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Reader Post | By Victor

Adam said….”SHE MADE ME DO IT”….. He was your father in a male aspect of the child. This left the female aspect of the child, your mother falsely accused. Sound familiar? The rest we have now lived  billions of times over in all combinations of pain. So this is what happens when there are two or more  in creation when living from MIND only….which is only the serpent thinking.

Both original parents who had only a child’s nature and they forgot the only ONE SPIRIT in creation with their first actions. Eating the apple which is tasting MIND and thinking. Thinking was the serpent of the mind that eventually talked your parents into trying something tasty and sweet since candy had not yet been made. Quickly…”They”… forgot their Father because they were only children or directly pure from their SOURCE only. It was child’s play for the serpent to fool them.

Can you talk a child out of candy?…NO…and do they want an explanation as to why not ? Can …”THEY”… Hear that they are ONE!…and now in the Garden? and that there is a good reason that GOD WAS ALWAYS ONE.? NOT often…imo… because when there are two or more children in creation amnesia creeps in. Ego creeps into the MIND…even when the apple is only once bitten. It is the nature of MIND to be this way and manifest an apparent “separation”. It has to operate this way mechanically because MIND, is dead of Spirit and has no “CHILD” included in its creation.

The whole MIND collective was created by a “choice” that Adam and Even both took. The whole.. “TO BE OR NOT TO BE?” …Was that eternal choice. An innocent child’s choice to… “RISK” …forgetting  the “Kingdom Within” when jumping into the power of manifestation with Free Will. Even though Adam and Even were not children, their hearts had only that innocence of GOD.

When they showed up in the Garden..”. The illusion “…of more than ONE in appearing separation was created, by the Adam and Eve arrival. They were the First children of GOD in duality. Male and Female being one such aspect with many other attributes of separation also included. From “The first children”… and “YOU” are their offspring. Your parents came from ONE, to become two and you came from those two parent aspects of the ONE. ON the “Outer” you are either male or female and inner you are ONE….or the “CHILD SPIRIT”  as your parents were in their “INNER SPIRIT”.

Choice and Free Will comes with no instructions and only a…” WARNING”…. Do not consume of the MIND unless you are willing to take on “FULL SELF RESPONSIBILITY !.”..Because that is the only way to handle the MINDS power. Which is the infinite power to create ” illusions ” along with delusions of separation and grandeur. Grandeur that will want to eventually replace GOD with itself. That is the goal of the EGO MIND…and it will do that by seeking  to replace organic LIFE with Inorganic life. Because MIND is devoid of LIFE….IT will take that rout and has with transhumanism for example.

Mind… by the nature of what IT IS, has to create illusions and can only do that because it has no child soul like Adam and Eve… Only ONE SINGULAR SOUL can actually exist. The Mind can therefore only exist as an illusion within GOD. It will look like the movie maker and faker. That MIND… it can not be changed or transformed to know GOD or become like “THE CHILD”. MIND IS DUALITY ITSELF… The illusion of a Duality or the Creation appearance, which is actually a dead hologram  pretending to be “REAL”…like the ONE SINGULARITY that is mimics…that is the LIE of the illusion of an apple.




MIND is for the creation of dreams and experiences that are… “real”…in that realm where anything can happen. If you can think of it in your mind right now? It is real in Creation of the MIND…and all of Creation is MIND. Why?…So the child can learn about….” SELF RESPONSIBILITY ” ….If it bites the apple  like Adam did. If Adan had not chosen MIND?. Then creation would have taken a different road where ” THE CHILD” would have always remained in the heart and in charge and acted as the moral compass. But the MIND was bitten and now the serpent talks all the time in the MIND of creation.

The Children Of The Garden Of Eden, they both were mad from … ONE GOD….with a collective awareness in their heart. We are their children and have the same attributes that they had. The same good Awareness and LOVE but mainly that of mind.  With its thinking in only “good” and “bad”  or black and white terms of separation because it has no child in minds core. SOURCE did not bless the mind or t touch it with its BEINGNESS. Adam and Eve acted and that happen and the present world is a result of that path being taken.

Adam and Eve are STILL only innocence at heart, as ALL THEIR CHILDREN…are innocent. Because SOURCE can not be changed by its own creations in mind. Source always…” IS “. Illusions can appear to be very real and are when haunting a child nature. For the innocent child it is real as the apple seemed real and innocent. The child believes everything and always will because it is pure LOVE AND PURE INNOCENCE….Just like SOURCE  is. That can also not ever die or change. It can only be covered up by the minds dead veils of lies and phantasms from Fear in the Garden of Creation.

The “STORY”… unfolds in creation because now the illusion of….” SIN ” ….has shown up and symbolized by an apple. Now in the NOW….a “bad”…appears to exist. It is like the matrix programming in modern terms. A huge illusion that appears real was set in motion way back in time.

So ADAM and EVE with their child natures, they did not know anything about anything except their own innocent LOVE nature. These children were your original mother and father. What did they know about “SIN”..or snake fallacies and lies…?…NOTHING….They could only TRUST….since they were pure at heart and why would they not trust the snake? They saw the world through a child’s eyes they knew no mind until they tasted the apple/mind.

SIN did not exist for the first children, Adam and Even, since MIND had not been bitten or created by their own actions. GOD let them choose. MIND is what they created. Since…. NOTHING… was but a child hearts or in “existence” before that time. ONLY their own awareness of GOD was. That was everything.Their GOD nature did not know time and space or anything at all about the creation of illusions. NOTHING but pure LOVE existed and that was singular….but that was now expressed as dual children. They were as their father was since they were made in his images.

Their Father said to them,,,” I AM that I AM. I AM behind your eyes. Those of a child. That is why I always take full responsibility… always.”….. Now you will have to do the same for your actions. So WE  are those very children today. No… different from our parents. We all learn about self responsibility or not?. The refusal of that could appear to be winning perhaps?  Since it looks like much time has passed for what would seem to be an easy lesson to learn?  TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY….




How else can you create anything good and be mature and handle the pure power and LOVE of child nature? You can not have MIND replace the child’s heart or it will  always falter in the world. The child’s nature is pure GOD. We all have that at birth, so we are always free of SIN…that is why SIN is always an illusion of only the Garden of Eden. It’s an illusion..but that does not mean that it is not…” real “…There are consequences when manifestation happens. In the singular child state of GOD….no SIN exists. Nothing can ever be created there. Only in “the Garden”..or …the whole of creation can SIN appear to happen. There it is very real and there we can FEEL IT.

So when Adam said:…” She made me do it”….He could have seen the error of his ways and simply said…”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….GOD would have heard his prayer and seen Adam understood SELF RESPONSIBILITY…after one bite of the apple and creation would have no problems. Then GOD…would have simply transmuted the lie and Adam would have been back at… “ZERO”…or back in a PURE HEART OF THE CHILD.

Eve had committed no SIN in that she did not actually commit the outer act of taking a bite, but did the same as Adam with the MIND. She had listened to thinking and the serpents… “THOUGHTS”…. But Eve has given  ” US ”  the next lesson to understand, which all of earth’s adult children here now  struggle with. Eve has the same “child nature”…as Adam. So when Adam failed to take self responsibility for himself, He also affected the “whole” of the child’s nature…(EVE)…and all children forever. Since we are all ONE CHILD. Because in the Garden of Eden…we are all of ONE AWARENESS.

Eve had a harder lesson now because Adams actions came home to roost because He refused to grow up and take Self Responsibility. She was the only “other” person here which could fix the… “CHILD’S TRAUMA”….That Adam manifested for all. So that refusals energy showed up for her to HEAL AND APPEAL…appeal for Healing for their “shared Nature”…the CHILDS NATURE. 

If she had said…”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….She would have by her actions acknowledge that she was responsible and healed Adam also and any future children. But?…She had tasted MIND and that mind had now clouded her also with the same illusions.  Her CHILD NATURE….or GODs NATURE…..was now experienced with a veil until the present times.

So all of this failure to take SELF RESPONSIBILITY….still remains in the whole of creation in the Garden. WE are always swimming in the unconscious mind of the Child with all of this dark pain and illusions.Those unconscious creations of all that went before ” US ” comes back to ” US” for healing as they did for Eve. This energy comes back as our daily events and people and the “world”… YES!.

That is why the outer world can not change until all of this past trash is cleaned up. This trash  is very real in Heaven or the Garden of Eden here right now. YES…..the SOUL IS FREE….but the child in duality and creation is NOT! We are not free because we are that child. There are no billions of people here. ONLY THE CHILD IS HERE….It is the same SPIRIT OR INNOCENT SOUL…IN EVERYONE. That needs to be healed by YOU…when you took a bite out of the MIND or the apple and then covered the child with illusions and fear by not taking SELF RESPONSIBILITY.

All that created trash remains. The Child does not understand. It is always innocent but it is surrounded by false demons and dark manifestation since time began in the Garden and the child’s parents refused to take SELF RESPONSIBILITY….so that dark energy is always coming to the child in us for transmutation and healing.

The world then always screams for healing and you think that voting will do it? or that you can avoid changing like Adam did. The apple did not fall far from the tree since you are like your father and mother. Are we not? that is the outer story. INNER?We are the child that needs healing and you are the child that has to do this as an adult. All children are waiting? Will we grow up? ONLY by saying the prayer and asking for help can that real dark matter in the garden of Eden in creation be transmuted. By the Grace of God…can all children be healed. Don’t you LOVE THEM?…AND YOU.?

So that is why the world we see is of our own making. The MIND since the days of Adam and Eve have been making lies and the child that they were at heart and your parents were at heart and you are at heart…suffer. ALL comes home to you in the news that you see everyday. That is why no election or Revaluation is really real. They are only more mindless lies. LIke aliens…trapped us here for 3 million years.Haaa…haaa. More mind stories to put the problem “out there”…when it is an inner problem of failed acceptance.




The serpent of the MIND never sleeps and will always make up another story for YOU….so that YOU can fail once again at taking SELF RESPONSIBILITY….Because as a child…your still gullible and will believe the tallest of tales because they seem like an easy out. When they are the hardest out that there is. There is no out from illusions unless you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.  Time can not heal anything as we can see.

Then when you do the prayer or the mantra…TO HEAL ALL CHILDREN…. I do it like a mantra and like to rest in awareness while the unconscious mind can take over me saying the prayer with mind only. I started with mind at first and you will also. But then you have to ask your child within for forgiveness. YOU are saying the prayer to it….which is really SOURCE….and then you say …”I AM SORRY, FORGIVE ME”….then remember what you were when a child. YOU still are that, even though now you are a big time lost adult. But not inside. INSIDE…you are the pure child in ZERO SIN always.

That is why there really is no snake or aliens as a pure child. Those stories are for the illusion of creation and for the Garden where now after much time much darkness has been created by all of the children that grew up and were programmed by their lost parents to forget GOD or their own CHILD NATURE…..NO matter about the past. You can ask to have it transmuted and you should. Then on the personal level you will heal what you made and also heal your brothers and sisters since WE ARE ALL THE SAME CHILD. 

When you rest in AWARENESS….that is the ZERO…state of the pure child nature. All the same thing with different mind concepts. That is the goal in each NOW

(3206) Ho’oponopono | The Powerful Ancient Hawaiian Mantra to Manifest Miracles – YouTube



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