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Reader Post | By Victor

The war in Israel ends when you DIE. This is what Jesus said. He said it by his actions or “DYING FOR YOU”…That is the common parlance for the same thing that no one understands. Jesus or any “SAVIOR”…can not die for YOU. It was an outer road map of what you have to do by choice inwardly. He can not die for you. YOU HAVE TO DIE FOR YOU…..

YOU HAVE TO DIE….by choosing to die. What has to die is the idea that you are a “second creation” when you are not. YOU HAVE TO DIE TO THE EGO IDEA that you are a separate individual person here. There is no such person here! There is only a ONE here. There are no separate Israelis and no separate Hamas or separate anybody. THE CHILD KNOWS THIS….you know this but have forgotten the Father. YOU AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.

Am I yelling with caps? YES….do I need to yell? Yes, because YOU are completely INSANE. Not just a little insane but 100% over the top insane. You think that if you nuke somebody that it will fix your problem? Or that if some savior returns from somewhere that he will touch your nose and you will be saved? Saved from the outside evil which is your own hallucination. No one can save you but you! GOD?…he can not even come down and save a lunatic because your his dream and do not know it. You are so insane that you can not hear sanity or find GOD IF HE LIVED INSIDE OF YOU…..OH…WAIT!…. HE DOES RIGHT NOW!

Am I yelling again?…Sorry or not sorry. You are still nuts no matter how hard anyone yells or how many times YOU CRUCIFY YOUR OWN SAVIOR. You crucify the savior every moment. This very NOW you did it again and now again and now again. You are in a constant state where you deny GOD in every new NOW. YOU are the one that needs to die here. To this NOW moment….and only you can do that by choice. Even Jesus can not do that and he does not need to do that….YOU DO.

That is all any savior can tell you and all Jesus or whatever name you want to call him….said. There is only one name and that is …”YOU”….? Can we call you Jesus? Why not? But that is exactly what you will not accept. That you are Jesus. Because there are not two things in all of EXISTENCE THAT EXIST. It’s just YOU my friends….WE ARE ONE.

I have been talking about the “CHILD”  a great deal lately because that is what worked for me to WAKE UP. I did the Ho’oponopono prayer and I got to Heaven. The real place that everyone wants to go when they die. There is such a realm and you have to die while alive to get to Heaven. It is no use to die while dead  to get to Heaven because you did not wake up while alive and it does not serve you. Because you will be born over and over until you learn this only lesson and only purpose for this game of insanity that we play at.

The end of days are the days before you finally decide that you want to wake up. These are those days now. YOU have been running away for millions of years from this realization. The Bible and other books have been distorted on purpose so that you never really get the whole simple truth that YOU ARE HERE NOW. Which only means that you have to die to your false SIN’S…THAT YOU ARE TWO. Or that GOD and you are a separate thing. There is no separate thing. There is no separate YOU or EGO thing? It’s all insanity on your part. 




You were told not to eat some apple and like the CHILD that you are you ate the apple. You were set up and your father knew you were going to do it. You were innocent and now you’re completely insane…..STILL. Insanity means that you forgot that YOU ARE THE ONE. The only one ONE. The big ONE…or the ABSOLUTE SOURCE of everything. You are even before GOD…but that you do not understand THAT….because you have yet to AWAKEN. Once you wake up? There is more!…but for now you need to wake up first.

What do the Israelis and Hamas have in common? I have to show you somehow how close the answer IS. It is here in your very ….”ISNESS”…that Jesus died to show you THAT ESSENCE …by outwardly dying so you can inwardly do the same which is much easier to do. Simply because you forget how close you are to the Father. When you die to the illusion that you are an adult, you will remember who you really are. YOU ARE THE CHILD. 

Everyone that is fighting in Israel was once a child. But they forgot that. Remember that right now…. what YOU were like? You probably have to work at it since it has been a long time since you talked to yourself as you are now in a pure heart. A little child as all children whether Hamas or Israel are all the same. They are pure at heart and full of LOVE. We are all only that.They know nothing about countries or religion and only see with their Fathers nature….LOVE…But the child got programmed to think it was a separate individual and so if forgot its own true nature and because it is pure innocence it started to get programmed by the world.

Or the illusion of “sin” started to be put like a veil over YOU. So it is right now in Israel. A bunch of insane adults all completely full of the world’s insane ideas of separation are trying to kill themselves for GOD?….Yeah….that’s right isn’t it? They forgot the CHILD WITHIN and are now raving lunatics out of control. The cabal loves this and creates this war for the suckers that YOU are. You are not really a sucker but your insane condition makes you act like one. Which means you are not a sinner because YOU AND THE FATHER ARE ONE…..YOU ARE STILL THE CHILD…find it.

Want to find that ONE NOW?…I have shared many different videos here on different ways for you to find YOU. It’s unbelievably simple and also for some reason incredibly hard. Jesus came 2,000 years ago and Buddha came 5,000 years ago and the simplest most obvious thing can not be found….YOU HAVE NOT FOUND YOU?..the why of it is because we all have to wake up by a choice. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT….I REALLY WANT IT.

l share how the Hawaiian prayer worked for me. It worked because I was ready to wake up and wanted to wake up and …”I REMEMBERED THE CHILD”….YOU can do the same. YOU just have to want to wake up from the dream and the lie. That will be like a real crucifixion to all your insane ideas that you now have. That is what you have to die to….which is really only lies that you are giving up. NOT HARD… Jesus which died physically to show you that even that is an illusion. Your own ideas of the MIND and the Ego effect is what has to die. The prayer I will put here so you can start using it if it resonates for you and maybe by some miracle you will want to wake up and get to Heaven yourself while alive. It can happen.

The prayer is “I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU.”…I said it to the child in ME. I remembered a picture I had of myself at 2 years old and I was so happy in my mothers arms. I was 100% happy and loved and content. I knew nothing else but that which I was. To that child YOU say your prayer to. Because that CHILD. ….is everyone….all in Israel right now. THEY FORGOT THEIR CHILD. There really is only ONE CHILD HERE NOW….You will see that when you get to Heaven. Then you will be ONE again and remember and SEE and BE ONE.




It’s that simple or however you find that One inside. You can meditate and I have for a long time but it is much easier to use an emotional connection …imo….because it worked  and that is real and will get you there fast.This prayer also heals all the trash that everyone has made in the unconscious part of the human mind. The war is all those unconscious parts showing up to be healed. YOU HAVE TO HEAL IT. Doing this prayer heals that unconscious as God hears you and accepts your recognition and transmutes that trash. 

As I write this a 4 am my cat is meowing really loud. She is 18 years old and deaf and she reminds me of the whole world and YOU OR ME and we are that. We are that child as that cat is who is scared of the dark and needs a hug. The child in you needs a hug. Go and do that and then you will see that there is only GOD here always and that is in your heart and you can know it right now by the sense that you are aware that you are here reading this. That is the sense of “I AM”…we all have that and it is ONE AWARENESS….and when you let your Ego die…you will simply see that you were always here and are the ONE. Then you can be Happy again and in Love.



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