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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 5, 2023

Greetings All,

I am particularly happy with this edition. The offerings are quite rich and varied and will lead you into expansive paths of thinking and feeling. If you are looking to expand your world view even farther, to really see where you actually live, you can hear eloquently from Tucker Carlson blasting government for ignoring the needs of the public, Electric Universe theory showing with stupefying clarity what kind of a place we really live in, Elon Musk truth bombing about the outright conspiracy between Twitter and the government to mislead the public, and Greg Reese revealing the untold story of doctors paid extra to inject children with dangerous pharmaceuticals, and sharing clear evidence that the “fires” in Lahaina, Maui, were actually a directed energy weapons attack.

The reason these dastardly situations exist now and why we need to bring awareness to them is simple. Humanity and the Earth are in a healing crisis; toxicity that has remained under the surface for millennium is now rising to be cleared. Bringing consciousness into the cleansing action helps it complete itself. Knowing the truth is what sets us free. As these things are recognized and released from our field of energy we can move forward into the new paradigm of healthy community, the new age of Aquarius, in which the primary focus is love and service. Very much the opposite of what we are leaving behind, we must first see and let go of what’s been stuck in our system for so long.

With all that said, I am going to start this edition with a video of one of the two theme songs for the new paradigm, Imagine, by John and Yoko:

Closer we are than ever before





Independence is my happiness, my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.
              – Thomas Paine’s Aquarian motto

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The Incentivized Mass Murder of Children

10/25/23- by Greg Reese




“For many years doctors have received bonuses for adherence to the latest drug therapy protocol. Drugs that are known to be dangerous such as statins and anti-depressants. And now we know that insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children.

“This incentive program for vaccinating babies can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor incentives booklet. And specifies that every patient under the age of two that receives the currently prescribed twenty-four inoculations is worth a four-hundred dollar payout to that doctor.”

Abrupt Change Is Coming”: Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning For America

There is no one I like better than Tucker for speaking out the truth for the people. His clear, incisive wording and authentically dramatic tone convey an imperative much needed for today. As a court jester from the past would sober up those in power and shake them free of self-importance, Tucker smacks not only the leadership, but the populace that aren’t paying close enough attention to what is really going on.

10/27/23 –“’ You can say you care about America, but if you’re sending $100 billion to foreign countries right now, you’re lying.

“’You know what doesn’t work? Saying, “We’re going to spend a hundred billion dollars on other countries.” And I don’t care how virtuous the case those countries make is…the moral duty of the people running a country is to look out for the people in that country, period. ‘”

House Weaponization Panel Gets IRS to End ‘Abusive’ Surprise Visits; Taibbi Thanks Jim Jordan

10/28/23 – “House Republicans on the GOP’s ‘weaponization’ subcommittee said in a Friday report that the IRS has agreed to end its ‘abusive’ policy of surprise visits to taxpayers’ homes following pressure from the panel.

“Taxpayers can now rest assured the IRS will not come knocking without providing prior notice—something that should have been the IRS’s practice all along.”

Tai Chi Walking – A Simple, Powerful Way To Activate Healing Energy in the Body and Mind




We like offering health videos. And when we say “health” we mean peace of mind and a happy body.

As a long-time practitioner and teacher of Daoist healing arts I can’t recommend simple things like this highly enough. Going back to the simple corrects difficulties both physical and psychological.

This walking practice will reorganize your mind-body relationship to calm and strengthen you, open your heart, promote well-being and enhance creativity because it makes you more present. Remember to follow your breathing, letting it in and out naturally with no forcing or holding, and enjoy the wonderful effects this practice has on you.   

Advice For Men From TV’s ‘Hercules’: Bring Back Masculinity

10/28/23 – “In mythology, Hercules is a hero famous for his strength and bravery. A protector. A classic man’s man who, back in the day, every little boy would admire and want to emulate. In real life, Hercules was played on television by actor Kevin Sorbo, who says it’s time for guys to start acting like real men again. So he’s producing movies and books to get that message across.

“Sorbo, who left woke Tinseltown behind for Florida saying, ‘Truth is kryptonite in Hollywood’ talks about how the portrayal of men on television doesn’t exactly inspire guys to be masculine.

“’What they’re doing to kids is wrong. Let kids be kids … these children can’t make up their minds at that age,’ he said.

 “Like many conservatives who are baffled by this war on masculinity, Kevin summed things up with a simple wish: ‘Make being normal, normal again.’

The Counterculture Everyone Forgot

10/30/23 – “Rather than mocking the Counterculture, we would benefit from re-acquiring its values that favored frugality and the ownership of skills, work, enterprise and land.




“Mention the Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, and the memory stored in popular culture is of drug-dazed, half-naked hippies dancing to rock music. There was a slice of that, to be sure, but there was much more that’s largely been forgotten:

“The Counterculture was primarily a response to the meaningless debt-dependent consumerism that had already taken hold of our society and economy. The core values of the Counterculture Everyone Forgot were:

1. Learning how to make and repair things oneself
2. Frugality
3. Rejection of debt

Biden Regime Deploys Heavy Machinery to Lift Razor Wire for Massive Mob of Illegals at Rio Grande

Hey, whose side are they on!?

10/31/23 – “’Border Hawk’ cameras captured the moment Border Patrol used heavy machinery to raise concertina wire erected by Texas authorities – just as a group of more than 300 illegal aliens ‘coincidentally’ arrived in the area and stormed the river bank at Eagle Pass, TX.

“’This huge caravan of around 300 migrants crossed into Eagle Pass thanks to Border Patrol lifting the barbed wire. Hundreds of migrants crossed in a few minutes,’ Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González reports.

“Somehow, these large groups of migrants are informed about the place and time when the forklifts raise the barbed wire to cross in groups.”

Viruses Never Proved To Exist: Still the Greatest Suppressed Story Of Our Time – by Jon Rappoport





The exploration of the evidence for the existence of viruses and their possible effect on humans is a hot topic these days. Still not fully manifesting in mainstream media, when it hits, it will jar the pants off most normies, especially those sleepy-heads still wearing masks. We like sharing an occasional viewpoint here to establish that the evidence for viruses is non-existent, and that when the narrative  is finally put to rest our world will be free of a very dangerous delusion.

“As soon as I began writing about COVID in the spring of 2020, I made the case that SARS-CoV-2 hadn’t been proved to exist.

“I then met Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, and Christine Massey. I became aware of the work of Stefan Lanka. They were making a wide challenge about viruses in general:

“No actual isolation; no proof of existence; instead, a parade of false claims and obfuscations from official sources.

“A few years later…and the number of serious researchers who are coming to the same conclusion has expanded significantly. (You can find links to some of these researchers at Christine Massey’s Substack page )

“The new work isn’t just a repetition of the original challenge to official authority. It attacks fake viruses from a number of angles. The shocks keep coming.

“This story isn’t going away. It’s building.”    

Two Important Pieces From Elon’s New Interview With Joe Rogan

“Twitter Was Completely Controlled By The Far Left”

11/1/23 – “Appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast Tuesday, X owner Elon Musk laid out how Twitter was acting as an arm of the government before he took over, and was ‘completely controlled by the far-left.’




“’The degree to which Twitter was simply an arm of the government was not well understood by the public,’  Musk said, adding ‘…everything was like Pravda basically, a state publication, is the way to think of old Twitter. A state publication.’

“’There was basically oppression of any views that, even I would say, be considered middle-of-the-road,’ Musk continued, adding ‘certainly, anything on the right, and I’m not talking about far-right, I’m just talking mildly right.’

“’Republicans were suppressed at 10 times the rate of Democrats. That’s because old Twitter was fundamentally controlled by the far-left.’ Musk asserted.”

How Soros ‘Hijacked’ US Cities Without Changing Any Laws

“’Soros realized you don’t actually need to change the laws – you just need to change how they’re enforced – if nobody chooses to enforce the law – or the law’s differentially enforced – it’s like changing the laws,’ Musk said. 

“This leaves with a new interview from one Maryland sheriff, just outside of crime-ridden Baltimore City, in Wicomico County, who drops a truth bomb about radical progressive lawmakers in the state, some of whom have likely been funded by Soros, who purposely fail to enforce law and order and only embolden criminal. 

“’I’m in my 40th year of law enforcement, and I have never ever seen it this bad,’ Sheriff Mike Lewis said.

“Lewis continued: ‘I’ve never seen a government so ingrained – and quite frankly complicit – in the criminal activity taking place in our nation.’” 

Trans Fat to Be Banned: What This Means for Your Health

11/1/23 – “That guilty-pleasure donut you love will soon get a healthy makeover.




“Known as partially hydrogenated oil, or PHO, one type of trans fat commonly found in commercial baked goods linked to heart disease and other health issues for years is about to be eliminated from the U.S. food supply.

“A diet heavy in trans fat is intrinsically tied to a laundry list of harms, resulting in everything from heart disease to cancer to diabetes. Banning the fats could prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths each year, according to the FDA.”

Beef Company CEO Stands Up To Big Pharma: “I’ll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag With mRNA-Injected Meat”

“Quickly but quietly, Big Pharma and various state governments are working to inject beef and dairy cattle with mRNA ‘vaccines.’ The practice has been happening with pork since 2018 and beef is next on the agenda.

“Jason Nelson, CEO of Whole Cows, has been watching the developments closely. His Texas company, which specializes in shelf-stable freeze-dried meat for long-term storage, has vowed to never allow gene-therapied cattle to enter the food supply through their products.”

Lahaina Reopens and New Questions Arise

An Important Review by Greg Reese – 11/4/23

There is a great deal of evidence that the Lahaina catastrophe was a directed energy attack. For those who wish to dismiss this understanding, please be patient enough to view the evidence, such as is presented here.

“Much like other recent fires such as Paradise, California, there have been several anomalies involving the recent fires in Maui. In the middle of an area untouched by fire, a random car with melted glass, and melted aluminum wheels.

“NORAD tracked CCP satellites directly above all three fires at the time of ignition. Many people are saying it’s Directed Energy Weapons, and we are not getting any answers from our criminal government.




“There is an area with just a few buildings that have been devastated by fire while everything surrounding them has been untouched. It is unclear as to how these random buildings caught fire. And there are cars in untouched areas that somehow completely burned out. With melted glass and aluminum.

“In one lot, the wood survived the fire, but everything else was turned into piles of ash. In many piles, this ash appears to have been metal.”

Gravity is a Lie, Light Speed is Slow, Nothing is Real, the Universe is Electric – The Why Files


Beautifully presented, informative and entertaining video of the Electric Universe’s theory about the nature of our universe, “Stars are not driven by internal nuclear fusion, after all, but by electrical discharges flowing through cosmic plasma.” Numerous well-evidenced topics, such as unlimited free energy and the transmutation of one element into another (alchemy!), are abundant.

“Of particular interest to me here, was to learn of the work of the SAFIRE Project and to learn of the Nobel Prize awarded in 2022 to Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, who proved, once and for all that quantum particles are non-local, they don’t care about distance and they’re not limited by the Speed of Light.” –Alexandra Bruce,

“The Electric Universe Theory says that, instead of gravity, the universe’s true attractive force comes from invisible electric currents that surround our planet, our solar system, the galaxy and… everything. We are all living in one, giant, universe-spanning circuit.

“Mainstream science ignores this possibility… The myths of our ancestors describe cataclysmic, global disasters in the distant past. They knew about the electric universe too, not from science, but from experience. And our ancestors have sent us a strange, but dire warning: Beware the shocking fury of planet Saturn.”

Parisse Deza is new age Renaissance man and visionary with 50 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept, and ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. He currently lives in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

He is the co-creator and curator of The Best Is Yet To Come educational website for the new paradigm.

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