Removal of the Archon’s Etheric Grid Around the Planet is Now Complete



Source: AMG-News | By Medeea Greere

November 16, 2023

Breaking Free: The REMOVAL of the Archon Etheric GRID Around the Planet is NOW COMPLETE!

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In a world shrouded in mystery, a transformation of cosmic proportions has quietly unfolded, hidden from the watchful eyes of mainstream society. The removal of the Archon Etheric Grid, an enigmatic energetic structure encircling our planet, has just been completed.

This monumental event marks a turning point in the history of humanity, as the shackles of low-frequency existence are finally shattered, allowing countless souls to embark on their journey towards enlightenment and spiritual freedom. In this article, we delve deep into the fascinating realm of the Archon Etheric Grid, its implications, and the unprecedented transformation that is now underway.

The Archon Etheric Grid: A Cosmic Prison




Imagine a lattice wall, not visible to the naked eye but omnipresent, trapping the collective consciousness of humanity within its confines. The Archon Etheric Grid, a complex energetic structure encircling our beloved planet, is a concept that has long been shrouded in secrecy. Often likened to prison bars in the physical world, this grid has silently wielded its influence over the vibrational frequencies of Earth.

At its core, the Archon Etheric Grid functioned as a colossal energy drain, siphoning vital life force from the Earth’s Ley Lines and directing it upwards into its labyrinthine web. This malevolent manipulation of energy kept the planet and its inhabitants mired in a perpetual state of low-frequency existence, inhibiting spiritual growth and evolution.

Understanding the Third Dimension

The third dimension, as many esoteric teachings have elucidated, comprises a wide spectrum of frequencies. At its higher end, it resonates with love, light, and unity consciousness, while at the lower end, it is plagued by denser energies of fear, separation, and limitation. For eons, humanity has found itself entrenched in the lower frequencies of this spectrum, battling the weight of negativity and spiritual stagnation.

Only the Most Radiant Souls Prevail

Within the confines of the Archon Etheric Grid, a profound cosmic selection process was at play. Only those souls who had completed their soul mission, transcended the limitations of egoic desires, and become pure embodiments of light could hope to transcend the grid’s constraints. These radiant souls, unburdened by incomplete learnings or unresolved trials, possessed the spiritual fortitude to break free from the ethereal prison.

A Monumental Revelation




The completion of the removal of the Archon Etheric Grid heralds a momentous revelation. It is akin to the unlocking of a celestial gateway, a portal through which the pure of heart and the seekers of truth may finally transcend the limitations of the third dimension. This monumental news echoes through the cosmos, resounding with the harmonious vibrations of divine love and light.

A Dramatic Shift in Consciousness

The removal of the Archon Etheric Grid has initiated a dramatic shift in human consciousness. As the energy drain is dismantled and the vibrational frequencies of the planet begin to rise, individuals are awakening to their true spiritual nature. This awakening is not merely a gentle stirring of the soul but a seismic upheaval of consciousness itself.

No longer bound by the constraints of a low-frequency existence, humanity is experiencing a collective rebirth. The dense energies that once weighed us down are dissipating, and in their place, a wave of divine love and light is washing over the Earth. It is a profound transformation that transcends the limitations of language and logic, touching the very core of our being.

Stepping into the Light

For those who have diligently pursued their soul missions, who have tirelessly worked through their karmic lessons, and who have sought the path of spiritual enlightenment, this is the moment they have long awaited. The removal of the Archon Etheric Grid signifies their liberation, their ascension into higher realms of existence.

It is a homecoming for the souls who have traversed the labyrinth of human experience, emerging as beacons of light and wisdom. They are the torchbearers of a new era, guiding humanity towards the path of love, unity, and divine purpose.

The Power of Divine Love and Light

As we navigate this period of profound transformation, it is crucial to understand the role of divine love and light. These are not mere abstract concepts but potent forces that permeate the fabric of the universe. Divine love transcends all boundaries and unites us in a tapestry of oneness, while divine light illuminates the path of truth and spiritual evolution.

In the absence of the Archon Etheric Grid, these energies are flooding the Earth with unprecedented intensity. They are infusing every facet of our existence, inviting us to embrace our true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience. It is a call to embody love, to radiate light, and to be the change we wish to see in the world.




A New Dawn for Humanity

The removal of the Archon Etheric Grid is not an isolated event; it is a precursor to a series of profound shifts that will reshape our world. As the frequencies of the planet continue to rise, we will witness an acceleration of spiritual awakening and the dissolution of old paradigms.

The seeds of unity consciousness are germinating, sprouting forth a new paradigm of cooperation, compassion, and interconnectedness. It is a vision of a world where the barriers of separation crumble, and humanity embraces its role as stewards of the Earth and guardians of the cosmic tapestry.

Embracing the Transformation

In these transformative times, it is imperative for each of us to play our part in this cosmic drama. We must heed the call to awaken, to raise our own vibrational frequencies, and to radiate the divine love and light that flows through us. By doing so, we become catalysts for the transformation of our world.

It is not a journey without challenges, for the remnants of the old paradigm may still exert their influence. However, armed with the knowledge of our true potential and the power of divine love and light, we have the means to transcend any obstacles that may arise.

The removal of the Archon Etheric Grid marks a monumental milestone in the evolution of human consciousness. It is a moment of profound significance, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul, and a testament to the power of divine love and light.

As we navigate the uncharted waters of this new era, let us do so with open hearts, with unwavering faith in our innate divinity, and with a commitment to be the agents of positive change in the world. The path ahead may be challenging, but it is also filled with boundless opportunities for growth, transformation, and the realization of our highest potential.

In the radiant glow of divine love and light, we step boldly into a future where unity, compassion, and spiritual awakening are the guiding stars that illuminate our path. The Archon Etheric Grid is no more, and in its absence, we are free to soar to new heights of consciousness, embracing the limitless possibilities that await us.


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