How will the EBS Work?



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Danlboon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 29, 2023

How Will the EBS Work?

First this is how I see it, Trump, the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military, should announce on Sun. 1 Oct. NESARA, report we will have a new currency the USN, and hopefully let everyone know what is going on that the EBS is going to be broadcast within a few hours.

“Looking for Friday, October 6 to be the real start.” This just postpones things, but I want to get the info out before we have the EBS on Sunday or next Friday. If NESARA is announced on October 6 then the Republic elections will happen on Tue. Jan 30, 2024, 116 days. And there will be no NFL games for people to be in the stadiums and then less people watching their TVs already.

Trump should not have NESARA and the USN announced solely on the EBS and the banks, phones and internet all shut down right then and there as the EBS starts which many will not know what is going on as they have no TV or radio to go to.

This is not like in Hawaii Dec 7, 1941 or the WTC attack on 9/11 where it is a major attack and you need to get home then and there to turn on your TV or radio, but since Trump is the chosen Commander-in-Chief by the US Military, and not just has to be president, then he is in charge to make this EBS announcement. This will be released in the EBS as to why.

Why would anyone just announce NESARA and the USN as the EBS doesn’t come till days later when many do not know what they are? “I just won a new car, but where is it as it is not in my driveway, will it be delivered, what type, do I have automatic insurance and registration for it and do I have to pay taxes for it?”




The reason Trump would announce NESARA, the USN, your new QFS Account and the 120 days for the Republic elections at his speech is he will give people the heads up something is coming, time to get home and prepare for the 10 days of solitude and the reporting of this 110 years of chaos. People should not get the idea this is a Trump campaign ploy and shut everyone else out of the picture. He will allow the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to inform We The People this is the US Military taking charge and why. He is giving We The People the real truth as they need to be prepared for it. This also gives Biden a way to destroy himself a lot more by trying to shut off the EBS and do much more chaos before he should be removed by Wed. 11 Oct., and Biden should be cleaning house himself, but it may be too late already.

They may have information then and there to let the people know many government officials have been sent to Gitmo for Military Tribunals on charges of treason and have already been executed and there will not be a USA INC. normal election in 2024, and this all will be repeated in the EBS as to who they are and why.

Since it will be on a Sunday then the NFL and the MLB will have their games going with millions of fans in their stadiums, and if the EBS comes on then and there there will be chaos as to what is happening as the stadiums’ managements didn’t know what was coming for them now to get the people to leave in an orderly fashion. It may be much worse than the 1989 San Francisco earthquake during Game 3 of the World Series, as getting home then was terrible, and a 10-day delay. Coincidence for 10 days and in October?

My thinking is possibly Trump will have his initial NESARA announcement at; 6 PM EDT, 3 PM PDT and 12 PM Hawaii time, then 3 hours later the EBS begins nationwide at; 9 PM EDT, 6 PM PDT and 3 PM HDT. Many of the sports games may have ended by this later time when the EBS should start. I think the times should be the same on Fri. 6 Oct.

The out-of-town fans may have a hard time trying to get home as even the buses will need the phone/internet connections with their machines to purchase tickets as the ATMS will not work to even pull cash out.

If NESARA is announced on Sun. 1 Oct. then the Republic elections must be the Tuesday before the 120 days are up, as on Tue. Jan 23, 2024, 114 days. Unknown as to when they would take office, but maybe within 30 days under the Republic USA flag and no more gold fringe on them.

Since those in the RV are mostly under an NDA then they may be notified someway before the EBS is going on Sunday and then be able to go to a certain location any other time, as they cannot make a phone call, as well as certain messages may be relayed to them in the EBS where only they know what it is to go make their exchanges. This might be the thing where both of these go at the same time.




When the EBS starts then there should be a basic menu of what will be on the video/audio and how long it will be going on for and not have people waiting around to see when the ending will come about as they have other things to do or even sleep. An eight hour long movie and you don’t want to miss a single bit? That menu should be repeated maybe hourly or every 30 minutes as for people stepping away for awhile and know when they should be back as to not miss something. Or maybe with the TV there could be scrolling screens of what is happening.

I would think that the basic details within the first hour will be the NESARA Law, as what the changes that are coming, primarily how and why it came about, your new QFS Account and how it works, some basic history for the past 110 years since 1913, even going back to the Organic Act of 1871, the Civil War where the Southern states walked out of Congress and we haven’t been with the Constitution for the united States of America since then as it has been a corporation with THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and of course we all are now state citizens.

There should also be specific details of what employers are to do and not do, like they can no longer withhold anything from the paychecks for any taxes, for Social Security or for Welfare/Medicare, but they can for union workers for their fees.

Of course the items in the NESARA Law will be brought up like; no more sales tax on used items, pharmaceutical items and food, but just a 14% sales tax on all new items. This may only start after the EBS is over to get the businesses informed on all this, so the quarterly employer’ withholdings may have already been sent by them for theirs in the first week of October for the third quarter unless the business was shut down for that time, and you will be refunded those along with all the others in the past thru into your QFS Account.

No more property taxes to be paid and those will be refunded as you cannot be continually taxed on what you already purchased and own along with your mortgages. Possibly no more registration on vehicles and for sure no more drivers license required as the US Supreme Court ruled on that in 2017 for non-commercial drivers, but getting paid like Uber drivers they need one.

All present debts will be paid off and maybe everything paid through your credit cards will be paid off as well as there are records of those purchases, but anything paid in cash it is too late for any refunds.

Medical services may not be taxed, but I am not sure as I have had insurance when I could since I have not had the major bucks to pay for it myself otherwise.

Your Birth Certificate may have already been linked with your SSN, bank accounts, loans and employers to then put those refunds in with your QFS Account, but it may be necessary to see that you have it like a passport ID verification to gain access.

Just go watch the video of ‘Change is on the Horizon’ of the history of this corruption and that is only 3 hours and now you have 8 hours repeated for 10 days.

Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age (Full Version)




This will not be all the details of what every corrupt government official has done, but it may give the basics of why Trump worked it this way recently with the US Military with them working on NESARA for the last 20 plus years, and even going back to the ‘Farmers Claims Program’ to get NESARA up and running. This is in Part 3 of the video about 2 hours into it.

I would think Trump would give at least a few hours from his initial announcement that things will be shut down is for businesses to shut things down themselves and not try to call 911 to get people out of their establishment as they cannot keep it going with people still trying to purchase items when the phone/internet connections with their machines to the banks are shut down.

Really for the truckers they need to get to a truck stop to stay for 10 days, and the airports need to shut down and not have the EBS going on while they have flights in the air and passengers cannot gain access to their ticket info for their flight. “Your flight has been cancelled due to the EBS, and you can see this on the big screen, but no refunds till after the 10 days are over.”



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