God has Preinstalled Nature with Solutions to all Diseases

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Source: Rumor Mill News | By mroxygen [Send E-Mail]

Date: Sunday, 22-Oct-2023 23:11:46

Deadly Snake Venoms & Parasites & Lack of Oxygen Cause All Disease, but God Has Preinstalled All Humans & Our World With Nature’s Natural Plant & Environment Solutions.

Non Humans Can Also Ask For The Benefits.

Source did it ALL in one original act of Creation.

Humans & entities cannot ever improve upon The Original Creation. .

The more they choose to try, usually while using the mind instead of following only their hearts, the worse it ALL gets.

See any current news for our resulting explicit proof.




It’s ALL already PERFECT. Period.

First WE need to have OUR SPIRIT 100% in our bodies. See http//

If you’re not a real human, Ron Amitron says he can give you a Spirit if you ask.

We are using our Sovereign Creator Rights that WE all have allowing us to make any choice and often making/choosing bad choices from our error laden ancestral judgmental DNA residing in us in error. Plus ALL the control factors in place here.

As a result, we have ALL been infected, and breathing, eating, and drinking multiple synthetic snake venoms our whole lives, and EVERYONE is infested with parasites we give each other. And they keep spreading.

And we have polluted the air so much that we do not have enough pure oxygen to spontaneously heal.

That is why WE have long been pushing the safe use of singlet oxygen from food grade peroxide, safe ozone, More Mito Restore, Relax Saunas Far infrared steam cabinets, etc: Http://




The offending man-created errors like infusing multiple factor mass produced synthetic venoms are EVERYWHERE.

They are in ALL water, ALL food, and ALL air, as well as infected into mosquitoes, etc.

In OUR Opinion you can start daily wearing God and Nature’s non addictive anti snake venoms patches commonly available as “stop-smoking” nicotine patches. You can also add more singlet oxygen and you can please add Mastic Gum for smother elimination.

God’s Natural NICOTINE WILL anesthetize and detach the parasites as well.

Due to nicotine’s superior ability over the (meant to control us) venoms to bind to the millions of God’s pre-installed human nicotine receptor sites, we can replace/eliminate the venoms to protect your cells.

Then you can add Nature’s Mastic Gum and you can more safely poop and pee the dead parasites and now blocked venoms out.

Takes 3 months.

Maybe quicker if you immediately start taking safe dilute solutions of FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide or use Ozone.

Is there a product you’re recommending? Dr. Bryan Ardis is.
Search: Rugby
Nicotine clear patch.
Nicotine is NOT addictive.
Smoking tobacco co’s add chemicals to addict you.




Also you can eat well and get Mastic gum to flush the poisons out harmlessly.

ML naturals pure Mastic Gum, also on Amazon.

Happy Oxygen and Nicotine and More Mito and Relax Saunas!

Previously ###################################


Many people try many things to get better, but in this swamp of pollution they often never completely heal. Sound familiar?

Today we give you more live result reports on how people excitedly found out that their own DNA, mitochondria, & stem cells were able to get what they always needed all along, and then decided naturally to fix the body, and finally give and provide it with THE REAL NATURAL SOLUTIONS!

Examples of unsolicited users reporting are below. Their results usually came either quickly, or after continually taking MoreMito Restore liquid sublingually and Rejuvenate cream externally, for long enough.

All users – especially the oldest ones – usually reported having more sustained energy and swear they are actually getting younger the longer they use the natural MoreMito blends.

And their pets also got the same results taking the MoreMito Pet Life version!




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This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. No one has approved it. You are advised to always seek healing by partnering with your own physician or other competent healer, hopefully one skilled in the oxidative and detoxification modalities.

Our Breath of God Ministry and author MrOxygen make no claims in any of our presentations that any product healing anything, and we do not intend to make any claims of implying any healing by any energy other than God and Nature once properly applied.

Intergalactic Copyright 2023 by the Breath of God Ministry. All rights reserved.


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