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God, help us

1 July 2023                                                                                          

When the enemy comes in like a flood, I (God) will raise up a standard against them.  

We have a flood over the entire world and it is the engineered weapons that are intended to kill all mankind.  These engineered weapons include but not limited to the pandemic, vaccinations, chemtrails, 5G cell towers, poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, tainted water, poisoned food supplies and much more. 

Who is the enemy?  We are told we are not to be ignorant of the ways of the devil.  Yes, the devil.  The devil and all fallen angels are doomed to eternal torment in the lake of fire called hell, and all of them want all mankind to go as well. 


Who says No?  God!  Who else says No?  Mankind that are informed, pray, resist and trust God.




The plans of the enemy are so comprehensive and devastating that it looks like they will win unless God steps in and saves us.  We can refuse the vaccines, stay in our houses when chemtrails are filling our skies, try to avoid the ever-dangerous cell towers, chelate our bodies, take detox baths and natural supplements, eat only clean food, but all of this is not enough.  We must have God’s intervention or all mankind could die.

God has already intervened for us once and He will do it again.  God sent His Son, Jesus to save our souls and give us eternal life.  A heavy price was paid for our salvation.  Jesus who knew no sin, was scourged, wrongfully accused of violations by man, stricken 39 times on His back ripping out flesh with barbs intended to do maximum damage, crown of thorns placed heavily on His head, His beard ripped off His face, sword thrust into His side, and nailed to a cross and left to die.  Yet, Jesus’s last words were, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

The devil thought he had destroyed the Son of God, the Chosen One, the One who said when asked, who do you say you are?  Jesus answered, “I am.”  But, in three days after the crucifixion, Jesus rose again.  Satan knew he had lost.  Satan knew right then that mankind who believes that Jesus died for their sins and had the power to raise Himself up again, would be saved from a sinner’s hell and live with God in Heaven for eternity.  Satan knew he and his fallen angels would reside in hell away from God forever. 

Let’s lay the foundation in our understanding of a second intervention that God our Father has for us on this earth.  First, He gave us a way for our souls to be saved for eternity.  Now, we pray that he intervenes and saves our lives.  God said there is an appointed time for man to be born and a time to die.  Satan says no and wants to be in charge of our death on his schedule.  Satan wants mankind, who have turned away from God and sold their souls to the devil, to die in their sins and go to hell with him and his fallen angels.   

God is the Alpha and Omega.  God is the beginning and the end.  It is impossible for us to comprehend this but God always has been and will be forever.  In the beginning, God the Father and the angels He created existed in wonderful splendor and reverence in Heaven.  Satan whose name was Lucifer, was the chief of all Angels.  Lucifer was the angel of music.  Musical instruments were a part of his body. Lucifer made beautiful music unto God and he was the leading praise angel to God the Father.

God the Father loved the angels and all of them loved Him.  God chose to love the angels and the angels chose to love Him.  The angels knew they were created by God the Father and they not only loved but reverenced Him beyond what we can comprehend. 

God did not force the angel’s love and reverence of Him but gave all angelic beings the freedom to choose their affections and honor to their creator. 




But, with that free choice, Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels began to think, imagine, then desire to be like God and even to be better than God.  The pure sound of Lucifer’s heavenly music and reverence to God was no more.  God and Heaven are pure and cannot contain such disharmony.  Immediately, Lucifer and 1/3 of his followers were cast out of Heaven.  They were banished to the stars and fell to the earth away from God the Father forever. 

No man knows the sequence of events for the creation of the earth but at one time it was without form and void.  God created the beautiful earth in 6 days and then He rested.  The Garden of Eden, a real place, had exceptional beauty but it needed more.  It needed man.  So, God the Father created the first man in His own image with soil from the ground and breathed life into him.  God named this first man, Adam.  God then formed Eve, the first woman from Adam and they walked and talked with God in the Garden.  God told them to be fruitful and multiply.

Remember, the fallen angels.  Well, they were cast out of Heaven into the stars and earth and also into eternal chains of darkness as spirit beings.  They no longer could live and move in the perfect and ominous light and power of God. God is the Father of Lights and the fallen angels were cursed to darkness where they operate forever. 

In the beginning of life on the earth, Adam and Eve expanded the Garden, named all plants and animals and co-existed on the new earth with Satan who lived and moved as a serpent.  He could communicate with Adam and Eve but it was known he was not their friend. 

Satan, the old serpent, tricked Eve into sinning and getting Adam to follow her.  Satan, said to Eve, “hath God said….”  Eat of this fruit and you will be like God.  Adam and Eve were told to never eat of the fruit but they were beguiled by the great deceiver, Satan.  This is what is called the fall of mankind.  This was the first fall of mankind. 

God was very wroth.  Adam and Eve were cursed and that of all mankind to follow. Satan, the serpent was further cursed and condemned to crawl on his belly and eat the dust all day long.  Remember, man was made of dust, dirt, soil of the earth.  Satan desired to consume and destroy all mankind.  Satan became mankind’s enemy until the very end. 

Satan began 6,000 years ago, after expulsion from the garden, his ultimate plan to destroy all mankind and hurt God in the best way he could.  Satan came to kill, maim and destroy mankind.  Jesus came to utterly destroy the works of the devil.  And He will do it.  He will do it in partnership with us, the body of Christ, which is also called the Church, and the Bride of Christ.  Believers in Jesus Christ are called Christians.  If God be for us, who can be against us.  The devil?  Jesus defeated the devil at the cross and the grave and after going down to hell, came out with the keys of sin and death and we the Christians are more than conquerors with Him.

Today, we are experiencing a new phenomenon on the entire earth and that is a global silent killer.  Bombs are not going off, guns not shooting people in mass, armies or terrorist are not attacking all over the world.  Satan has chosen instead to quietly poison and exterminate all mankind. 

Satan wanted to end mankind in the garden, but he failed.  The first enticement ever recorded in history was when Satan tempted Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge.  Eve fell to his lies of choice words and Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden.  The same enticement strategy is used today by Satan and his converts in the mainstream media, our governments, peers, professionals and in many cases our religious leaders.  They first put doubt in you.  Put fear in you or build on what you have heard and then say, “you want to live don’t you?”  “I want you to live!” “Take the vaccine and you will be safe from this horrible worldwide pandemic.” 

In the first enticement, Satan did not know what was going to happen when he caused the fall of man in the garden.  Satan and the fallen angels were damned to hell forever.  And all future mankind was cursed and could no longer live in a garden of paradise.  Instead, all mankind was cursed to work by the sweat of their brow, women would have pain at childbirth and every person at birth would be born into sin.  Man would not be able to walk and talk with God but be tempted and tormented by evil  and die in their sins and go to a sinner’s hell.  




But God. Our Father in Heaven loved His creation and wanted mankind to love Him.  So, He had to make a way for us to get back to Him.  A way to walk and talk with Him and have an eternal home in Heaven with Him.  So, God the Father sent Jesus Christ, His only Son, to live and die for our sins and if we confess with our mouths and believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior and that God raised Him from the dead, then we shall be saved. 

Problem.  Satan knows his fate.  Satan hates God. Satan want all of us to stay in sin, die in our sins and go to hell with him.  Satan has only one weapon to strike at and God and that is maim, kill and destroy mankind in our sins. 

Answer.  God said He would raise up a standard against the flood of Satan.  God will turn back this pandemic and more that is designed to kill us all.  But we must do as He says.  Jesus has said to the ones that listen to His voice, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  The land includes all that comes from the ground.  We the people came from the ground.  The earth and its people will be healed.  Plants and animals will benefit as well. 


Every substance and light in the universe is frequency.  God is frequency and all He has made is frequency.  Godly frequency is perfect, harmonious, life giving and life sustaining. 

Prophet Elisha – bring me someone to play music.  The word of the Lord came down.  God uses music. 

Lucifer in Heaven when he was the angel of worship, the angel of music and possibly the most beautiful angel had a frequency that was perfect as well.  The music that came from him was perfect, soothing, and beneficial to all around the throne of God.  When Lucifer fell, music from him ceased and was surely replaced by another around the throne. 

Lucifer, now Satan knows what he lost.  Satan lost the right, the pleasure and the benefits of being the praise angel to God.  So, on the earth, Satan took over music performed by men and women and directed it away from worship and pleasure of God as much as he could accomplish.  Most music is directed at extolling other gods of pleasure or self.  Music is made up of words or lyrics and sounds from musical instruments.  The words of a song are subject to the writer but influenced by Satan and his demons to have songs praising a person and things other than God.  The instruments bring forward beautiful sounds but both words of a song and the melody from the instruments have one thing in common and that is frequency. 

Music of Heaven created by God has a frequency and it is a Heavenly frequency.  Music on earth was created by God as well but Satan changed it. Why? Satan wants earthly music to harm us.    

When God created the earth, He put a perfect frequency in the earth.  The frequency is 432 Hz, also known as Verdi’s A, because it has “a pure tone of math fundamental to nature” and is “mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe, vibrating with Phi, the Golden Ratio. They point to how this pitch can be connected to everything from nautilus shells to the works of the ancients, including the construction of the Great Pyramid.




Furthermore, 432 Hz resonates with 8 Hz (the Schumann Resonance), the documented fundamental electromagnetic “beat” of Earth. It just feels better.

Remember, man was created from the earth, so the same 432Hz frequency is just what mankind needs.  This is God’s view on the matter.  But evil had other intentions.  Again, Satan and his minions said no, we will do it different.  We want music changed to 440 Hz.  Not  better for man but better for Satan’s evil plans against mankind. 

Think about the motivation of two evil figures in history. 

Nazi Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels insisted on 440 Hz tuning in Germany because he believed it made people think and feel in specific ways, making them “a prisoner of a certain consciousness.” “And if you’re trying to mobilize the population for Der Fuhrer, that’s exactly what you want, right?”

The Rockefeller Foundation had an interest in making sure the United States adopted the 440 Hz standard in 1935 as part of a “war on consciousness” leading to “musical cult control.” 

Prior to the times of the World Wars, the tuning of musical instruments and establishing a standard around the world seemed to be the logical thing to do. But, when radios became a major communication device, evil stepped in and set the standard to adversely affect mankind and they would not even know it. 

Here are some of the effects of an unnatural frequency picked up by our ears and minds and our bodies resulting many times in unnatural actions:

  • Entrains thoughts toward disruption, disharmony, and disunity
  • Wrongfully stimulate the brain to function in disharmonious resonance causing disease and warring
  • Music monopolies that promotes aggression, psychosocial agitation, and emotional distress
  • Physical illnesses and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies, and companies engaged in the monopoly
  • Various governments and agencies have used music for management of crowds by controlling their thoughts
  • Tuning music to 440 Hz potentially turns music into a military weapon
  • Even wholesome music, like in your church, is tuned incorrectly so the full benefit of the words of the songs are not received

Note: these are some of the negative effects of 440 Hz music found online but there are many more

The earth, mankind and all living creatures are being destroyed by evil.  Evil has designed and employed many frequency changes that hinder and do not help the living.  All these errant frequencies must be identified and corrected.

The poisoning of all living beings on the earth has been happening for a long time and has many ways it is being accomplished.  Some have said, we are doomed. Evil got a head start on us and we cannot defeat them.  That is correct, but God can.  The nanobot technology, the spike proteins, the graphene oxides and more are pseudo living multiplying devices or aberrations functioning much like cells of our bodies.  They need energy, communication and frequency.  In one moment, all frequencies needed by these invaders can be cut off and they will die. 




Between God and man, the frequencies can and will be cut off, in some instances when the frequency levels are drastically increased, the evil devices cannot survive and the host, you or me, will live.  Our God created a wonderful immune system that will learn from this experience and never let our bodies be subject to annihilation like this ever again. 

Worldwide prayer:

Father in Heaven, we first ask for your forgiveness of our sins and also sins we do not know of.  We are your children and we come to you Father and ask you to save us from Satan seeking to kill all mankind and attempt to take us to hell with him.  We need You to come to our rescue and we will do as You ask and utterly destroy the works of the Devil.  You are God Almighty who will rise up a standard against the evil flood. We ask for a global change of all evil frequencies and restore the perfect frequency balances you made for us before we were born. We thank you in advance, before we see it happen, and we praise and give You all the glory.  We love You and we know You love us. Amen

Please send this epistle to everyone and ask them to do the same.


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