(Reader: Small Carp) The Cosmic Alliance Does Not Rule out Future Intervention of Earth



Reader Post | By Small Carp

I have learned that the Cosmic Alliance is about to end its silence in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2032, 2035, and even 2047. Many revelers are hiding behind the resistance movement, and the forces of the Light in the Cosmic Alliance are preparing to further publicly disclose these truths on Earth. The purpose of their sacred plan is to be planned by the Holy Source and even the Galactic Armed Forces Fleet, and certain energy critical point events may be triggered, and humanity will enter the spiritual age, Without sub quantum anomalies and lurkers, they may further intervene. They are ready to enter the surface for cleaning operations, and the Galactic War between Earth and Orion will come to an end. The universe is also like this, and many people are required to be prepared for food, water, and even fuel supplies. They may appear on the surface at any time, especially before they reach Earth, where there will be a long period of chaos, They have basic experience in liberating planets, and there will soon be large-scale arrests, financial resets, and the release of hidden technologies. It is also not ruled out that all planned actions by anyone on Earth have been cancelled. After the liberation of Earth, the Cosmic Alliance will maintain order and make people comply with the laws of the universe, which will soon return to normal. We also see that the UFO community is engaged in so-called infighting and civil war, These people in the UFO community, through criticism or criticism, do not rule out further chaos in the UFO community. I have said that the UFO community has been infiltrated by the dark forces in 2018, and the UFO community is still in chaos and division. However, I also hope that the communities of Lightworkers and Patriots do not participate in it. Instead, you must meditate and have them sit down and negotiate with each other through unconditional love and forgiveness, Encourage everyone to participate in serving others and meditating, rather than being trapped in negative emotions or the impact of imaginative illusions and illusions. People must change, continue to move forward or survive in the future, and stay away from fear and negative negative things, rather than making excuses to attack others. Unity and cooperation are important, and sharing makes the world prosperous, People must give up stubbornness, bigotry, selfishness, greed, and self-interest in order to achieve change

I have discussed why society is atomized or in social atomism

It is very simple that due to the dispersion of interpersonal relationships, people lose their basic jobs and enjoy themselves at home or on the nipples, which leads to laziness. This leads to a decrease in the opinions and positions of twin soul partners, and human society cannot realize that the collective cannot be unified. Therefore, these phenomena are caused by the negative ET consul’s dark family of Chimera and the latent, which creates a border and boundary, Under the influence of selfishness and insatiable greed, people develop self-interest, solipsism, and materialistic utilitarianism, leading to separation and loneliness towards reality, immorality, disintegration, and social crisis. Just like every individual’s relationship is an atom, it constantly splits and separates. In ancient China, as the saying goes, ‘long together must divide and long together must divide.’ Therefore, desire leads to the fragmentation of human beings and the inability to unite their collective consciousness, just like scattered atoms, Every atom is like every person, and in the atomic age, this is the difficulty of spiritual spirit and spiritual connection

The stage and dream theme of the 21st century is not an era that emphasizes war egoism, self-interest, selfishness, and insatiable greed. Egotism and selfishness can create interest groups and dark forces like plutocrats, political widows, and subvert and repeat the same mistakes. Imagine the Galactic War and Orion War 300000 years ago, when we were in a state of war and everyone was taken over, And everyone will realize their core values of being proactive, open, inclusive, and free. Serving others should not violate the moral bottom line, emphasizing the importance of sharing sympathy, gratitude, and sympathy in the new era of peace. The future reward mechanism for distribution according to work will no longer involve the trade-off between greed and power. Instead, it should be less meddling, rather than saying that doing a set that is harmful to others is not in line with their thoughts, and not possessing a certain idea, Don’t sacrifice others for personal gain, enjoy the hypocritical pleasure of hedonism, which is equivalent to lifting a stone and hitting your own foot. Learn to stand firm on the path of the future, and the world will inevitably be free from corruption, disputes, and controversies.

The Universe Federation is also very angry, with many unreliable false descriptions and stories. If there is false information and news, it needs to have a certain degree of credibility. Some disclosed characters, such as the Cobra Blog, a publisher of the Galactic Light Family, and most of the articles shared by other reposted comments are speculation and rumors. The Universe Federation will further prevent the spread of such information by deleting or reverse disclosure movements, Further signing of confidentiality and compliance with cosmic laws agreements for publication, provided that there is no false information and more people can be told the truth for publication, such as the implementation of regulations 1 to 4 of the Galactic Civil Code, which requires people to comply with every spiritual faction agreement and boundary.


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