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The Essence of the Problem — Biblical Narrative

By Anna Von Reitz
F10.13.23 #4420

Go to Vatican City.  Observe, at night, the Keyholes in the wall surrounding the city.  What do you see when you look outward through these holes in the walls?  

Answer: None of the constellations are where they should be, squarely visible in the center of each Keyhole.  

Did they get the Keyhole positions wrong?  Forget their purposes?

No, they didn’t forget the purposes of the Keyholes, they forgot their own purposes, instead. 

And that is why the Keyholes are not in alignment with anything in the celestial sphere and the reason that the Emperor’s pants are down around his ankles. 




We didn’t do this or cause them to do this.  

They made these choices all by themselves, in secret no less, thinking that nobody would notice that they subtracted 1100 years from human history — which is the reason why the Keyholes are staring blindly into space. 

The Church is blind.  It blinded itself. 

Now, in view of what I just observed to you, turn to The Book of Luke, Chapters 3 and 4, and notice what Yeshuah said about the “acceptable year of the Lord” — the year of Jubilee

Then follow along with what this bright and observant man says about it in this video — except, also remembering that the calendar is 1100 years “off” thanks to decisions the Church Fathers made a long time ago

As a result, 2039 is not the year of the Jubilee that Yeshuah spoke of.  That Jubilee year passed more than a thousand years ago.  

The entire Age of Pisces has long passed away, and still, the Liars are trying to tell us that the Age of Aquarius is just beginning.  They are stalling.  They are lying.  They are trying every trick in the book to keep us from observing what they did and keep their deceits going — to allow their Saturnine Brotherhood to remain in power




There has been no Jubilee whatsoever in the Christian Church in more than 800 years. The Great and Final Jubilee mandating the return of all the people to their land and the forgiveness of all debts and the opening of the storehouses of the Lord —that has been blocked all this time by the same miscreants. 

Their minions have no idea what they are doing. If they did, they would immediately stop out of self-interest, if nothing else, for they are blocking their own liberation and peace and plenty for the sake of these unwelcome tormentors. These war, death, and scarcity mongers, these Liars

So, the Year of the Great and Final Jubilee came and went in silence.  Nobody received the relief they were due.  Nobody received the land they were due.  The very turning of the years and seasons were set askew. 

As a result, a great, insurmountable debt is owed by the Church to all of mankind — a debt that the Church is loath to pay, and in many ways, unable to pay — because it isn’t a debt of money or even a debt of land. 

It’s a debt of lost life and lost quality of life.  A debt of lost comfort. A debt of lost compassion.  A debt of lost opportunities.  Lost inspirations.  Lost happiness.  Lost peace.  Lost lives.  Lost energy.  Lost love. 

More than a thousand years post-dated like a bad check, people are prancing around the stage in New York singing, “Let the Sunshine in!”

Yes, let the sunshine of truth in.  Collect your debts and your wits. Realize that you are the inheritors.  And when someone asks you what time it is, know that it’s not really 2023.    That’s just a Lie — another big, fat one, brought to you by the Night-of-the-Living-Dead-Holy-Roman-Empire, which was never holy, never Roman, and never an empire.  // #4420  
via FreeMom7 with emphasis fyi- Love & Blessings – Truth can set one Free, when Learned and manifested peacefully Lawfully 4 Highest Good of All 🙂


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