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The post at discusses the States as Constitutional or not based on the criteria of when they were adopted. Concern for this is only a matter of paperwork that can be remedied.

The deeper concern is first that the Constitution guarantees a Republican form of government. Specifically, Article 4 Section IV states: 

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

The meaning of this RFOG clause is discussed here: and the judicial interpretations of the clause parallel the discussions held at the time the Constitution was debated. A State cannot become a monarchy or a dictatorship, it must have a representative government that is duly elected by The People, and this requirement is to be federally imposed by force if violated. Clearly, in every State the election process has been compromised and corrupted, that State is a failed State. A failed State by definition devolves to the status of Territory. Its representatives are not representative of The People so they have no standing in the House or Senate of the US. 

Further, there are States that have been in rebellion against the United States, as their governments have conspired with at least one foreign government (the CCP) in conducting a civil war for control of the US. In the War Between The States (aka the Civil War) those States in rebellion were occupied by US military forces and their governments were not re-admitted to the Union until a period of Reconstruction was concluded. Consequently, for two different reasons, a number of States must (IMO) devolve to Territories. 

The notion in NESARA that a curative is “new elections in 120 days” is fantastic and delusional, as there has been constructed in many States a following for a government with the power to say who gets whose money, which is a coercive power that destroys the ability of the People to elect a representative government, as the government can move money as it likes into the pockets of those who corrupt the process and thus guarantee a form of tyranny. This Movement has its roots in the compromised education system, rendering “citizens” who believe in the notion that the government should have ultimate power in redressing complaints (real or imagined) to enforce Equity Over Equality (see for a discussion of this based on Thomas Sowell’s recent book Social Justice Fallacies). This engendered belief foments a rebellion against the idea of Government That Protects Rights as established by the Constitution, and GTPR must succumb to Government That Provides Wealth, as its agents are paid with public funds. The last 60+ years of history in the US are testament that GTPW, if permitted, progressively and parasitically destroys Government That Protects Rights. The Constitution, however, also guarantees a Government That Protects Rights, in part in its guarantee to The People that its government has no right to take private property without just compensation, which is precisely what happens when the excuse of “just redistribution” is used to take from some (its political opponents) and give to its friends (its political base). The Constitution forbids GTPW.

Because there is a following for GTPW, so large that it is incessantly destructive of Constitutional government, this dysfunctional behavior must be suppressed and removed before a Constitutional government can be established. Thus, there must also be a de-Socialization program in, actually, every State, to establish those actions contrary to the Constitution as unacceptable and, since they aid and abet the commission of a crime, trying to empower the government to conduct the criminal act of stealing through the excuse of “redistribution” and “Charity”, the ability of citizens to organize to assert this power to convolute and destroy GTPR, this power must be seen for what it is, criminal behavior, and suppressed. This will take the complete reforming of the education system (thoroughly and intensively corrupted by outlandishly voluminous CCP “grants”) and a tremendous amount of education of the masses via public service messages. It also must minimally require that all voters prove their loyalty to the US Constitution by binding Oath, and that they prove they understand the intent fully of GTPR according to the Constitution — specifically, that they understand, accept, and subscribe to the notion that Government SHOULD NOT be used as a tool to take other people’s money.




Returning to the subject post, one can see that the real challenge is not What States Are Constitutional but instead What Does It Take To Make ALL States Constitutional. (For more on this see comments to



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