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Reader Post | By Victor

There is no one there when you say your name and talk about your experiences. That can be confirmed that….”YOU DO NOT EXIST”…  by the same process of observing IN AWARENESS….YOU can confirm that you are the “I AM”…awareness and ONLY THAT which is observing. But there is “no seperate ” YOU there. That is waking up….not any political solutions from the dream world.

The world and all your so-called mind thoughts and Bible thoughts and all religious thoughts. Thoughts are only thoughts and it does not matter if you say one is better than the other, because they are not. All of those “voices” are  still only swamp THINKING and it’s all rotten delusions unaware  of GOD.

 What is always talking about you are only…” VOICES”…in your head. You say those voices are you and so All is then…. “Your illusions”…by your own choice and not GOD making any choice for “YOU”…because there is no “YOU” there. Voices are not Reality. That misidentification is “THE INSANITY”. Simply because..” no one is there”…but you hear voices that you think are you talking to you?….and are YOU…You are 110% certain that YOU are a separate person when none is there. Even after Jesus and all the truth teachers over time say that there is no YOU there.

REALITY does not talk and only you talk because you are always still in Mind and thinking. Thinking itself is “voices” talking and that creates the separation from GOD or REALITY….by creating an illusion of separation from GOD…or REALITY.

REALITY IS SILENT….it Feels and ..”IS”…IT does not talk. Yet?….You talk all the time and you think all the time. YOU think everyday and worry what will happen tomorrow? What will happen tomorrow will just be more of YOU again and your thoughts again and the world at war…again!. You think of yourself as your OWN false god, then look at the so-called “outer world” and you then take your cues from everyday experiences to confirm your own illusions in order to know how to feel today.

You never consider imposing how you FEEl upon YOUR OWN REALITY…You never take charge of the voices or your own mind because you do not know how to be Silent and are not AWAKE TO REALITY…then. So by choice you want to feel bad again….You like it and think you need it. You’re addicted to pain and insanity.  So you watch the news everyday and you think about it and then you feel bad and even when you do that for years and years you wonder what will happen tomorrow? Duggh…. More of YOU again!…What else could happen? But an endless loop of lost “you” with no one home….but the MIND with its insane voices. YET?… God is there behind the mind but it is never noticed?. Why do you not notice?

This simply means you will never escape this matrix and your own INSANITY….unless you make a real hard effort. Because you still do not believe you are insane. You look around and say…”I am just like everyone else? Why should I be insane and they should not be insane?”…You’re right, you’re both insane and everyone is insane … You and the World are completely nuts and bonkers.




The answer and way out will show up when you really look and SEE that there is no world here. THERE IS ONLY YOU HERE!…That is the only truth that there is. YOU ARE EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS “ME”….Then you are awake and all the world has a new context…YOU ARE THEN SILENT….and the mind is delegated to remembering where you left your car keys.

All of these states or awareness are subtle at first and there are amazing wonders to this awakening. Then when you get to high places….Even if you knew yourself as God?….YOU see that it would still be an “experience” and then even at that level….YOU WOULD BE IN A FORM OF ILLUSION… because YOU ARE NOT EVEN THAT…..YOUR PRIOR TO THAT! …Because that god…is still the… “I AM”…manifesting. YES….YOU ARE “ISSNESS”…THERE AS GOD…It’s a pretty Good insanity….imo….but to get to that point you will have to give all illusions up. But it is not that hard if you want out. YOU HAVE TO WANT OUT!…This is a 100% commitmetn thing. This will change YOU and the World.You just have to go into Silence and find …YOU….the REALITY that remains after insanity is dropped.

God…What is that? Well, its all of the above descriptions of a “mystery” that you have still not realized. It is not that you have to get this…”ISSNESS”….or even get to know yourself as God or the states described. It is not about “getting anything” that YOU ARE NOT ALREADY. Its about dropping the insanity of Mind with the voices.

The human collective have only ever known or lived in the Matrix of “Mind”. But that is the dream of there being a separate YOU here. Here in Mind you get thoughts and “own things” and have concepts and you have libraries and the lies of history and it is all….INSANITY….Because it is not the TRUTH OF YOU….which is beyond even God because God arose out of YOU. YOU ARE EVERYTHING….YOU ARE THE REALITY. That is who you are AND when you know that….that is not taking insanity as your identity.

You can look at yourself now in the matrix mind set as…”a Baphomet”… who has to wake up. Baphomet is a bad dude and dudes as you presently think that you are. “Bad”… meaning lost in not wanting to know REALITY…so you will fight waking up and giving up MIND ideas with all you have until? Until you do not? 

When will that be?  Ahhh….I do not know…. but you do. YOU know that you do not want to wake up or change presently. If you really wanted a new world you would change, but you don’t. So you do not want change. You have to honestly own that. Its part of the pain of waking up to see that you are really lost and feel it. That will be your reason to wake up. YOU know that as your present truth as you will know when you want to really change. Usually it is when the pain gets so bad or the insanity gets so bad that even Baphomet has to lay down his horns..

When you say you want to lay down your horns you can make fast progress at getting rid of the illusions that keep you from realizing you are evern prior to God….which you are. YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE REALITY.




Putting down your horns is knowing that the Mind is the wrong tool for Enlightenment which is really what this whole article is about. It is sadly still for a very small crowd because the insane asylum is everywhere and very full and very convincing. Few will ever even try to become sane. So MInd is the problem and Silence is the start of the solution.

Silence is the place you have to visit as often as you can and you will find that very hard. Why?…because insanity melts away there and it is the hardest of all drugs to get away from. In Silence you will notice the first and main thing. YOU ARE THERE.? How come thoughts die there and yet you remain? Becasue “you are not your thoughts…this will become so obvious when seen that you will wonder how it ever fooled you? Then you have come far already and are close to ….”YOU ARE THE ONE”….even prior to God.

That is what you have to taste and sense and most importantly ….”FEEL”…because REALITY FEELSand mind thinks. FEELING is what survives death and that is what salvation is for YOU. It is knowing YOU. Then after a while you get to know Silence and you see that IT IS YOU. You see it feels great. Then you look for an “edge” to YOU. Is there an edge to you? Look and Feel and you will find none. You will find that even the body has an edge that is subjective because you made it so with your mind’s ideas. The edges of that body melt away…and will be seen as not there and then you are in the state of the “I AM” and the body is inside of YOU…You are expanded and out of the body prison of the matrix….you are the “I AM”….Then. You and GOD are ONE then….but the ABSOLUTE REALITY IS STILL HOLDING YOU.

When in silent meditation you will get there and that feels like the.. “Void”…a space that is alive with YOU and is prior to any manifestations. Yet you are there with no body and no world? There you can see and FEEL that the body is within your own Awareness and the world is within your Awareness also. That is the state of most Enlightened sages and Saviors. They are then one with the Father or God state. But there is more since what is knowing this?or observing this state of where “You and the Father are One?”…..There is more because even at that high state something is observing it all…Some call it “ISSNESS”…?…but these lower words can not touch any of that which remains and is YOU. This very last realization is very rare and most often completed in other realms.

I will describe here for you some meditation points. You made the prison of the “body idea” and limitation with the mind. In Silence …all of that insanity fades and you will still remain. You will find that the body sensation is WITHIN YOUR AWARENESS…and then your awareness is not trapped in any body becasue the minds voices told you so. MIND was trapped there “in the body” and never YOUR AWARENESS. YOU…(AWARENESS)… are always prior until the very end and you can find it at any time if you look for YOU. Follow the ME sensation all the way to YOU….or REALITY.

But first you have the huge obstacle that you are never SILENT….that is the line you have to get over and rest in to know that EVERYTHING IS YOU. When there, even the insane war is you but now you know that and you are no longer looking at the news to see what happens next. You now know that it will just be more of YOU and those other lost parts of YOU need help or not? YOU choose what to do then also.

I went for everything and got everything. You can do the same. You can start by doing the Ho’oponopono prayer. The modern version is good to start with because you can go to the original version at any time and that you will do at the right time when you are ready. First start by saying…”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU.”…The original version goes right to the heart of the matter and says it is all….”ME”…which it is. It is longer and instead of saying YOU….you say….ME. In the prayer below if the word “ME” feels better for you than “myself”…use that. You can not mess this up.

I have modernized the Ho’oponopono prayer and added two more lines that worked very well for me in that it heals YOU and then the last line takes you to the Enlightenment state. In fact you can take any of these new sentences alone as a separate exploration of meditation. It is about spending time with you and investing in you. The real YOU. Then you can say one line over and over and go within and feel and heal YOU. This is a great start and will take you to the void of the “I AM ”  state….where you will just be SILENT….and AWAKE.


You are saying this prayer to YOU…to “ME”…because you are healing you. It starts with healing the inner child and you should contact that within you and say the prayer to that aspect of you which is still there in its pure form. This is a process because we are lost in mind and have to get out of mind to begin with by Feeling with this prayer  and mantra. This helps you FEEL….because you can remember how you felt as a child and what pure love feels like. That is who YOU are and what remains even after God is understood as a manifestation of YOU prior to manifestation. You are pure “ISSNESS”….and EVERYTHING IS YOU…YOU ARE ALL THAT IS. YOU AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.




(3421) The Power of Silence – A Buddhist and Zen Story – YouTube



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