(Reader: Victor) You Need to Know God, Not Believe in God



Reader Post | by Victor

You need to know God not believe in God. But believing in God is all that you were ever sold or told. Why? Because a belief will never ever …..EVER…get you to know God. Why? .,..Because a belief is a separation from God. A belief is just being stuck in mind and the matrix and not contacting Spirit with what it IS…..or awareness contacting awareness. So its your awareness just knowing it self through you. That is what it means or is to know God.

God does not need you to believe in it or him? That is sophomoric and silly…because REALITY IS….and does not operate on the human mind level, which it creates in a dream experience YOU… for the “experience”…of being lost and small.  That God needs you to do anything like accept it?….is another lie and deception that is promoted by the dark cabal and religion was their creation a long time ago for the purpose of control and never about helping you escape being lost. Religion was created to promote lost.

For example putting a Bible in every hotel? Why?… Because the whole cabal agenda was to never let you ….FIND GOD BY KNOWING GOD….which is what a Book does not really get you to that state. The state it keeps you at is one of needing some outside of YOU savior. So its only a book filled with ideas and concepts that are only abstractions and distortions of what the Truth is. Its once again only mind candy to create thinking and more thinking which is a false process. Since mind is what keeps YOU from knowing awareness. So all those words are that which leads you astray. 

That is the same principle of promoting falsehoods  was used by missionaries that traveled all over the world destroying all culture with the spread of Religion which has to control everyone through thought control. It was really old school MK Ultra programing when tech for slaves had no been released yet. This destruction was critical to do by the control sick, especially native cultures that had enough sense to KNOW GOD by direct experience. Which is how you KNOW GOD…..directly but this substitute system was installed instead upon those not under control yet, since they knew the greater truths personally.

That same idea of control is why the Vatican for thousands of years was set up to manage the sheep with thoughts and ideas and distortions that transform the process of knowing God directly into only…” a belief in God “….which is so far removed from REALITY…That you will never have any direct experience of God Yourself and find out that YOU AND THE FATHER ARE ONE. In fact you will fight direct experience and shun those that tell you to go that way to escape.

It is all brilliant plan…( or a dream of God)… because now billions will fight the idea of KNOWING GOD DIRECTLY…. and will fight the only way you can really be saved. So God was not scared to dream anything that is dreamed because a dream can not effect the dreamer or God?…How could it?….That is why God does not need you to do anything except wake up?  and if you do that you disappear as a separate person idea.

So acceptance of God is only an idea that has no power to do anything against what God is or Awareness….or REALITY. Because how can an idea save you? It can’t save you. You can believe that your car runs great, but YOU really know that its broken and does not work right. So then you are told to pray to God to fix your car or fix your life….when a prayer can not fix a car with an idea.? It needs real fixing.  YOU actually have to go and do something to fix the car or to know God. This is an interactive process where you have to fix you or the car by doing something. 




YOU can baptize your car and push it to the river and dunk it in holy water and cover it with your prayers and other delusions as the car sits there waiting for “salvation” as a dumb piece of metal. In fact if a car could think it would know by direct experience that doing those things will not fix it. Just like false ideas about REALITY…will never get you to know God directly…..BUT YOUR NOT EVEN TRYING TO KNOW GOD DIRECTLY….you rather BELIEVE …in GOD….which does not fix you or get you to any kind of Salvation.

But do not worry…YOU DO NOT NEED SALVATION BECAUSE YOU WERE NEVER LOST….OR IN SIN…..But the church and all those free Bibles have always told you that you were a …”SINNER”…When you were not ever a sinner at all, because YOU WERE NEVER BORN!….and… Nobody was ever born and no one can ever be born….EVER!….Because there is …”NO YOU HERE”….ONLY GOD IS HERE AND THAT IS A ONE…not a second you in all of existence is even possible in creation. Only Singularity is possible to be ALL….IT HAS TO BE SINGULAR TO BE REALITY.  That is why a separate You can not exist as a real creation….only in a dream can You exist.

That is correct..and go and find out that ….there is “NO YOU HERE”..Then since there is NO YOU HERE….Who needs Salvation or even to believe in God ?….because ….”NOTHING HAS EVER HAPPENED”…which actually is the only Truth that there is. ONLY GOD HAPPENS  and that is the NOW.

Which then allows you to ..”WAKE UP”  and “KNOW GOD”..which you can right NOW. Because GOD IS THE NOW….or YOU ARE THE NOW. ..AWARENESS IS ALWAYS NOW AND HERE AND THAT IS REALITY. Where does a Bible and mind show up as anything other than a dream of God? It does not show up beyond a dream .But you haven’t put the pieces of the lies together yet to discover how you were deceived and billions are deceived all the time so that they will neve KNOW GOD beyond the level of ‘THINKING’….and dreaming.

You can not know God if you are doing the wrong thing. Which the wrong thing is …..”THINKING”…or believing in God. Which is what all established religions tell you to do….”BELIEVE AND OBEY”….and you do …so YOU WILL NEVER KNOW GOD THAT WAY. …because its a lie and deception that is not real. This moment which is always here as YOU is all that is ever REAL.

Which leads millions and billions for thousands of years to die without ever knowing GOD…. Because they themselves said….”I BELIEVE IN GOD”….instead and settle for the lies? Sadly that is how the dream is being dreamt if you stay asleep only. and never allow yourself to know God directly. An amazingly brilliant deception by a movie called …”LIFE”…So yes… you were deceived until you wake up by choice and correct aware action on your part. 

Many and most are still being deceived but does it matter? NOT REALLY AND YES REALLY. …because even though you really do now know God directly by becoming conscious of who you are….NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO YOU…OR GOD EVER….since you were never born! Since God is not bothered or effected by its dream. It is actually the only way God can experience anything because a Singularity can never actually become dual or create another YOU…because you would then be a second creation and the Singular would not be Singular anymore and no REALITY ….could then exist and it all ENDS….ALL. So the best and only option for any experience by REALITY ….is to dream creation up.




So does it matter if you say you have a dream and it’s horrible?…Yes… it matters when you’re not awake and dreaming because you are scared and suffering for real, you think.. Your reason for suffering is not real and you are not really separate from God and YOU ALREADY KNOW GOD BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD… it does not matter in the sense that ….”NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO GOD”….except that God had a dream and in that dream it believed it was suffering and that is the only way God can know suffering….IN A DREAM.

To end that false suffering that has never happened ….GOD HAS TO WAKE UP….but then the experiences of duality will go away?…or go another direction? So …YOU WERE NEVER BORN…..BUT A DREAM WAS BORN?…or a dream called LIFE has occurred. In the dream the suffering is very real like your present suffering because you believe in God vs knowing God…But since you already are GOD…the only thing in creation. YOU ARE REALITY.

That REALITY dreamed of being small and experiencing SIN….which is the only thing IN REALITY THAT DOES NOT EXIST….Because only GOD exists or only YOU EXIST. ….since everything is YOU or when you have the direct experience of GOD….YOU WILL KNOW GOD by seeing that EVERYTHING IS ME….or the dream of LIFE IS YOU…since you are God having a dream where all the suffering and need for Salvation appears to be real. When really YOU ARE GOD  and that is the only REALITY….

So a dream is not real and in that dream….NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO GOD OR YOU….So who is in need of Salvation? No one since YOU WERE NEVER BORN…..A dream occurred and it appeared in that dream that you were born and then in that dream of LIFE you may have been in some jungle in South America and YOU KNEW GOD ALREADY….and some missionaries showed up and told you that you were a sinner because you were naked? 

Really you said….”I did not know I was a sinner?”….Oh boy….you said…and you picked up some crazy ideas on SIN and your life went to hell when you were already in Heaven….or maybe you were not in Heaven…because no matter what happened ….NOTHING HAPPENED …but a dream of Sin.

So to know GOD is to drop your ideas and thoughts about God because all that ideas do is take you out of this PRESENT MOMENT…WHERE GOD IS….

So that is why when you are SILENT….YOUR NOT THINKING ….or identified as being a dream character when YOU ARE GOD….or you are SPIRIT OR AWARENESS…..Since the idea of you being a human being is a dream of GOD….and there is no one here but GOD OR YOU….That is it. The whole enchilada or secret of life which is really a very simple idea to understand and comprehend and to know by direct experience. 

YOU can be aware now. That is knowing GOD. Your present state of Awareness is how you have always known the world or this present moment. There is always only the present moment. When people tell you that time does not exist, that is correct. Because GOD IS…or YOU IS ALWAYS HERE.

Try to shut YOU OFF?….Can you not be aware?….NO you can not….AWARENESS IS ALWAYS AWARE AND IN THE NOW…..But when that point of awareness thinks it was born as a person like in a dream?…Then the whole LIFE  experience happens to a person that does not really exist. ONLY GOD EXISTS…..and that is YOU NOW….

Do you in the present moment when you are aware of YOU….need anything? NO YOU DO NOT….since that is the actual true state of REALITY OR YOU…..Even the idea of GOD is a huge distortion. There is no GOD,,,,and YOU…there is only YOU…or REALITY. 




When the dream character wakes up it becomes lucid while in a dream. That should be your goal if you want to wake up? But do you and does it even matter if you are a dream character or if you ever find Salvation or become SELF REALIZED …or ENLIGHTENED?…It just does not matter because NOTHING HAS HAPPENED….BUT A DREAM.

So you can become lucid if you are being dreamed in that direction or not become lucid if you’re not being dreamed in that direction….BECAUSE THERE IS NO YOU THERE ….that is separate from GOD… Since there really is no GOD….as the Bible or any religion told you. That was the dream or the nightmare more accurately….Which when you wake up…you can know GOD as YOU and that YOU IS IN THIS NOW MOMENT….since YOU ARE ALWAYS AWAKE.



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