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Reader Post | By KS

Hey Brother, I hope all has been well as with All of the wonderful Patriots out there in these Ridiculous times we live in.

I took some time to actually Ponder the question you asked me as to What it would take to Convince me of what is happening. Well, I’ve given that a good bit of thought and here is what I’ve come up with.

You had mentioned about some of us now being “Awake” and knowing about some of this stuff for well into 30 years now. Well, I AM one of those individuals. I’ve known about much of this for at least that long. Some of it a little longer. But I had ZERO way to Factually PROVE Any of it to Anyone. Only what I had dug out and researched on my own. That being said, the Reason I Refuse to just BELIEVE Any of this without proof brother, is my “Faith” in the Truther community is now Non Existent due to so many Deliberate Lies and Misinformation being pushed out and pushed down our throats STILL without Any Credible, Verifiable, Factually Provable PROOF of ANY of the Claims being SAID. Just because someone Claims it does Not make it Fact. Just because someone found a document or two ONLINE, Also does not make it fact. Reason being, there are so many HACKERS on this planet who can make Any Website LOOK CREDIBLE and AS REAL as the One You may THINK you may be ordering something online from. So NONE of anything found ONLINE, is Factually Provable by anyone. It can ALL be Forged by any person with that set of skills, just like the Hackers can do and HAVE been doing for more than 2 decades now. That’s how the scammers all make their billions each year in stealing other people’s money. Videos can Also be Forged and faked. Just take a long hard look at what CommieWood and Mikey’s MonsterLand has done over just the past 20 years with videos.

Since I Have known about a lot of this for so long, I have Heard from this person that They WILL DO THIS, and They WILL do That. Or the Next to make those Same EMPTY Promises of Oh I’m Different, I WILL do this and I WILL do that. Only to once again, see they are exactly as much a liar as the one, two or ten before them who made those exact same empty promises and FAILED Miserably. So I’m now a Pure and Total SKEPTIC of ANYONE who Once again, makes those Same sort of CLAIMS Without PROVING A single THING along the Supposed Way as we are STILL now into the 7th YEAR of Not seeing Even ONE of the KNOWN, TREASONOuS, CABAL having been TAKEN OUT as all the CLAIMS keep saying. Even KILLARY is STILL on this “supposed” STAGE and Spewing even More Vile Hogwash from her mouth. Not ONE of them has been REMOVED. ZERO! Trump DID do a great job as POTUS, NO DOUBTING THAT at All. BUT, Not ONE of the Cabal/Deep State has been Removed AS HE SWORE to do HIS FIRST TIME THRU the office. He Was given ONE TASK by We The People when he was elected and he Accepted that task of TAKING OUT THE DEEP STATE. He DID NOT DO IT because NONE of them have gone Anywhere as of YET.

So WHY then, WOULD I, Believe Oh THIS TIME it’s Different that ALL those other people Before?? I DON’T! I REFUSE to Once again, Put MY FAITH out there Only to have it end up being SMASHED YET AGAIN. I Will NOT. Sorry but That’s how it is.

Now Some I KNOW, will say, Well if YOU KNEW So much of this for all this time, Why haven’t YOU done anything about it? Well, I’m only one man with ZERO Resources to PROVE ANY OF IT. EVEN NOW Nothing can be PROVEN to loved ones who are still Fully Asleep! Nothing. So How would I have been able to do anything THEN, when I Can’t STILL TO THIS DAY Prove Any of it? I CAN’T and Neither can any of you. It’s YOUR CHOICE (and by all means do so it you are led to) to Have “FAITH” in this Newest person making those same old claims I’ve heard for so many years now. Don’t let ME stop Any of YOU for doing that. It’s Your Choice. As much as it is My Choice to NOT Believe any of it until I see PROOF that the Whole WORLD Will See At the Same time! Then and ONLY Then, will This man say, Well now, It’s About Damned TIME someone Actually DID what they Said they would do!!

Just wanted to respond Respectfully to your Question to me directly. I again, Know that I am Not Alone in these thoughts and thinking on the matter. The world is a Very big place and it’s highly unlikely that I am the ONLY ONE to be having these thoughts and meditations on it all.




You all have a Great Night and Great Week Ahead. 

Reader KS


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