jeremiah are brought down in his “Laws” and below he learned what the commandment in the Bible “Be Fruitful and Multiply” means which can be found in Book Eight:

A good objection; but was I not just saying that I had a way to make men use natural love and abstain from unnatural, not intentionally destroying the seeds of human increase, or sowing them in stony places, in which they will take no root; and that I would command them to abstain too from any female field of increase in which that which is sown is not likely to grow? Now if the law to this effect could only be made perpetual, and gain an authority such as already prevents intercourse of parents and children—such a law extending to other sensual desires, and conquering them, would be the source of a thousand blessings. For, in the first place, moderation is the appointment of nature, and deters men from all frenzy and madness of love, and from all adulteries and immoderate use of meat and drinks, and makes them good friends of their own wives. And innumerable other benefits would result if such be a law could only be enforced. I can imagine some lusty youth is standing by, and who, on hearing this enactment, declares in scurrilous terms, that we are making foolish and impossible laws, and fills the world with his outcry…..

That youth was Count Leo Tolstoy who went to college in Moscow about 1846 who was taught that going to houses of ill fame was good for the health but repented later of this foul view and lived according to the teaching of Saint Augustine in his marriage having 13 children. Tolstoy said the doctors of the time taught that this was healthy to satisfy lusts so. This was not a new view then. Dr. Martin Luther living in the time of around 1500 found the same teaching then that the satisfaction of desires in houses of ill fame were necessary for single men as otherwise they would rape the married women. But Luther said there was no logic to this as the more degenerate a person became the worse danger that there would be attacks by the single men of married women. In other words, the more degeneracy does not deter vice but increases the appetite for it, and similarly therefore natural family planning serves no moral purpose as it proposes a form of marital vice to quell concupiscence that really enlarges it once it is separated from procreation. The ancient physicians maintained 99% of the illnesses were generated by the excessive venereal pleasure which natural family planning encourages.

In the spirit of Ecumenism, I will briefly scan the literature of Islam and Judaism for their views on the subject. In the Koran Surah 2, verse 223, it is written that “your wives are as a tilth”. The commentary of Abdullah Yusur Ali says that a member of Islam does not sow out of season (rhythm or NFP), for he sows to reap the harvest. Philo of Judaeus tells us that the menstrual period is outlawed for procreation as the blood flowing out is like a flooded field, and therefore constitutes a form of birth control strictly prohibited for that reason as a mortal sin in Leviticus 15:19. In other words, it is impossible for the seed to be sown properly in the field. Philo goes on to say that “he must remember the lesson that generative seeds should not be wasted fruitlessly for the sake of gross and untimely pleasure.” See his Special Laws Three, Section Six. This teaching was exemplified in the life of the Queen Zenobia of Palmyra who would only receive her husband once a month for having children, and then watched for menstruation to see if she was pregnant. If she menstruated, then she would receive her husband once again the following month for only a single time, and if she did not menstruate, then she would practice holy continence through pregnancy and nursing. As in agricultural ploughing and sowing, it is proper and fit to use the amount of seed that is most conducive to the field growing properly and not steep the land in excessive seed. The Spanish Rabbi Nachmanides in Lev. 18:5 commentary states that “know that sexual intercourse is held distant and in detestable in the Pentateuch unless it is for the preservation of the species, and therefore where there can be no offspring it is forbidden”. Flavius Josephus in his Book 2 written “Against Apion” states “that the marriage act is only to be used for the procreation of children”.

Let’s return to the Fathers of the Church: Clement of Alexandria in his “On Marriage” in Chapter 11 states in summary that the age difference of three years for Moses, Aaron and Miriam being three years each–Miriam is an estimate–allowed nine months for pregnancy–and no one ever saw in Holy Scripture where a man approached a pregnant woman– and two years of holy continence during nursing. Amram and Jochebed were holy parents. Dr. Kellogg maintained in his work “Plain Facts For Young and Old” that such holy parents foster virtue (he discusses this in medical terms) while those who practice overindulgence create a nervous atmosphere in the home that creates a neurotic family state that makes it difficult if not almost impossible for the children to be good and holy. The sins of the father are truly visited on the children (Exodus 20:5). The most important aspect of child raising is inculcating in children Christian holiness. This means that during all their waking and sleeping hours their thoughts should be holy and pure so that there are no nocturnal emissions. Our entire society should be founded on this principle of eliminating all influences that lead to sin and degeneracy. We see that holiness in the life of Jacob or Israel where he lived for 84 years before he married in holy continence day and night as can be proved in Holy Scripture in Genesis 49:3 where the first of his power refers to procreative power, which power creates the conception in partnership with God and his wife Leah. The conception of Reuben indicates the first use of his procreative power based on this verse and Jacob had no nocturnal emissions day or night prior to his marriage. Dr. Martin Luther contemned this interpretation of Rabbi Solomon Isaac of Troyes in his Genesis commentary on this passage, as he read cited in the Latin Catholic commentary of Nicholas de Lyra, as impossible, and we see here the source of his failing as a priest. He could not maintain holy continence in sleep. In addition, this was essentially the foundation of his concept of predestination or bondage of the will based on an erroneous interpretation of the consequences of original sin as a rationalization for his inability to practice holy continence or be good. God has not denied us free will nor does God require of us the impossible (See Council of Trent which declared as Anathema the concept that God requires the impossible. God expects of us to maintain pure thoughts so that our sleep is pure.) 

It is also important to realize the the soul is created by God before the actual cohabitation of the husband and wife, and we see that evidence in the book of Jeremiah 1:5 where God says he knew Jeremiah before the ensoulment of the soul of Jeremiah in the womb of his mother as a fetus at conception, and this teaches us that if we seek to disrupt the procreative process by desiring to disseminate our seed in vain in a rhythm method or through artificial means, then the soul that God has created for that seed is prevented from coming into being which constitutes a form of murder for which God slew Onan (Genesis 38:9 and 10). This is not widely understood but the fact that the soul is murdered in abortion has also as one of its basis this verse in Jeremiah. That is why the Biblical authorities teach us that masturbation is equal to murder for his hands are full of blood (Isaiah 1:15), and NFP (Natural Family Planning, or rhythm or the Knaus-Ogino Method) is the equivalent of that in intent and result if not in form. Rhythm is a mortal sin.

David Lifschultz
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