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March 2, 2021

March 2, 2021: America is Opening for Biz! Screw the Scamdemic [videos]

Woo-hoo! Let’s play dominoes!

Our Intel Team sent this heads up last night. You may recall I pointed out that Trump is often late for his engagements and I asked if AF1 would be his transportation. Both played roles in Sunday’s CPAC event and Charlie has some interesting news in this super short video (1:30) called, “Code Word Vaccine”. Listen at Charlie’s website at this link.


I forgot to go back and check, but I thought Matt Schlapp introduced Trump to the stage and referred to him as the “President of the United States”. Not “former”.

Those panicking about the vaccine terminology need to listen. We can’t take the language literally, folks. It’s all coded. Relax. We’re in good hands.

It appears we still have some educating to do for the new folks because there are comments beneath the video indicating some don’t know what “RV” is. It’s the revaluation of the world’s currencies to bring them into line where they should be without the criminal manipulation by the Central Banksters. Some people are sitting on large bundles of exotic currencies like the Dinar, Zim, Dong, they hope to exchange for whopping amounts of money and they’re chomping at the bit.

LT has another gem for us in his March 1 video from And We Know where he points out that the gold fringe is no longer on the US flag. That means the Law of the Land prevails again. No more “Admiralty Law” or “Law of the Sea” nonsense.




I happened to see a revealing video early this morning on the front page of Wow. We’re rarely given the whole story. The military don’t want to frighten us with the very real war that has been raging for so long. It’s just a few seconds long.

We’ve learned a lot about who our enemies are, haven’t we China and Iran? Negative factions in those nations continue to enslave their people and try to drag us into another global war. Not happening.

WATCH Iranian missiles rain down on US base in Iraq following Soleimani assassination in newly declassified VIDEO

We just never know what we’ll be hearing in the news anymore as the brutal truth bleeds through into reality.

Johnson & Johnson’s newly-approved Covid vaccine met with pushback as Catholic diocese condemns it for ‘ties to abortion cells’

I don’t know about you, but the moment I heard Romney had a black eye I believed he got coldcocked. Others are of that bent as well.

Like Hillary after her altercation with Patriots in the chopper a few years ago, he claims he “fell”. That one’s getting really old.




Mitt Romney Joins Infamous ‘Illuminati’ Black Eye Club 

KARMA: Traitor Romney Knocked Unconscious…Left With Black Eye

You might recall when news of Kerry’s “bicycle accident” filtered down from France when we heard he was shot in the leg and rushed off for emergency surgery. There is also the following about John Kerry’s “tune up”.

The word went out that it was open season on the cabal and no holds barred. They had ample opportunity to surrender but they refused so… We’ll get them any way we can.

Q and the Military Intelligence Team may be exceptionally honourable but as The Real Dark Judge said, Q is kind and they are not Q. The cabal should be worried because these judges going after ped/ophiles will show no mercy and none is deserved.

In these tense times, we need to keep the silly factor in play. Catturd gets it.

I was out all morning at the hold homestead and running errands so this is as far as I got and Mica is staring at me and needs a walk.

Just watch what happens this week, folks. I think it will be good.

Do check the comments because the crew are on top of the news and the not-so-front page interesting stuff, too.  ~ BP





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