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Reader Post | By Lena Rae

Hi again, I would like to relay some information, thoughts, beliefs and feelings about abortion, and the right to abortion access being debated in our country at this time.

As a woman, I feel it is an absolute 100% GOD-GIVEN-RIGHT for women to choose to endure the birthing process, or not.

It does not matter if you view the fetus as a living human being, or not.

It does not matter if the woman has feelings of guilt after the abortion.

It does not matter if the fetus feels pain.

(It’s a body…If it has a nervous system, it’s going to feel pain regardless of a soul or consciousness being in the body or not!)

It is HER CHOICE to endure the birthing process, or not, because SHE is the one enduring the process.




The process, that has KILLED women in the past!

It is HER that is connected to, creates the body for, and feeds the child.

It is her choice, and ONLY her choice, that matters when it comes to giving birth.

It is HER vagina that has to stretch for the baby’s body to enter this world.

It is HER womb that must inflate and protect the body of the unborn child.

If the mother feels that there is something wrong with the fetus, or she cannot give her child it’s best chance at survival, then it is HER RIGHT to CHOOSE to abort the fetus.

It is also HER RIGHT to choose, to try again later, when she can give her child it’s best chance at survival and prosperity.




If you’re a religious person, then you KNOW Christ died to give us FREE WILL.

That means women too!!!

What some people are causing, with their lacking understanding, is un-necessary suffering and hardship for not only the mother, but the child as well.

They are trying to create a world where rape victims have to endure the lengthy, tiring and painful birthing process, and then raise a child they never even wanted, in a position they never wanted to be in.

Creating the enslavement of the mother to the fetus, and creating feelings of hatred and resentment towards the child.

They are claiming exclusive rights for the un-born child, while ignoring the rights of the full-grown human mother!

That…Is absolutely retarded.

As for harvesting the fetus for parts, why wouldn’t you re-use that valuable material?

Why let it go to waste?!

Some people are creating a shameful and wasteful process, where they do not allow the recycling of that biologic material.




Wasting it, instead of using it, if it can be used to save or enhance lives, is also…Retarded.

Now on that subject, creating a fetus specifically to harvest for parts, WITHOUT the informed consent of both the mother and father, also puts the woman, child and father through un-necessary suffering and hardship.

Both the mother and father have the right to refuse to allow their genetic material to be harvested for any reason, or purpose.

Everyone has that right, regardless of if it has to do with birthing a child, or not.

As for my own personal understanding of the birthing process, I believe that the soul enters the body when the labor process begins, not before.

Prior to the labor process beginning, the soul is connected to the consciousness of the mother and through that connection with her, is connected to the “fetus”…The body the child’s soul is considering inhabiting.

The soul of the child can also CHOOSE to abort itself, if it feels something is wrong with the body the mother has created for it, or that the timing for it’s incarnation on this planet is not right.

That is why some babies are still-born and why some women miscarry, with seemingly no explanation.

In most cases, it is NOT the woman’s fault for having a miscarriage or a still-born baby.

The guilt and sorrow they feel (if any) is because they just spent their own time, energy and life-force creating a body that is now rendered “useless”, and/or they are subjected to the societal “norms” imposed on them by those vile individuals who like to blame women for everything they possibly can.




If you are a women, and you have a miscarriage, still-born baby, or an abortion, you can still give your child’s soul (THE SAME SOUL) that was connected to the previous body…The same person…Another chance at life on this planet, at a later date, when both you and the child are ready to endure that process.

1 abortion, does not end that souls chance at life.

All it does is post-pone it.

The soul of the child can also choose to be born by a different women too, if they feel it is in their best interest to do so.

As for when the soul of the child actually enters the body, I believe this is what stimulates and begins the labor process.

I believe that because 2 souls cannot inhabit 1 body for an extended period of time…Especially with 1 soul in their body, encased within another body.

While the child’s soul may be connected to the mother, it is not residing INSIDE her body, inside the body of the fetus, while it’s body is being created, by the mother.

It is in it’s purest energy form and only connected to her consciousness, until the soul enters it’s own, finalized body (thanks Mom!).

That entry of the soul into the body, with 2 souls and 2 bodies then inhabiting 1 body, stimulates and begins the labor process.

Now, aside from the woman’s rights and the child’s rights…The father has a role to play in the birthing process as well, and as such he also has rights.




However, as it is NOT HIS BODY that is enduring the birthing process, and there is no risk of death or damage to his body to bring the child into this world, his rights are limited to AFTER the decision to create and raise the child has already been made….BY THE WOMAN.

The fathers DNA is used by the woman and the child to create a body suitable for the child to inhabit.

The WOMAN CHOOSES her mate based on features or characteristics that are appealing to her for the purpose of giving her offspring their best chance at survival and prosperity on this planet, at the time of that bodies conception.

Vile, deranged and evil men who take advantage of young, drugged, weak-willed and/or incorrectly subjugated women, create children who are highly likely to inherit those same vile traits, tenancies and behaviors.

Not only through the birthing process, but also by how they are raised after they are born.

It is the womans exclusive, God-given right, to choose if she wants to birth her mate’s offspring.

It is also possible for the child’s soul to over-come their pre-programing and only use the genetic traits(appearance, ect), while abandoning the behavioral traits of their parents.

Never, and mean NEVER, under-estimate the power of the soul.

So, that being said, after the decision to create, birth and raise the child has been made, BY THE WOMAN, the father then has the right to exactly ½ of the child’s up-bringing, and their role during the pregnancy is entirely and exclusively to protect, provide and care for the woman bearing their (both the woman AND the mans) child.

The child in question also has rights, after they are born.




Prior to their birth, they are a disconnected soul and an amalgamation of parts, being connected and developed by the mother.

After birth they are in their finalized body, to be further adapted, cultivated and evolved through-out their life.

Until they are of an age where they can fend for themselves (that age is not pre-determined, and every person reaches that age at their own pace) it is the parents (both the mother and the father) who have the exclusive right and responsibility to care for, feed, protect, teach and raise their child.

The government (state, local or federal) and anyone else (related or not), only have the right to interfere on the child’s behalf, if they feel the child is suffering un-necessary hardship, and their intention is purely to help the child succeed and prosper in this world.

Other than that, grandma and grandpa have no rights.
Uncle Same has no rights.
The school system has no rights.
Friends of the family have no rights.
…Unless directly requested by the parents.

Now, when 2 parents split apart due to a relationship failure (this happens more often than it really should) the rights to their child/children are split in half and their obligations to their child remain the same as if they were still together.

The court, government, education system and any/all other associated parties still have no right to interfere or dictate how the child is being raised, unless provable suffering and harm is present, and/or directly requested by the biologic mother or father of the child.

The child also has the right to make their own choices, no matter what their age.

Now, depending on their age…They might make under-informed choices, but as a living human being they still have the right to make their own choices, however poor those may be.

However, it is the parents right and responsibility to inform, guide and teach their child to make the best choices they can, FOR THEIR OWN SURVIAL AND PROSPERITY.




That is the ideal…but in practice, parents (especially young parents) often times will get worn out easily after the birthing process, and/or after the 1st few years of raising their child.

This mental, emotional and physical fatigue takes it’s toll, and that is where the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” originally came from.

Parental fatigue is where most parenting mistakes are born from, and where parents can become neglectful or abusive to their children.

It is also why they become overly-reliant on the education system, government programs and external relations to help them care for and teach their children.

This is a well-documented, naturally occurring phenomenon.

To alleviate parental fatigue, our system and people must 1st acknowledge it, and 2nd create a legal support structure for parents to rely on, not be taken advantage of by.

Both the male and female parents, and their child/children, must be given equivalent rights and legal protections in the court of law.

Right now, we do not have a unified support structure for parents or children, and our current legal system steals money, and kids, from people across the globe.

Creating a cesspool of neglect and abuse, perpetuated by those who choose to continue the cycle of suffering on our planet.

This cesspool of retarded people causing problems and suffering for others, and reaping the rewards of their onslaught, is commonly referred to as “The Swamp”.




Politicians cry out during campaign’s “I’m gonna’ drain the swamp”, but they never do.

It has become clear that it is up to the people to rally together, take back control of our own God-given rights, and drain the damn swamp ourselves!

It is up to US to stop the cycle of suffering and abuse on our own planet.

How we do that is by supporting one another, caring for one another and acknowledging our own free will.

Not by bickering over a woman’s right to push a bowling-ball sized body out of her own vagina, or not!

Please, can we move forward from this topic already?!

Enough is enough!

Thank you for your time and effort.

Sincerely, Lena.


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