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Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Enclose a very brief transcript from a Charlie Ward video recorded 3-1-21. 

We’re ready! Set! Just waiting on God’s perfect time!

March Madness is here. Let global disclosures begin.

The GENIUS 6D+ Q-Plan (far as I can tell) has ALWAYS been about demolishing the ENTIRE ca_bal de_mon matrix. Not just in America, but the whole planet because THAT is what the de*ep state de_mons wanted: Earth, Kingdoms, Humanity, Galaxy—EVERYTHING.

We cannot allow these monsters 
to have control over us 
and to use us to do their ev/il around the world
and fight wars endlessly.

Only God himself by a Divine miracle
through all of those agents that he’s put in place 
are gonna be able to pull this off.”
~ Juan O’Savin 1-6-21

Praise God and every one of his Celestial angels and Earthly agents the ca_bal have been defeated and are @SpaceDust already or will be shortly.

For those who are still not quite sure about this “Joe Bid/en is an actor or clone or CGI” business, for all his coded messages President Trump has made one thing CRYSTAL CLEAR:

Joe Bid/en was shot. WHEN and in WHAT YEAR he was shot is unclear, THAT he was shot is NOT in question.

On 9-12-20 @ POTUS’ Reno Rally, President Trump said, “Sleepy Joe Biden surrendered. Joe is SHOT. Let’s face it. He is SHOT.”

On 9-19-20 @ POTUS’ Fayetteville, North Carolina rally, President Trump said, “Joe is dead.”

And on Sunday, yesterday, 2-28-21 @ CPAC, President Trump said,

“It’s moving along 
& it’s moving along REALLY WELL.
The Military
what they’ve done
our Generals 
all the people, what they’ve done is incredible.
But remember, you know, we took care of a lot of people.
Including I guess, on December 21st we took care of Joe Biden
cuz he got his SHOT. 
He got his vaccine. He forgot.
It shows you how un-painful that vaccine SHOT is.
So everybody go get your SHOT.
He forgot.
So it wasn’t very traumatic obviously
but he got his SHOT
And it’s good that he got his SHOT.”

I apologize for the lack of clarity in 2 of my GIFS from anonup in my 2-28-21 Juan O’Savin post. 




I enclose them here in pieces so hopefully you can read them because it’s important to remember was Juan O’Savin said about PURIM, which was last Friday, and this very moment. As well, to recognize what the incredible Soldiers and their courageous K9s do in the D.U.M.B.s.

On a personal note I would like to give a special shout out to Bonnie, an IDC reader. 

She has made it a point to occasionally touch base and give me beautiful thumbs’ up for my transcriptions, which is greatly appreciated. 

But more than this, Bonnie took it upon herself, as she Emailed, to “send your transcripts out to the elderly that do not have computers, that their friends or relatives print up for them, and to others that do not care to watch video, and would rather read your transcripts.”

THAT is the Spirit of an Angelic Lightworker and Starseed.

THAT is the Divine soul God showers with blessings unceasing.

THOSE Small Acts of Kindness are typical of every single person I personally know that is holding currency. God called us BECAUSE of the myriad acts of goodness so beautifully radiant in Bonnie’s thoughtfulness.

During the 9-years I’ve been holding currency, I’ve heard every kind of criticism about the RV / GCR one can think of. After some years I finally learned not to pay ANY ATTENTION to it.

The GENIUS 6D+ Q-Plan, the RV / GCR, the 5D+ Quantum world, the Quantum computers, QFS, QVS, NESARA and GESARA are all God’s Plan. There has never been any question in my heart about it. 

Those who criticize or who disbelieve don’t understand that this has always been about Spirit. Divine. Heaven. God.

I was thrilled with Nicholas Veniamin’s write-up which is why I posted it. He got it perfectly:

Meantime, the Plan was unfolding by the Elders and the time was ripe to use these historical, defunct bonds as a tool to hydrate the world. 




“Using the extreme amounts printed on the ZIM Bond, the Elders could create a new QFS financial system of Gold backed digital currencies beginning with the Zim Bonds. 

The Plan was to put many Trillions of dollars into the hands and control of Light Workers, who have been waiting, and maturing, and planning, and focusing on humanitarian work for the betterment of all of mankind.”

Exactly right, Nicholas. Thank you for putting it so perfectly. 

And thank you, Bonnie, for your thoughtfulness.

And thank you, Patrick, for this website and all the amazing, generous work you do.

And thank you, Judy, for your tireless service with your daily Restored Republic via a GCR.

And thank you Cinemo Galactic, for your thumbs up on my Juan O’Savin transcript and your very insightful blog about Hollywood and the challenges of Distributing a worthwhile film.

I agree with you, Alejandro Monteverde is an amazing director and his films deserve to be seen by a wide audience. In the New World that’s about to be revealed I pray they will be.

With blessings unceasing of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance for all. We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free.
xo, Kat




God’s Timing With Charlie Ward 3-1-21


Charlie Ward: This is probably the most exciting time of what we’re going through right now.

We’re nearly there.

The Quantum Financial System is absolutely bang on, fully loaded, ready to go.

Everything is ready.

It just now comes down to one thing—it’s called timing.

The Battle is Won!

The War is Won!

This is about timing.

And it’s not to do with you or me it’s to do with God. It’s God’s timing.

And when God says “It’s time to go!” it’s time to go!




And whatever you and I say to try and speed it up or slow it down, ain’t gonna work.

It’s down to Him.

Trust in Him and you’ll be a lot more happy and a lot more relaxed because things are incredibly positive right now.

I know things I can’t tell you and I’m excited.

So keep praying and be thankful for what we HAVE cuz what we’re going to RECEIVE is going to be truly great.

God bless.



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