Trust No One, Do your Own Research



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 9, 2023

Trust No One, Do Your Own Research

We have heard this many times, and by many people, but it remains very good advice, trust no one, do your own research.

We should all know by now, Joe Biden is dead. We also have heard many times, on this site, and others, that the “White Hats” control the fake Biden, Harris, and the Biden Administration. The “White Hats” tell Biden what to say, and what to do. With this being the case, when you hear what Biden was reported to have said or done, doesn’t it seem logical you should substitute the words “White Hats” or more specifically Trump, for the word Biden?

When Trump, ran for President, I too, got caught up in all the hype. He hit the ground running with his world tour in early 2017. He presented reams and reams of documents to each of world leaders he visited, showing them evidence that all the evil deeds they had done were recorded and could very easily be made public. So basically he used blackmail to get heads of state to capitulate to his leadership. Or, perhaps he was just playing out one of the many scripts that had been written for him, and ordered by his friends in. power (ie. the Illuminati, Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, etc.) to carry out. But, always remember the title chosen for this article, Trust No One, Do your own Research.

Truth is of utmost importance to me. And what I say, and write, is what I believe. However, we all have been subjected to indoctrination and brainwashing all of our lives. Many of us, less than others, as we have kept an open mind, and always tried to make it a practice of educating ourselves on both sides of each issue that we instinctively questioned in our mind. Having been a Christian from a relatively young age, I found that far too many fellow Christians, were for lack of a better descriptive term, close minded.

Knowing that you can only receive absolute truth from God, I began praying in my mid-teenage years, that God would provide me absolute truth. After including that in my prayer thousands of times over many decades, God answered my prayer, and also upon request for confirmation. He provided conformation as well. I’m now writing a book on how he presented truth to me. I believe because much of the information in the book came from God, it will quite possibly be one of the most important books written in some time. More on that at a later date. Now my prayer is for discernment.




Research normally begins with a question, then turns into a thread to follow. I know many of you have questions you haven’t taken the time to pursue. But anything that comes to your mind is placed there for a reason. A real concern is who placed the thought in your mind, was it a friend, was it God, or was it the enemy. Once you come to believe your thought came from a good source, you should probably determine it’s priority in your life, and if it seems important to you let there search begin.

Just to get you started, please allow me to provide you with a few questions I have found to be important and worth pursuing:

* Is Trump a 33rd Degree Freemason?
* Is Trump a Zionist?
* Why all the Satanic symbolism, built into the Trump Tower in New York?
* Trump’s relationship with Henry Kissinger. Who is Henry Kissinger?
* Trump’s relationship with Klaus Schwab. Who is Klaus Schwab?
* You might take a look into who Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) really is.
* Why did Trump push the killer vaccines?
* Why didn’t Trump stop the poisoning of our air, water, and foods?

To give you a hint about Kissinger and Schwab, they are two of the most evil people on the planet, along with the likes of Fauci, Gates, Killary, Schumer Feinstein, Pelosi, the Bush family, Cheney, Biden, Pence, and many more, most if not all, who are dead.

Since Judy relies so heavily on the Mormon tabernacle choir, a great choir I might add, but one of many. And being from Utah, the following questions may also be worth researching:

* Who is Judy Byington?
* Who is Joseph Smith?
* What are the similarities between Mormonism and Freemasonry?

I like to note that I have had friends, and even family (through marriage) that were Mormons, and all were wonderful people. 




It’s my opinion that the Mormon Church is like Freemasonry, in that only those at the top know what the organization is truly about. The vast majority of both the church, and the secret society, are lied to, and led to believe they are part of good organizations, which they are not.

Other searches to consider might include Charlie Ward, and many others frequently mentioned on the Operation Disclosure Disclosure website. Take a look into why Trump and all of his top bloggers got together and dressed in black for a couple of weeks, and many still do. Were they telegraphing their cabal affiliations?

For a real eye opening, I highly recommend watching Kay Griggs, An Illuminati Wife Tells All. It’s approximately 8 hours long, so you will probably want to watch it in segments, but in my opinion it’s well worth your time. I should warn you, it does cast a pretty grim light on many of our top military brass. She was a very brave woman who dared to name names.

We have been told to trust the plan. While I find it difficult to trust Q’s plan, I do believe it is important to have a plan, and my plan is that which I have said many times before, it’s found in Proverbs 3: 5-7:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways   acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. And in verse 7, Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear    the Lord and depart from evil. 

In fact, the entire chapter of Proverbs 3 is an excellent guide for one’s life and an excellent plan to follow.

Another important Bible verse to consider: The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. (My emphasis added).

It’s not difficult to believe Trump loves money when the bottom line in all of the emails from everyone in his organization is a request for donations. I receive at least ten emails a day asking for money. 

Bo Polny, who many of you may be familiar with, has said that he believes “Trump will have a come to Jesus moment”, I sure believe he’s right, however, I don’t believe it has happened yet.

In closing, I would like to reiterate two points I made earlier in this article. Point number 1, anything you hear said that Biden supposedly had done, substitute the name Trump, or the so called White Hat Alliance, as they are the ones pulling the strings of the actors playing the part of the fake Biden. And point number 2.don’t take my word, or the word of anyone else, trust no one, do your own research.




God is in charge. and no one placing their faith in him and striving to do his will, has anything to fear.

May our Heavenly Father, bless, and keep, each of you!

Wayne Miller


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