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January 29, 2021

Dr. Simone Gold and The Experiment

Dr. Simone Gold

56.08 minutes

Dr. Simone Gold is recognised and had been viewed by over 20 million people at the time of coming out and speaking transparently about the concerns of a pandemic. Since she has successfully found platforms to continue to educate and inform the public of the concerns and implications that relate to the pandemic. 

In her recent seminar, Dr. Simone Gold expressed the importance of not to bow to tyranny, but rather become good role models and to grasp the concept of blessings in disguise. 

In her speech, Dr. Gold emphasises that due to fear, people are making irrational decisions. The reason being wanting to return to normal life. This is of course naturally understandable considering it provides a form of familiarity and comfort zone. With the changes occurring worldwide, it is due to the raising of the collective consciousness, and thus the awakenings happening. 


It is therefore, safe to state that one cannot return to normal life in these times. The new ways are becoming more profound in that, you are either the problem and thus forced to face ramifications, or the solution thus becoming the role model and contributor towards a more thriving world. This awareness can be frightening in itself when you are not able to control what the unknown brings or that the changes are needing to be made. 

It is up to individuals to truly see it from a perspective that these current changes, not the changes as shown on propaganda but in real terms of true knowledge and experiences gained, actually benefits rather than limits. 

In my opinion, being made shown recently to be that our lives have been based on lies rather than truths is deeply frightening in itself. And it is the realisations, revelations and discoveries that many lost their lives unjustifiably, or that the sufferings and tribulations have been manufactured deliberately for profit and power greed, or that age years have gone by and the sense of guilt or remorse or sadness associated with those findings that life could have been different. It is a form of grieving and thus, the healings that also need to take place. 

Furthermore, because of the collective consciousness also rising, it is understandable the frightening realisation that we cannot go back to our normal lives. Wanting to do so is the belief that it will continue to provide comfort zones, familiarity, yet a false sense of sanctuary. 

We have reached a point where we are either to be the problem and the ramifications to be faced because of the new era, or the solutions that you can become and thus helping towards a thriving life. It is for this reason that there is an increase demand that one now must make a choice of taking a side, and that you can no longer be sitting on the fence so to speak. Although the divisions are more noticeable they are simply of only two sides, love, light, good versus hate and evil. That will ultimately determine your future these days. It is for this reason it can become deeply frightening for some because of the unknown seemingly being unpredictable. It is simply aiming to reach an equilibrium where mutual respect and working together in harmony become priorities. 

And so Dr. Simone Gold’s great concerns associated with the pandemic provides valuable information so as to make informed and wise decisions. 

In her speech she also emphasises the concerns about EXPERIMENTS and how critical it is to know this. 


Dr. Simone Gold gives a clear and concise understanding of the pandemic and where we are currently at. Including the cures. 

There is also lawsuits currently being done and the great concerns that have arisen from the pandemic addressing it to be a concern for both America and Globally. 

She points out the myths and facts AND cures. 

What is surprising to know is that Dr. Gold says that there is a battle for words! And that there requires transparency in how we word medical concerns. She has also proved references and information that can be found at America’s Frontline Doctors:

She calls to Action to sign the Petition: and to make aware for the public to know there is an EXPERIMENT conducted upon them. Dr. Simone Gold has deep concerns and has the medical research to prove that the current vaccination is Experimental and that even has been admitted by other corporate and medical organisations. The evidence is clearly written for all to see that the recent vax-ines are an experiment on human beings. 

What this means is that the government and corporate want to conduct tests on healthy people and take no liability for knowing its dire affects it can cause based on experiments they have done to animals in labs! PETA won’t be too happy about that by the way that experiments are being done on animals to see the outcomes of these recent vax-inations that are proven to be lethal. 

Dr. Gold admits that she did not know certain things until she discovered and that you don’t know until you discover. 

Unaware we discover. 

Recent information and research that has surfaced recently has caused many in the medical industry to take action to inform the public and take action to do something about the concerns. 

What is even more disturbing to learn is that there is a push to vax-inate this experiment on blacks and browns and health workers first. And also that there is no proper studies done to prove the effect it has on pregnant women, according to Dr. Gold. 


Dr. Gold strongly emphasises No healthy person should take the EXPERIMENT unless the person chooses to do so with the the knowledge about the recent vax-ine experiments and the medical tests that have been conducted on animals that conclude to not be safe. 

It is an EXPERIMENT! On YOU, is Dr. Simone Gold’s strong message. There should be no mandatory act to force this EXPERIMENTAL VAX-INE onto healthy people and not become liable for damages. 

Dr. Gold has also provided research of the effects of vax-ines in different cultures and why corporate are targeting certain cultures. She speaks of the experiments that are being conducts on humans and focusing on specific cultures and countries. And thus the racial issues that have risen in regards to the experiments and trials being conducted. 

She states clearly it is AN EXPERIMENT on humans! 

Its ought to be a volunteer experiment and if you choose to enrol in the medical trial system to be experimented upon that is your choice, but do not force it upon healthy people and to anyone that does not consent to it is her strong viewpoint based on her medical expertise. 

I need to add here that for so long PETA and other human rights organisations have been fighting to stop experiments on both animals and children especially. It is disturbing to say the least. There are suppressed Patents of advance medical technology, which means that experiments done on animals and humans are not required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but of course those with greed and lust for power and money don’t care……….until now. Suddenly greed for power and money is starting to take its toll and beginning to lose momentum. The game changer of the new era welcome! 

Para Kas-Vetter 
“There should not be any vax-ines. Vax-ines are questionable. Vax-ines were invented from an idea where if you introduce a problem to the body, the body then has to find a solution and become immune to the problem. These experiments are based on man made problems that nature does not create. It is simply man made where the problem is created, a solution is presented and money is made from it all. Meanwhile the concerns that arise from such experiments that are not natural, and to which nature does not produce in the first place is concerning in itself. If we remove the intentional man made attacks done to our well-being, we won’t need vax-ines that actually manipulate our bodies.” ~ Otto Vetter

Para Kas-Vetter
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