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It is a shame, that a magnificent piece of architecture such as the White House could be demolished. This building could stand nearly forever. The grandeur, the history, the glory, and the symbol that goes with the whiteness of purity of the nation that it represents can not be matched. No king, no dictator nor unelected ruler has ever governed from this presidential mansion.

The Capital Building is just as magnificent as the White House. I believe that the capital dome can be seen from all four corners of the district, same goes with the Washington Monument. The white marble that graces all of the capital complex just adds to the greatness of our fine capitol. The Supreme Court building was fashioned after the Greek architecture. The Capital Building seems to be of an original design. The Washington Monument follows the Egyptian monolith, The Lincoln Memorial resembles a Roman Senate building. This country, in being a nation of immigrants, reflects the diversity in our capital, Washington, D.C.

Juan O. Savin proposes to leave the district, bulldoze the whole place and return it into a swamp and bird sanctuary. I reluctantly agree with him. After what the democrats (by the way, I used the term democrats widely. I intend to include the deep states, rino, cabal, satanist, and any other evil group.) have done to our capital. I have read that G.H.W. Bush authorized the digging of the deep tunnels under the capital complex as a future means of escape if we should come under attack. Did GHW Bush have alternate plans for these tunnels. I remember quite clearly how he stated the he would bring The United States into the New World Order. (Seems to be in the shadows of The Bohemian Grove. Now there is a place that needs to be bulldozed.)

Before we bring in the first wreaking ball. We need to save the Smithsonian Museum Complex. The Air and Space museum should be located at the Air Capital of the World. The Museum of Natural History should be located near Yellowstone Park. The History of technology should be located in/or near the Ford Museum. In other words, the whole Smithsonian Institute belong to the people of this great nation. Every ethnic group in this country should have a Heritage Museum located at the center of this nation. The White House should be stripped out of every paintings, and other works of art, and be placed in the new presidential mansion. All of the statues in the Hall Of Statues should moved to the new Capital Building. The National Archives and the Library of Congress should be under the jurisdiction of the Smithsonian Institute. Lincoln’s statue from the memorial should be moved to the burial site of Abraham Lincoln’s grave. The inscribed walls inside the memorial should go with the statue. Arlington National Cemetery should be expanded then to include all of the war memorials (WWII, Korean War, and the Vietnam War Wall. Then put in a separation berm between the swamp and the National Cemetery. Lastly Move the Pentagon and Rebuild it as The Hexagon at a new location next to the new capital. The Smithsonian Institute should be rechartered to tell to truth about the history of this nation.

The shame of the recent past presidents, that [C]linton rented out the Lincoln’s bedroom. [O]bama served questionable dishes of pizza and hotdogs. The tunnels hoarded ab/used chi/ldren for the pleasure of the perverted representatives and senators. I am not sure what the live count is nor do I know what the dead count is as rescued and recovered, but every one of those perverts should spend one whole week in total darkness and let the residual evil have their way with them. I may assure you that the perverted ones will never be the same ever again.

If the buildings were left standing, then evil will percolate and become the most haunted place in that region. Probably much so that Abraham Lincoln’s ghost will be frighten away, Imagine the abandoned white house, supreme court building, the capital building, and the rest of the buildings holding the satanic evil influence roaming the district trying to gather more soul and children for a sacrifice. Washington D.C. has become an unholy place. Tear it down, flood the place, and let nature take its course. I doubt there will be anything living there for a while.

Explore and Exploit



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