(Reader: Richard H) Climate Change is Real



Reader Post | By Richard H

Having 7 significant humanitarian projects that wait funding in the new asset-backed economy, thereby knowing of the battle behind the scenes, I read Operation Disclosure (“OD”) every day.

I am a degreed and experienced Chemical Engineer (MO) and MBA (Harvard), having experience in 3 of the Fortune 10 prior to leading ClearValue.

If I may, first, the Earth is not flat; such statements both violate the laws of physics disparage the credibility of OD.  

Second, climate change is real! While hard to comprehend in this non-technical non-science culture that has become the US, it is real. What is also real and proven historically is ability of the powerful to take anything and use it for personal gain and/or power.  Yes, Schwab is a Satanic Pig. Yes, Gates is a greedy Satanic Pig. Yes, the US Government is both supporting the Satanic Pigs and efforting change per Revelation 20; yes, that is the real battle going on.

Third, I lead a team of 20+ retired engineers, scientists and professors presenting a NEW hydrogen solution that is based upon NASA Rocket Fuel, combustion of pure hydrogen with pure oxygen, HyOx© Combustion, along with an efficacious green hydrogen solution powered by Sunlight – ref.

Fourth, having such a combustion solution for humanity, using NASA Technology, I am in contact regularly with many retired NASA Managers, even the retired manager of propulsion, yes manager of the rocket scientists, as well as a couple astronauts. WE DID GO TO THE MOON. Statements to the contrary on OD only disparage OD.

For those that do not understand or do not have a scientific background, know that climate change is real. Know that we are not the first species of Earth and if we fail, we will probably not be the last. Earth will be just fine; the question is humanity and life as we know it. Please do not let antics of the WEF, WHO and Demoncrats confuse (yes John Kerry is an idiot; I have met him). They are just manipulating for personal gain. Climate change is real; where hopefully, as a species we can correct and prevail.




Elon Musk does care; he is just an electrical engineer; in my opinion, not comprehending the chemical and biological aspects of climate change. (I used to be on X; approached Musk in regard the ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy©; he asked me which Tesla I liked; I informed I wished to retool one to generate the needed electricity with hydrogen; I am blocked from X for life; serious.)    

Finally, the ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy© is a complete clean and green solution, from engines (more powerful & efficient) to fuel systems (<$2/kg hydrogen) to power systems (<$0.04/kW-hr) to food and nutrient systems (recycle of organic waste to organic nutrients), it is a complete clean and green solution that is engineered from Earth’s Natural Cycles of water, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and nutrients.

Most importantly, the ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy© is value-added, providing user value, not needing government to be successful. It is a big project and the financial markets are very corrupted, as I have learned, yet will prevail.

OMG, the financial markets. My heart goes out to the Cromars! My mortgage was attacked in 2007 as well with Federal and TX State Judges supporting absolute violations of TX Law by Deutsch (a jury trial was scheduled in 2012; where to avoid, Deutsche Removed to the Southern District that is bought and paid for by the Cabal, e.g. Fed); still battling. Know that if you wish to do anything significant in this corrupted Deep State System, a bank will turn against you and the judiciary will constitutionally violate to support, all in effort to keep your eye off the ball.

Pray that Trump prevails. Pray that Q prevails. Pray that Jesus prevails quickly. Pray that humanity prevails soon, regardless of those that are demonic among us.


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