(Reader: Victor) Why you Trust the Plan



Reader Post | By Victor

You trust “THE PLAN” because you do not trust yourself. There is no plan outside of YOU. Because when you give your self responsibility away to others. You will never get what you want. There are two levels to the “Trust The Plan”….

IF?…You are awake enough to realize that society’s governments are all liars. You will also see that any alternative media is just another arm of the CIA who controls all media. You have always been controlled and told what to believe.Unfortunately  All that the world knows is these created lies. To see that the world is “ALL LIES “…. is a partial awakening which forces you to turn to the “INWARD PATH”.

This means you no longer trust any plan for society or by any media propaganda machine. This is a very scary point of the  “AWAKENING”…process. Because you will see that you are pretty much then all alone.Because you have abandoned the lies and now there is a huge void in your Reality. This new view that you have worked to get too, also comes with Fear. This inner awakening is part of a long process that takes extreme self honesty and persistence.Yet it can instantly happen where you see through yourself and then all the outer lies at once in one instant.

Then, You will have to walk alone with no friends really and no hope of salvation coming to you from society. Because the matrix is all a lie and your friends still are in the “matrix”…or hypnotized into believing that ” THERE IS A PLAN”….

If you are one of those few who gets it in an instant, comes extreme compassion because you were just like the masses who trusted the whole “STORY”….You lived it and hoped the RV would come and you bought your progressive propaganda outlets for years and years along with Dinars and Zim’. Therefore you know by personal experience that there is no one dumber than yourself here. So when you see that you are a dumb dumb….you partially wake up,because you took some responsibility. That waking up is an extreme shock. That is like popping out of the matrix and then where are you?

YOU are then all alone. You no longer read all the Operations Disclosure articles and believe that this weekend the RV will happen. You no longer forward those articles to friends who are only going to the beach with the ice chest and taking the vaxx, You have walked the long walk while completely asleep. Then by some grace you were never completely taken over by the matrix and you hung on to that inner Light, while walking within the matrix. So now?….”You have to look at that LIGHT”….that remains in that SILENCE and AWARENESS. What is that?…Who AM I?…The ultimate question remains for YOU, all the while you still are dabbling in the illusion.

There really are no “white hats”..It is….impossible because this is the matrix.  The whole world has allways been controlled and for many thousands of years. The control seems new to you because you have been altered to live a short life with amnesia programs and illness programs and mainly FEAR programs. So that you never wake up from the matrix.




That is the biggest wake up shock when you know nothing is true in the outer world and what remains for you is on the Inner path. The path you have put off to really taking serious. Because waking up is not about only seeing that society’s elections and politics are dishonest. That is baby steps and you really know it deep down in the unconscious mind of the CHILD.

We all know that we are running away from the Inner Light…but its not clear why we run? We know that  we still pray for white hats or read the next article or are looking for one confirmation to the lies that you still believe are true.But no confirmation ever arrives and it all gets worse. Which is still baby steps “waking up”…or just seeing through the surface stories of the whole “LIFE TRIP”. 

The whole lie is much bigger than the surface appearing matrix offered to us. That is the “absolute terror ” that we all sense and stay away from and why we never change anything. We do not want to have to face our own trash. Because believing the “white hats lie”…is more easy in that Fear context that it might be us as the problem. So white hat stories does never touch that terror and you then “pretend” that you are safe and fake acting pyous the best you can. Even though all of your stories is a false sense of safety built on complete self delusions.

The terror of death. Is the terror of the “EGO DYING”…Which you think is YOU. This is “THE REAL WAKING UP”… after you realize that the whole movie theater of stories in society is a collective deception and your in it. So then?  Only the innerpath remains. The path that you have not walked with any  “REAL INTENTION”….Real intention is the serious stuff. This is where self honesty and perseverance must be in YOU, to guide you. YOU must therefore focus on the inner light vs the outer bs movies. This is what you are left with when you are brave enough to shut the news off and don’t look at it. That is also a baby step and a must. Put the world on ignore so that you can catch a break from the constant lies.

You must walk through the whole mess of lies by giving up the lies. Can a “White hat” story provide any healing like that?….NO…those are the movie theater fantasies. You can not mix “OUTER AND INNER ”….Outer is the white hats and the false nere ending story that salvation is coming from outside of YOU. Even the Bible and all of the religions are part of the outer movie lie. IT IS ALL LIES….It is that bad.

You can and have to throw it all away. Not just shutting off the news and disengaging from the “false hopes”…but then going further and seeing that all religions’ solutions are also completely distorted with lies. So now on the “inner path”…you have to discern the wheat from the worthless chaff. YOUR REMAIN. That is where the “Inner Light” comes in. NOW YOU ARE WALKING THE REAL WALK….OF AWAKENING.

Talk about baby steps before that were scary and hard and confusing. NOW you are in for it!…BIG TIME PLAYER. The EGO will scream and holler for years and decades but ….YOU KEEP MOVING…..You only want the TRUTH AND THE COMPLETE TRUTH. No more “stories”…of false hope from bibles and many other stories. Because you know that even those things are lies. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY OF THAT TO BE FREE. That is the path of most who are lost in the MIND. IF your child is still speaking? YOU CAN INSTANTLY AWAKEN….and the long road can be skipped.




So tossing out the TV or the internet news, or shutting your phone off….only baby steps. NOW …”YOU ONLY HAVE YOU”…..What now? Haaaa….haaa…haa….Only Fun NOW!….and a lot of FALSE FEARS…that will come up for your “acceptance”. The whole human collective will now come to your door. Why?…The whole human suffering? Because YOU ARE THE ONLY WAY OUT FOR “THEM”. You are a walking “ZERO POINT”…YOU ARE THE ONE….Your NEO from the matrix movie.

This means that if you do not really wake up? How will all that pain that was manifested by YOU and all the other YOU’s…How can that energy return home to SOURCE? That energy of lies and delusions needs to come home by the only person here who is willing to WAKE UP. really wake up. So you will then be the “wormhole”…the portal for LIGHT that was the creator as an adult of all the distorted pains you placed on…. “THE CHILD”….The only way home for what you created from MIND, is through a living person. YOU …are the cause and the cure for YOU…the only YOU HERE.

You are that CHILD of GOD or REALITY…so the energy of the whole world needs you. YOU need to wake up to heal all of the lies, that YOU made.! IF you do not do it? Nothing can change. That is why “white hats?”…is just baby cakes on the waking up journey which you have to take, when you are alive?….Then YOU AWAKEN to Full Self Responsibility and that is your only goal for being here. YOU HAVE TO FIX THE WHOLE MATRIX   MESS YOU MADE.

YOU….or the…CHILD…made the mess when you.”IGNORED GOD”…or the “CHILD NATURE OF GOD”….You did not take the child along with you as you matured and grew up. YOU believed the lies of the world? I can’t blame you because I did the same and everyone is doing the same. That is how hard it is to really wake up and go against everything that you have taken on by trusting the MIND and the serpent’s voice that comes with thoughts. So you grew up and are now waiting for “white hats” to fix your own failure to take FULL SELF RESPONSIBILITY.

You abandoned the “CHILD” as every adult has except for the rare few that grew up and never abandoned their inner child or GOD. Those very, very rare people….YOU will only recognize them if you have some child left that you listen to. They are not on the news or trying to save the world. They never looked at the news and just took care of themselves and the CHILD WITHIN…They were always operating from their heart. YOU were operating from the MIND….because you chose that apple from the garden of Eden. YOU chose mind instead and left the child alone with all the fears you have believed were outside in the world….that you forced on them.

So as an adult you abused your INNER CHILD….and all the other children in creation. YOU ignored them and the Light of GOD. Instead you took out moldy dead bible’s buried in caves and told the CHILD….”this is the truth”….and “YOU ARE NOT THE TRUTH!…because I know better….so said from your false god of the Ego Mind.

If you see that Now ? Then you are walking the real walk waking up path. YOU are taking full self responsibility and you ignore all lies. YOU also take responsibility for the WHOLE WORLD….because there is only one CHILD  and only ONE adult here that has lost its way. When all adults lost their way and abandoned their “INNER CHILD”…they made huge amounts of lies with their creative GOD energies. All that because they forgot to bring the CHILD ALONG. 

This added trash to the creation of Heaven and The Garden NOW the healing has to happen to the whole world and it’s ALL ON YOU. No other person is really here. THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU HERE.White hats are illusions of the Mind to only deceive you again.

When you accept that TRUTH, you do not give your power away to any false savior and stories. Youd do not need anything. No bible or books or teachers or news or false hopes of white hats…all are very ridiculous and only more illusions. YES….you have to give up all IDEAS….ALL THINKING….THE smart you, that thinks it knows something about something.When you know what about the CHILD?….NOTHING. You already are that CHILD….that is the inner discovery where no books are needed to find what you always had and are.

That lack of Knowing the CHILD or GOD WITHIN….can be healed.Not that the child is damaged or that you hurt GOD. You only hurt the ego you that thinks it is an ego mind when its really the child that is still in you as an adult waiting to take the helm of your beached boat that is taking on water.




So you have to accept all of the pain that YOU created in all of the adults. That is your task in waking up. There is only YOU HERE AND NOW…..That is a big wake up when you accept that self responsibility. Then you are almost home to Heaven while alive in the body. So you now will transmute all that YOU have falsely created in all of creation through all of time. YOU will now do that.

Say this simple prayer to your own inner child. Talk to it and you say to it…” I LOVE YOU,I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….This is not a mind solution but a much higher solution given by Divinity itself. YOU will NOW do this for the rest of your life. YOU will petition GOD and the “CHILD” …for forgiveness and then GOD WILL HEAL THE TRAUMA that you made. This trauma is very large and needs you. YOU ARE VERY LARGE….since you are the ONE and the CHILD and the lost adult ego idea.YOUR THE ONE.

Where are the white hats in this waking up?….Haa…Haa….YOU forgot…do not even remember now. When you do this prayer or mantra…it will be done for you. Not too hard really for all the trouble and ignorance that you embraced with your arrogant MIND ways of selfishness. YOU can therefore fix it all by saying that….”YOUR ARE SORRY”…THEN… All children will be LOVED AGAIN…and you will be in the Heaven you say you want and love. You just have to give up the lies of arrogance. YOU do not even have to give up anything or any value.? What excuse remains? The CHILD is waiting for you to embrace IT. When you embrace it…You are embracing yourself. YOU have one inner within… that’s YOU….the REAL YOU. 

(3236) #Dr.HewLen Inner Child Guided meditation  #Ho’oponopono | Chinese Subtitle – YouTube



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