Earth to be Destroyed if it Doesn’t Join the Galactic Federation



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Michael Dargaville, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 13, 2023

Please find enclosed for publication consideration with your media organization this FURTHER UPDATED recent article of journalism.

This important article of journalism is about the only truthful piece of writing on the planet about the current ET/alien crisis and how our planet faces being destroyed by negative reptilian aliens.

The article describes how governments are putting this planet in peril by not immediately forming a military pact with benign human aliens called the Galactic Federation to protect Gaia.

The article stresses that the low level human starseed aliens (born 2002 and after) of Generation Z DOES NOT IN ANY WAY ensure this planet has protection and governments are foolish to think this.

From my study and examination of the situation, these low level Generation Z starseeds have been killed RECENTLY in negative reptilian attacks on their lower level human planets. They come from human Galactic Federation planets with 200-400 year lifespans that were completely destroyed. Thus the Galactic Federation is giving them this planet to start again and to try and survive a possible new war. BUT NOTHING IS ASSURED.

My Galactic Federation alien leaders have categorically told me Generation Z (those born 2002 and after) are human starseeds…….more than 18 years ago. I watched them grow. Recently I’ve been teaching these Generation Z HUMAN ALIEN students and this is what I learned. However, some of my students did have very high psychic abilities and extraordinary intelligence and thus are HIGH LEVEL HUMAN STARSEEDS FROM THE GALACTIC FEDERATION. But they were the minority. My leaders would know exactly which planet each and everyone is from.




So these Gen Z starseeds are not much higher than Earthlings (non starseeds). But they are DEFINITELY more intelligent but from my analysis they have been extremely traumatized when their planet was destroyed and they died horrific deaths.

And this is our planet Earth’s FATE if we do not immediately join the Galactic Federation and get the military protection we need. This is a dire warning.  SO THIS FOLLOWING STORY FULLY EXPLAINS HOW OUR PLANET IS IN DEEP PERIL. And this is a cry, a plea, to please save this planet from COMPLETE DESTRUCTION.

Bio details at the end. If countries don’t act on this information say goodbye to Earth.

Best regards

Michael Dargaville


By Michael Dargaville




Our planet Earth faces total destruction if it keeps ignoring the pleas of the Galactic Federation human aliens to join their organisation and tell the alien truth.

Currently our galaxy is in a gaint war where two main alien/ET organisations are literally fighting it out for their own survival.

Most earth governments know the complete truth of our possible destruction but a huge number do nothing because they are afraid it will disrupt their close links to big money and the billionaire world elite.

Negative evil reptilian aliens called Reptoids have tried to destroy this planet even as recently as just slightly more than 20 years ago when they had a psychotronic mind control moon base targeting major areas of this planet.

That Reptoid moon base was destroyed by the good Galactic Federation human aliens in the Year 2000 and thus saved this planet from destruction.

There had been 6000 of these shapeshifting evil reptilian Reptoid aliens living on this base on the moon as part of an attack plan to wipe this planet off the face of the universe.

That attack was part of a much bigger attack on Galactic Federation human planets across the galaxy where these bad Reptoids have attacked more than 500 lower level human Galactic Federation planets with lifespans of between 200 and 400 years. Many of these human planets, who are all officially members of the Galactic Federation, and strong active participants in every aspect of the Galactic Federation, were completely destroyed. And this planet Earth will also be destroyed if it doesn’t quickly change its attitude and behaviour. Plus it is not even a member of the Galactic Federation at this stage and governments couldn’t care less. That is a sure sign this planet will be destroyed.

The good Galactic Federation human aliens want this planet to officially join the Galactic Federation so that it can give the military protection that the planet needs from these evil Reptoid aliens. It is the only way for our planet’s survival.

The Galactic Federation have surrounded this planet for more than 20 years in their spaceships now urging the official ET truth and co-operation but still most Earth governments willfully completely ignore the situation and in some cases even attacks people like me, a major high level human ALIEN starseed, who was sent to this planet by the Galactic Federation to work for them and to represent them.

Of the 500 Galactic Federation human planets that have been recently attacked many of them survived and have been revamped. Many of these planets are only slightly more advanced than earth and a large number have oxygen atmospheres and speak English. English is widely used by the Galactic Federation as the lingua franca of the galaxy. Earth humans have the possibility of living on these more advanced human planets if this planet can change its attitude so we in the Galactic Federation can do a partial evacuation to reinforce the military protection of this planet.




Earth needs complete military protection from these evil Reptoid aliens. The only way it can get the required Galactic Federation military protection is to start a world government in Sichuan, China, based on nation sovereignty and it must be done immediately. Earth cannot join the Galactic Federation until there is a world government. For more than 20 years many governments have just completely ignored the pleas of the Galactic Federation. Immediate massive ET/alien official public disclosure outlining the full truth could get this world government up and running within a couple of months. It is that easy.

Currently governments think that because the Galactic Federation has sent starseeds to this planet that we are safe here. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of Generation Z, those born 2002 and after, are Galactic Federation human ALIEN starseeds who have died on their home planet and been reborn here. But this was done as a last ditch effort by the Galactic Federation to literally save this planet as it is very hard to intervene unless we have access to put in our military installations that are needed on this planet to give more protection from a Reptoid attack. And this planet could be attacked at any time although Galactic Federation leaders have said Earth is currently in a “safe envelope”.

However this can change quickly because of the nature of this massive galactic war. And the Galactic Federation has a legal requirement to give the most military protection to fully fledged members of the Galactic Federation of which Earth is willfully not even wanting to join. So why should the Galactic Federation continue to protect this planet if it doesn’t even want to co-operate.

WE in the Galactic Federation do not even have the ability to gauge where this massive Galactic War will go next. The evil Reptoids are extremely powerful and they have full control of thousands of other galaxies. Do you understand? They could launch a full scale counter offensive involving Earth and we would have to withdraw quickly from this solar system to give our other Galactic Federation solar systems and planets the protection they need because they are fully fledged members actively working with us and for us.

We in the Galactic Federation need the ability to act quickly if such an event did indeed evolve. And it can happen quickly and with no warning. I REPEAT. WE HAVE RECENTLY LOST ENTIRE GALACTIC FEDERATION HUMAN PLANETS IN THIS WAR. THEY HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY DESTROYED. Where do you think the Generation Z Galactic Federation starseed human aliens on this planet come from? The Generation Z starseeds are low level human starseeds because they come from lower level human planets with just 200-400 year lifespans. There are however high level Generation Z starseeds here as well. Not all of them but a lot of them have come directly from these recent wars. And because of this they have nothing to lose plus many were traumatized by those wars.

AND THAT IS WHY WE ON EARTH ARE SO VULNERABLE WITH MOST  GOVERNMENTS THINKING THEY DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE OF GALACTIC FEDERATION GENERATION Z STARSEEDS HERE MEAN AUTOMATIC PROTECTION. It is not as simple as that as we are currently in a state of war. And these starseeds have given their souls to this war and have nothing to lose as they HAVE LOST THEIR PLANETS WHICH WERE COMPLETELY DESTROYED. Planet Earth has the potential to also be completely destroyed.

Here is a brief outline of the Galactic Federation. Humans were first formed on the Vega star system 7 million years ago from primates. They were enhanced by powerful creator forces to develop to a high sentient level that by 6 million years ago they could space travel and set up human colonies across the galaxy. Hundreds of thousands of human colonies were developed. About 4 million years ago these human civilizations started being attacked by these bad Reptoids so they all joined together to form the Galactic Federation. A small minority of good Reptoids are part of the Galactic Federation plus beautiful loving Dragon aliens and insect aliens plus other species of aliens. They are all loved based because the leader of the Galactic Federation is Archangel Michael. The leader of the bad reptoids is Archangel Lucifer. About 60% of the Galactic Federation are human and we use these other advanced love-based reptilian aliens to protect us along with our own weaponry.

As the Galactic Federation spread out around the galaxy and set up human societies a whole range of human civilizations developed. The first Earth human civilization was called Hybornea and lasted from 2 million BC to 1 million BC. It was destroyed by bad Reptoids. The Galactic Federation came back and set up Lemuria from 900,000 BC. This was again destroyed by bad Reptoids around 15,000BC. Earth humans were then mutated to live just 50-70 year lifespans from earlier Lemurian lifespans of 5000 years. At this time positive archangels created new fresh souls for these mutated humans as it was unfair to put advanced human alien souls in these bodies. And these fresh new souls collectively reincarnated on this planet until the present day until Generation Z, who are all starseeds, came along. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? The Galactic Federation currently surround Earth and can and will stop all nuclear weapons on this planet and will give military protection to any country that wants it depending on their human rights conditions.

As mentioned before there are more than 500 lower level Galactic Federation HUMAN planets with lifespans of between 200-400 years. Do you understand? This is vital for you to understand because it is these planets we need to go to. Above these planets are tens of thousands of advanced human planets. The Hydrans look African and can live for 500 years. The Pleiadians live for 700 years. The Sirians look European and live for 5000 year lifespans. When a Galactic Federation human dies on their home planet they always usually REINCARNATE back onto their home planets unless they are sent out as starseeds. My own home planet is Chinese looking on the other side of the galaxy with 10,000 year lifespans. My planet is highly advanced and we produce top level spaceships for the human Galactic Federation fleet. We are hugely advanced in all ways and we are great scientists plus an extremely advanced spiritual planet. Above my planet there are thousands of far more advanced human planets with lifespans ranging up the 30,000 years. The Arctureans look Chinese and have lifespans of 30,000 years. Sai Baba, the world famous Indian guru who had super powers of teleportation and bilocation and healing comes from a human planet with 25,000 year lifespans where many have these powers. Human planets at this level are virtually planets of Ascended Masters. All human planets have ratios of Ascended Masters depending on their advancement (via their lifespans) that join each planet’s spiritual government. Earth’s Ascended Masters are led by Maitreya, the returned planetary Christ who is thinking of leaving Earth because governments will not let him come forward. That is how bad this planet is. It is this type of willful evil behaviour that will destroy this planet.

The Reptoids have lifespans of 30,000 years. They can shapeshift into human form. The grey aliens, who the USA Government did a deal with, have lifespans of just 200 years and are extremely low level and have absolutely no power in the solar system or galaxy. Their own ability to survive this vast war involves a neutrality treaty with the bad Reptoids but that could change at any time. The greys are not part of the Galactic Federation. But because Earth humans come from and evolved from the Galactic Federation they are Reptoid targets. THIS IS ESPECIALLY SO BECAUSE NON STARSEED EARTHLINGS AS WELL AS GALACTIC FEDERATION STARSEED HUMAN ALIENS ON THIS PLANET HAVE SOULS CREATED BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. That is why the grey aliens can never do anything to help Earth plus of course they have absolutely no power because they are so low level and only have 200 year lifespans.




So there you have the situation. This planet either starts to immediately co-operate with the Galactic Federation or you will be destroyed. It is as simple as that. We in the Galactic Federation need access to this planet to install our military hardware to protect this planet from the bad Reptoids. Until we do this this planet is under dire threat. In the long term, an evacuation of billions of non starseeds and starseeds COULD BE vital to give room for a major military base of good REPTOID/DRAGON aliens who will work alongside the remaining humans on this planet to militarily reinforce all areas of the planet and the solar system from attack. Of course the situation is fluid. Even abandoning Earth altogether and consolidating our population on another lower level human Galactic Federation planet with 200-400 year lifespans is possible. However there is STILL room to keep Earth as it is if the Galactic Federation can install its military hardware on the planet and of course if we legally and officially join the Galactic Federation. So there are a few major options here. Potential full evacuation, partial evacuation OR NO EVACUATION and the planet stays the same but with intense Galactic Federation military hardware..

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL. BUT AT THE MOMENT MOST, BUT NOT ALL, OF THE GOVERNMENTS ON THIS PLANET ARE INTENT IN MAKING THEIR BILLIONARE ELITE FRIENDS HAPPY BY NOT UPSETTING THE APPLE CART. And they have done this for 20 years since we in the Galactic Federation have been here and saved this planet from destruction. And if governments continue to do this much longer we cannot assure the long term safety of this planet without your co-operation. It is as simple as that. Your fate is in your hands.

Bio details: Michael Dargaville is an international journalist, punk poet, generalist poet, philosopher, physicist, academic/teacher, natural medicine oncologist and general clinician, veteran counter culture surfer, transpersonal psychologist, pioneering skateboarder, avant garde novelist, singer/musician and artist. Michael grew up and was educated in the counter culture hippie, punk, surfing and New Age movements of Sydney, Australia. He has been based in Asia and China for the past 25 years where he teaches at universities at professorial level and works in international journalism. Michael has done three major Master’s theses on the physics of alien space travel, mind-body medicine, the New Age movement and post quantum theory. He then spent 10 years working on a PhD called THE NEW IDEALISM linking all these areas together in a major book that was widely published in hardcopy and internet form. His poetry has been widely studied at universities and he has performed both as a performance punk poet and singer around the world and he has worked with some out there punk bands including the feminist gay communist punk band CUNT.  He has published more than 100 hardcopy books and pamphlets with more than 80 plus works of poetry, five novels, four works of philosophy and many pamphlets of journalism. For many years he has been a major counter culture publisher and established famous publishing collectives with other people. Michael was trained as a journalist and spent 8 years as a full-time staff journalist for the Hobart Mercury and then worked widely on other major newspapers including the Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial and China Daily, where he worked on the newsdesk in Beijing and wrote features. Since then he has written for thousands of newspapers, magazines and websites around the world with more than 200 million readers and translated into more than 15 languages. Michael is a human alien starseed from the Galactic Federation and comes from a human planet with 10,000 year lifespans located on the other side of the galaxy.


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