The Venetian Party and the Soft Coup of the Glorious Revolution of 1688


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DKL: I will briefly introduce this erudite study by a correspondent in Europe that explains the history of the sponsorship of usury and fiat money as a control mechanism over all society.

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws. Mayer Amshel Rothschild

In other words, usury and fiat money represent a control mechanism over the society through the Central Banks. Napoleon maintained that the concept of an independent central bank from the government is absurd as that is where the control of the nation lies. The nation itself must control its central bank and not independent parties. Actually, the control of the central banks today is where the control of the world lies as the following essays will prove.  The issue between Shylock and Signor Antonio in the Shakespeare play “The Merchant of Venice” was whether Christianity which is against usury represented by Signor Antonio will rule Christendom or Shylock. That is why Shylock wanted Signor Antonio dead in the play rather than the return of his gold with usury in a multiple offered by the angelic judge to save the life of Signor Antonio whose pound of flesh was to be cut out close to the heart to kill him. Today the control of the major central banks is a similar life or death issue. Those who challenge it in a meaningful way are signing their death certificate. The nations of the west are subordinate to the financial powers. Who they are is identified below in the following essays.  

Once X’s essay is read will follow mine picking up the thread into modern times in the study “Goethe, Faust and the Euro”. I delivered the Goethe piece to first Swiss bankers in Zurich who were interested in Islamic banking, and then in Dubai to Islamic bankers including the Saudi Central Bankers who liked it better than the presentation of Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammed of Malaysia on his gold dinar standard without usury. They said that their central bank was controlled by the financial powers that control the US central bank and the US as their instrument would destroy Saudi Arabia if they replaced the dollar with a gold dinar standard without usury according to the law of the Koran. In other words, they said if Saudi Arabia rebelled they would be cut out of the world financial system as Iran who was expelled from the SWIFT-CHIPS system. In other words, the Islamic nations of the world are slaves to the usury-dollar system, and if they rebel to obey the Koran, they are dead as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.  

These two threatened the dollar system and their murders demonstrated that they who oppose the dollar central bank rule will die. And the dollar central bank is ruled by the international financiers. They had thought that if they gave up nuclear weapons they were safe but found out otherwise which mistake no other nation as Pakistan, North Korea will ever do again. Others who secretly have purchased nuclear missiles from Pakistan and North Korea which are myriads including the hydrogen bomb will never give them up. If a hydrogen bomb is delivered by submarine, the address of the sender has becomes untraceable. 

Hussein died for switching to Euros for his oil which was a declaration of independence from the US who needed 14 million barrels a day of oil imports under US control and Gaddafi for recommending a gold dinar standard to African nations that would have wiped out the central bank dollar’s control of the world for the financiers through SWIFT-CHIPS according to the sources in the links directly below. Both had bowed down to the west giving up their nuclear weapons and both died having no weapon of mass destruction to save themselves with by a submarine delivery.  Again, this means unarmed and thus a slave.


Gold Dinar: the Real Reason Behind Gaddafi’s Murder – Millenium State blog

Iraq had suddenly started selling its oil for Euros instead of for US Dollars.The United States invaded three years later, which was about the necessary time to build public global opinion (based on false pretexts, also technically known as “lies”, about weapons stockpiles) for a full-scale ground invasion. It also had considerable help from the lack of nuance following the September 11 attacks in 2001 in pushing aggression against a country that was unrelated to those attacks.  Predictably, after the invasion was over, one of the very first actions taken by the interim US-led administration was to revert to selling oil in US Dollars instead, closing the circle and ending the imminent threat to the United States’ existence as a superpower.

Now we turn to the Glorious Revolution.  After this essay you can scroll down to “Goethe, Faust and the Euro” if you wish to skip the other articles.

Here is the thesis


Holland since inception always has had a Regency Class, even though this is unacknowledged. It is for good reasons that the Bilderberg Hotel is in the Netherlands and that Davos is in Switzerland.

Holland is home to the original Burgher merchant class who first start companies, who first open stock markets, sell bonds and other financial paper while scouring the regions of the earth for various commodities to trade. This is a well – known story but how such a well – capitalized Bourgeoisie emerges from the dark ages as a ruling class is a story which is more obscure. 


It has to do with capital, employment contracts, companies, and financial prowess in general being employed as effective weapons in order to curtail the traditional power of the landed aristocracy, kings, courts, queens, earls, and bishoprics, counts, monasteries, fiefdoms and knights and ladies – in – waiting, who are traditionally dependent on powers attached to the land, but who first in the sea faring 17th century become pitted against a versatile power of commerce and trade as represented by the powers of the sea. 

So in Holland there was since 1648 a commercial Regency Class which born out of and on the ruins of medieval Burgundy after the late middle ages (1648 is also time of the Peace of Westphalen which first establishes the nation states as well as state borders in Europe in order to curtail the bloodletting of the religious wars), and the new state calls itself a republic at that time, and still sitting there today 373 years later as a constitutional monarchy.*

*The Republic of the Seven United Netherlands is created after an 80 year war with the Spanish Empire whose Grand Army, like all of Europe’s grand armies throughout time and today, were always strategically located in Belgium because only from there one can effectively march North, South, and East – while occupying the continent itself from an invasion from the West; it is the key strategic point in Europe. In fact one could say that those who occupy Belgium, occupy Europe proper; as Caesar did it first, and then a whole host of others (Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, Phillips the II, etc.) culminating with NATO today.


Thus a protestant group of burgher merchants is running a young republic of the Netherlands and William III of Orange – the Stadtholder Regent General of the Netherlands (he is not a king in the Netherlands but the chief regent city administrator from a royal house) – is going to be married to Mary Stuart (Mary II, not Bloody Mary the one who was beheaded by Elizabeth I) daughter of King James II of England (II) aka King James VII of Scotland (VII), who will be the last catholic king of the British Isles after he is going to be deposed in a bloodless coup after a political plot & conspiracy in favor of William & Mary, with William III entering England with Dutch forces and marines in Devonshire on June 30 of 1688 based upon the following ‘invitation’ by seven English notables (2 Tories, and 5 Whigs):

We have great reason to believe, we shall be every day in a worse condition than we are, and less able to defend ourselves, and therefore we do earnestly wish we might be so happy as to find a remedy before it be too late for us to contribute to our own deliverance … the people are so generally dissatisfied with the present conduct of the government, in relation to their religion, liberties and properties (all which have been greatly invaded), and they are in such expectation of their prospects being daily worse, that your Highness may be assured, there are nineteen parts of twenty of the people throughout the kingdom, who are desirous of a change; and who, we believe, would willingly contribute to it, if they had such a protection to countenance their rising, as would secure them from being destroyed.
— invitation by The Seven.

And this is where this story gets interesting, because who exactly organized this soft coup which is called the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in the first place? 

Was this the protestants in England who were not happy with their Catholic king, this may have something to do with it, but more importantly it was probably the interests of English financiers and traders of the day who were most eagerly willing to import the Dutch system of capital financing, commerce and trading in order to solidify the powers of the English city merchant classes vis – à – vis the powers of the English King and landed aristocracy. 

This is Operation Financial Merchant Class in full swing because only a couple of years later in 1694 the Bank of England will be created and England has its 1913 Federal Reserve moment, which will allow England hence on to finance their wars and their fleets, their navies, its militaries (for perspective in 1707 Great Britain as a nation is created in the form we still know it today, and 1717 is the official start date of Freemasonry in the newly minted country) and its world – wide ventures for the centuries to come.

So who exactly is behind that bloodless ‘coup’ we must ask, which introduces usury and interest (after a prohibition by the church for a thousand years during the middle ages), paper financing, and the first derivatives?


The Whig Junto 

Interestingly the organizers of the soft coup have a name where they do not hide their intentions at all (this sounds familiar) and call themselves the Venetian Party and this is what history records as the infamous Whig Junto ( whose administrative council form of governance in essence now slowly starts taking over the English government and coopting the power of the King as well as the power of the parliament (sounds familiar too). A hidden party within a party, which rules by committee and secret administration, how much more Venetian does one want to get? It is here at this moment when the beginning of what later becomes the British Empire starts. And it starts with a takeover in the name of financial capital, with something that resembles a page out of a corporate governance manual.


Because as a government by secret councils and committees in the form of an inverted pyramid as organizational structure, original Venetian councils over the prior centuries had been organized as Russian dolls in, let’s say, numbers of 2000, 400, 200, 100, 40, 20, 10, and 3 so that complete administrative control over the Doge, the Senate, and the City State could be exercised (see diagram above).

In fact, the Venetian senate (200) was elected from the Great Council and not by people. This allows for internal administrative control of the parliament. And the Doge (the Duke) of the Venetian Republic was only a figurehead towards the end of the Republic whereas in earlier times he had been only a type of chief executive, executing the wishes of the various councils, and hence not a ‘president’ or strategic director if we should use the corporate metaphor.

The Venetian party

So it was in this spirit and this fashion that the Venetian Party of London (the Whig Junto) copied the financiers mentality as well as the governance of the Venetian City State of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance onto England, and specifically of course onto what we know today as the City of London, where even today, the Queen needs permission to enter, and which has its own representative in the British Parliament (and perhaps even in the Privy Council although that would need to be verified) and where is still located and standing the Bank of England even unto this day.

So there we see the real contours of the soft coup of the Glorious Revolution of 1688: The merchant and financier classes taking over from the landed aristocracy and the royalists, while implementing an administrative system favoring finance and credit which would become the British Empire. Such are the humble origins of the creation of a ruling oligarchy – corporatism – where there is a strong inter–council consensus through rule by committee ultimately favoring a ruling burgher and gentry regency class of corporate owners. Today we might call such an administration a technocracy.

Thus were the Whigs in 1688 and on the other side you had the Royalist Tories. Both sides were aristocrats but only the Whigs (the Whig Junto) would scheme and connive with administrative powers against both the parliament and the kingdom creating what would become the paper credit foundations of a future empire. Based upon financial control and derivative systems. No gold required. No treasury even. No coffers. And based upon administrative rule by councils. For such had been the power of Venice financiers vs the real merchants of Florence.



Indeed this story then goes even deeper and delves into the renaissance. Because this is where Venice has Doges and Councils and where she provides funding for both sides of a conflict at the same time: the Reformation. She (Venice) funds both the Reformation against the Catholic Church by supporting the Reformation, and then funds again the Counter Reformation. Always hedge, so that you can bet on both sides. It’s the Goldman Sachs principle which will keep a financier rich forever, because, unlike in a real bet with real risk, it is impossible to lose. Fund both ways and both sides in the war. Never lose. Start a war or an epidemic, and win.

The Venetians may very well have been the archetypes for displaying this type of behavior, and had become infamous for it over time, so much so in fact that during the Renaissance in what is called the War of the League of Cambrai (1508 – 1511) all the Kings of Europe gang up on Venice in order to teach it a good lesson.  

Then later towards the end of the Renaissance these roots of the governance and organization of political oligarchy and financiering travel from the south to the north of Europe and are coopted in London, in the City of London, as the new Modus Operandi.  And London will take over where Venice dies. And indeed this is where the famed double faced attitude from the British may originate. 

Comes to mind as an example the cynicism of the British during the American Civil war where they are materially and financially supporting the South while they are completely agreeing with the North that slaves must be set free. Play both sides, hedge, finance and win. It’s the Venetian Party principle. And it works every time.


No, Florence never operated this way. They were merchant bankers and entrepreneurs. They believed in assets and production and not in the creations of debt without an underlying asset being present as a guarantee. That was the De Medici way of doing business.

Meanwhile the Catholic Church had forbidden usury for most of the middle ages and this lasted deep into the Renaissance. And for Florence this was not an issue as they gave real credits. But for Venice this may very well have been a good reason to sponsor and spawn the Reformation and the religious wars that followed it – because in the new found freedoms of the Protestant religion interest on the exchange of money alone was perhaps no longer considered a strict form of usury – and therefore not a sin. Like adultery.

So old Venice freely sponsored Luther, Calvin, and the Tudors, the purveyors of the Reformation. And at same time she sponsored and created the Jesuits and Ignatius of Loyala, the Counter Reformation. Ouch! Creating civilizational warfare all for a few dollars more. Bingo! Because war is good for business if you are not a real merchant banker but only a financial and political opportunist. Why produce something, when you can just lend and live off the interest?

The governance manual

For what would this Counter Revolution have been without the grand Venetian Cardinal Gasparo Contarini? The Italian Richelieu. For it was him who ascertained the necessary Papal authorities for Ignatius of Loyala and the Jesuits. 


Look no further for a grand prototype of an ageing old crafty spymaster avant – la – lettre whose incredible book De Magistratibus et Republica Venetorum from 1543 may very well be considered as the world’s prime handbook and manual of the origins of the administration of statecraft – even until today; and in which is carefully explained why a certain form of administrative government ruled by council is essential for any successful oligarchy and its regency class.

“Nothing as dangerous as a book.”



Methinks that the Whig Junto party read this book and knew it very well, otherwise they would have not called themselves the Venetian Party, and so by allowing William III to take over England and Scotland the conspirators knew that a grand change from land owned business and hereditary titles to financial paper, commerce, and trade would become inevitable. It was the Great Reset of 1688. And this is why they set up the Bank of England in 1694.

It is probable that many Italian family ‘fondos’ (private wealth funds held in Italian families during the Renaissance) must have been moved north to London and Amsterdam at one point in time when it became clear that financial speculation in Venice had seen its longest day. And when the owners realized that financiering would continue in London.

And so the House of Hanover wealth dynasty was created, while the wealth funds from the South of Europe created the foundations of the British Empire. Because Empire means war, and war is good for business and good for the continuation of wealth funds that are based on interest and hedging rather than productive capital investment. And so, the Venetian Whig Party were able to realize what they had set out to do in the first place, which was simply …

– to create Rome in London –

… a glorious revolution indeed!


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