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Reader Post | By Victor

There are two states of mind that you can choose to perceive by  “Being in them”. One has been called the Kingdom of Heaven within or REALITY. The other state you chose is called “stories” or illusion. The story state is basically the only state anyone ever knows or where they live their whole lives in a state of constant…THINKING…From that thinking state they think about REALITY and think again that if any Heaven exists? Their only chance to get there is after they die. That is also an “illusion”….because it is an analysis by the limited mind  with only more thinking. Which really means that most people think that they know something about something?. When they really know nothing about NOTHING….or REALITY.

With the mind You really do not know anything about anything but you think you do because you are full of …”DATA”… which is what thoughts are. That is the problem and the solution at the same time. The DATA… is in the same “space” that REALITY is in, or data is held within that REALITY. It is called ZERO  or THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN also.Most people are lost in space WITH DATA and not lost in space THE REALITY. DATA is easy to find because it is noise and loud. REALITY is on the other hand only found once the DATA goes away or beyond it. That is why SILENCE or meditation or devotion or prayer was used as a method to quiet the mind,in order to perceive and be in what remains. Other wise that is never perceived. Heaven or the Kingdom Within is not found.

When the mind had less data or thoughts ….REALITY …is felt and hard to explain because words can’t do it. The KINGDOM is felt because feeling is the language of REALITY and not Data. This means that unless you silence the mind or let “your thoughts”…go and not empower them with your attention, REALITY remains hidden. When you find the REALITY or HEAVEN….both are the same space and just different terminology used by the mind again. The mind will not make it easy or clear for you. It will get stuck and never stop with its need for more DATA…IT NEEDS DATA. One definition is older and more “religious” and the other more modern, that is all, but the mind will not like it no matter how many descriptions there are. It always needs more data.

Understanding that knowing REALITY can not happen until you understand the differences and then also act on that information to actually KNOW IT and not think it because that would only be mind again,. So when you do not know anything about anything? It is because you do know everything about everything (to much data) which is stopping the perception that you RELLY know nothing about NOTHING….or REALITY. Which is the ONLY….answer to knowing everything about everything, REALITY which is knowing nothing about nothing from the mind, with its thoughts. That is if you want to be in HEAVEN while alive.? the Mind, is the only thing that keeps you from the answer.which is knowing nothing about NOTHING… or more accurately….NOTHING….which is the answer, to the question of How do I get to Heaven while still alive.

The Heaven or Nothing zero space or Reality . You can not then find it with the only thing you know. You only know  mind from your head and not from the Feeling heart. Which is really coming from your state of not knowing anything about anything because you are so full of your own thoughts about everything. So you think you have a problem….and I can keep talking with the mind and never get out of the content of data in the mind. Which means that you can not get out of this trap with talking or thinking….only with direct experience of Zero or Being in Silence, which is NOTHING….or HEAVEN and ultimately the only REALITY.

That is what the Mind is like…..FULL OF STORIES… That is All only MIND..only DATA and  only complete BS…if you want to get to HEAVEN and know who you are.?

DATA…is this brain which says after much mentating….it is ALL SOLID MATTER..!. in this solid body that happens to be a miracle that came out of the mud and then developed a brain which then somehow? With no actual DATA, mind concludes a Spirit dwells with in it and it has no clue on where that Spirit thing cma from??? Brilliant sophomoric even with all the data! What a mind.




But, We all deep down know we know nothing about NOTHING and that is Reality. But who admits it and does anything about it? Other than do what the system that the mind built tells you to do? More mind brilliance…IMO.   IF?…or….When the data stream shuts up. That is the state again, of  knowing nothing about nothing or ZERO DATA. After deletion of the unconscious data that we have made all of our lives and Data from all those “other” people masquerading as the “reality”… we get to the Silent REALITY.

With All of that data mind noise, we miss the SILENT NOTHING…If it ever happens, We become AWARE of that.  What are the chances when We never put the cell phone down or the computer down or are never…” STILL”….EVER!   Which results in an ignorant hypocrisy that Jesus tried to speak to and Shakespeare wrote about and Buddha exposed….etc. What they are ALL pointing at and I am trying to point at…NOW…is the same “problem”  . Eating of the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden and taking a huge bite out mind insanity. Then after a good chew? We will never get you out of the problem and get a taste of Heaven itself. Because the answer is something other than in your head alone. REALITY IS ALL AROUND US NOW….can you feel it? The SILENCE.

This in a way describes the human condition in the present moment. Which is nothing new. It has been in this lost state for a long time. Some say three million years? I heard that a few days ago from Kim Goguen. Can I confirm? No….and it really does not matter how long?….THAT IS ANOTHER MIND DATA STORY…more irrelevant BS again…BECAUSE IT WILL NOT ERASE DATA….by adding more data? and so goes the mind story at infinitum. That is how easily we fall into mind with one headline that is flamboyant.

That is why it is hard to be SILENT….because we are afraid of HEAVEN…OR REALITY? That is the only cause….FEAR. ..which is a mind creation again, but with emotion now.

Is that one single bit of flamboyant  “historical hysterical information”  going to help you?  NO…because when you get to HEAVEN YOURSELF. YOU will know by direct experience that I can write a whole Bible size book and you can read it and be at the same point at the end of the book as when you started..because its just more data and the problem. Thinking that you know something about something…..and that is not it ….REALITY…again.

So you do not really need more information. Because that is THE ONLY problem because we have been conned into thinking. YES…thinking…. as if thinking can do more than help you cross the street and remember that you need a key to start the car. That is all a mind was basically given to you for. Not walk the body of a cliff and get home safe at night. But we lost our way and now we use MIND as a compass. When the zero data point of silence was the compass. But also to keep you in… HEAVEN….A NO MIND DATA HEAVEN.

This can appear to be a dire situation and Huston may have a problem and there does seem to be a major malfunction. Where am I going with all of this mind babble?…. NOWHERE….That can be the point? Because nowhere is closer to the answer than the mind will ever be. The mind and thinking can not ever do it and get you out of Hell because the mind is hell. So when you are working on the problem from the level of the problem you can not see the answer. You have to rise above and go within. 




When we can silence the mind, there is a chance that you or anyone may notice that the Silence is there? That there is something to notice THERE and listen to IT? But the mind already said in your head before you finished reading the line. It says…”How do you listen to silence when it’s silent?”….am I right? How did I know? I must be a mind reader with super powers?…NOT…I just have one of those minds myself and they are all connected, so they say the same thing.

Is this fun or is this work? Both….I just noticed I hit a key on the keyboard that changed the type settings? Ahh…what now? I do not know? I am not changing it? It kind of looks good, but if it bothers you and your mind is starting a whole story about it? JUST NOTICE THE MIND….and notice that you are noticing it…and read on please.

That is a good lead out to get to the point here. YOU actually have to “do something” to change the world. But to do that you have to change YOU. That means that you will have to walk past the mind and the infinite chatter. Then you will need the right tools to do the right job and you will have to stick to it for a while and possibly a long while? Depends…because you can get out right NOW…out of the mind and the matrix. I mean really get out of HERE…this moment.

When you are still and SILENT…you are out of the mind. That is a start, but that does not fix “The Damage done”…which is what the mind has done for 3 million years ? MY Reality is a mess as is yours. So for the last week I have been talking about the Ho’oponopono cleaning technique. I ran into it over a dozen years ago. I looked at it but I did not understand the power of it and I was very prejudiced by my own mind. So the mind did not let me actually try it for long or it only took the information in and after a bit rejected it and I never tried out the method to any extent because of the mind.

So a week ago in my sharings with you here. I tried to help YOU? Am I an idiot?….Probably….Am I insane?….most definitely….But who is not insane? No one….so sanity can not be talked about until one is sane. But I am babbling again…see?…that is the MIND…and it’s a terrible tool to have if you do not get on to how it works and when to ignore it.

So then I shared that technique here with YOU…because after a month of trying to explain REALITY and AWARENESS…and how to get out of HEll…in other ‘MIND WAYS”…. I realized that it is too complicated and only more DATA for people who will not read a long article. This is a tweet culture and one or two lines is all the data mind can now handle in modern times. Which may be a good thing since then it will cause less damage….or maybe the whole unconsciousness of mankind is reaching a DATA storage limit? What thought. ?…Only mind can do that stuff.

So the problem is the damage has been done for 3 million years of accumulation of trash in REALITY by everyone’s minds over that time creating their unconscious fears. That DATA STORAGE is actually a problem. That even if you understood what I have been talking about in the past months articles here.? It took me 50 years digging to find who I am? It still did  not really solve the problem of the whole unconscious reality that is affecting everyone. Which means that even if you do find AWARENESS and are able to stay in that awareness? YOUR NOT AN INDIVIDUAL…Even with that….REALIZATION..the whole unaware damage all the minds in creation have done still remains….IN THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND…and ITS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX ME TO FIX IT.

Did I know this a week ago clearly beyond mind?…NO… and that is what 50 years will get you. It will not get you much…BUT…The attempt to share for you orproject the problem on YOU!…helped me get you everything!. What am I talking about? REALITY HELPED…HERE…in a miracle really and now I have the experience of confirmation by BEING THERE…..SO.

I recommended the Ho’oponopono to YOU…because I remember it was simple from the past and it was a good meditation for two reasons. One it was love based and heart based in a simple manner and it also calmed the mind with the mantra effect. Both good…so I recommended it to YOU as…”beginners’ ‘…and “experts”…

Which meant I was doing the same thing we all do. We store mind information and then tell someone else to use it to change their lives while I stay home and eat my pizza in front of the tv? Yes….I was “bad” again. But after being bad for 50 years you get to know yourself some and realize that you may still have some hypocrisy in you.? Which means that if I say you need to do this and then I do not do this cleaning method? What am I?…another BS’r….and that does not really work for anyone…especially me.




So,  that one hour tape with the 4 word meditation prayer and did it. I applied the paint to the barn wall. I said this time I have to try it more than give lip service. I lay there for about half an hour and then my whole life changed. I got to HEAVEN!….REALLY. THE PLACE…Yeah….WOW….I did not have that on my mind. It just happened. I shared a little bit in an article  about that. What this means to YOU and to ME…is the same YOU ….same  ” I “…ALL ONE. That is what 50 years of searching and half an hour more did. SOMETHING WORKED!

This now means that a whole level of new understanding has shown up. It also means that it has shown up for YOU also. Because when you get to Heaven….you get a whole new view from outside the problem and you get some understanding. This means I will link a video here that is a good intro and then has other parts if you want more.

You really only need to do the prayer and that is how you fix that whole unconscious creation that we have made and how you fix the present YOU….all in one package. This means that finally I answered my own prayer by finding the simplest most powerful meditation technique that everyone can use….BECAUSE I WANTED THAT FOR ME….SO IT MANIFESTED!…..AND IS BECAUSE  IT WORKS.!

This means I will keep on using it to clean the collective unconscious because that is “ME”…since from the Heaven perspective you see that it is always only ME here. YOU are that ME….So when I do this practice and I clean the unconscious beliefs that I have drawn to myself…through you…I also remove it from the ME IN YOU…

Now we have a technique that works and we really only need to use it and DO IT…YOU DO NOT NEED THE MIND AT ALL…..

Here is the link for more info that will actually help. It helped me. Which also now means I really have to almost stop talking about the other methods of meditation, because I know how much harder they are to get results with. It does not mean I will not sit in Silence for an hour or more each day because it works also and it is great and similar….but without the cleaning of the unconscious mind. Which I do know of any other system that does that. Even if another exists?…it is irrelevant if this map works…why would I need to use two maps …see? THAT IS THE MIND AGAIN.

(3189) Dr Hew Len 1 of 9, ho’oponopono – YouTube



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