Heart Garden vs. Tyranny Compound



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Submitted on September 24, 2023

[Update: 9/25/2023 8:03 AM ET]

My glaring omission in this article: I failed to mention that LOVE is the most integral part of destroying the tyranny compound.

I know it and assume most of the audience knows this to be true that LOVE is the key to life.

For those so hardened and cynical about the existence of our Divine Creator, who may be reading/have read this article, I attempted to focus on the facts and hopefully my description of the Heart Garden indicated/inferred that Love is ultimately the most extraordinary catalyst for transcendence. I just did not want to be preachy.

Heart Garden vs Tyranny Compound

A Heart Garden is where your Soul resides in your Heart. Peace Be Still in this sacred place where our Creator Lord is always with you. You are safe in this sacred garden. You are Sovereign. Close your eyes and Go Within. It is easy to talk with your Creator who loves you.




We all know what the Tyranny Compound represents – it is the 3D slime pit where humans commit Treason and Crimes against Humanity.

Many of us are on the edge of an epiphany of discovering who we are and why we are living at this time. Part of this personal awakening is knowing we are Divine Light Beings who came to Earth to be here at this time specifically to defeat evil and create Eden here on Earth.

“You were born for this time.” — Miki Klann

SG Anon uses the term milciv during his podcasts. It means military/civilian. The White Hat military does the heavy lifting, destroying the underground tunnels and rescuing children and many other operations unknown to any of us. The most powerful civilian role we can have at this time is to teach everyone who is unaware to understand the diabolical and very clever political and financial trick that has been played on all of us since 1871. Our Republic was stolen in 1871 and turned into a corporation, USA Inc. registered in Delaware. In other words, our Republic was invaded and stolen by domestic and foreign terrorists. This was the first coup d’état in America.

There are two concepts to know when you stand against the elites in the Tyranny Compound.

1. You are a Private Divine Human. You have tremendous spiritual powers you may not be aware of yet. This is your Heart Garden. Private: You are a Sovereign Man or Woman. You are a Divine fragment of God. You have God given Rights as a human being from birth.  You are a child of God Creator. You have Infinite Strength. Your prayers are Quantum in nature.

Lawful = You abide by Common and Universal Law including the Constitution for the United States of America.




2. Corporate: The Tyranny Compound: You are an employee/citizen of the corporation. You have privileges and no rights.  You are under the jurisdiction and control of corporate bylaws, rules, regulations, statutes and codes. This is known as Federal, State and local “laws.”  Your birth certificate, marriage license, driver’s license, college degrees, social security number all have document numbers associated with you.  These numbers have been traded as financial instruments on global stock exchanges your entire life. You have been in corporate bondage as a slave your entire life paying taxes and numerous fees for corporate and government elites for their financial profit not yours.

Legal = Corporate Admiralty Law = The Tyranny Compound L: Land, A: Air, W: Water: U.C.C. Universal Commercial Code: this is the Tyranny Compound. Our Republic was overthrown and our Constitution changed to read the Constitution of the United States of America in 1871. You have always accepted and followed their corporate Federal, State, County rules and regulations.  You did not know you were tricked and that the corporation had complete financial and legal jurisdiction over you. This is the Tyranny Compound. This is the fraud against We the People globally. Elected officials from local towns to the U.S. Congress have ruined our country. These scumbags at the top know about this grotesque fraud. They have laughed behind our backs and gladly profited from our labor and taken great delight in our pain and suffering as their commercial debt slaves.

The Great Awakening is a spiritual awakening when you realize in your core that no corporation, Federal, State or local government has jurisdiction over you because it is a fraud, it is a fiction, it is a lie. When you have this realization, the global Tyranny Compound will shatter like glass into a million pieces. This is your epiphany moment. Tell everyone you know about this Crime Against Humanity.

There is good news: all that was stolen from you financially will be returned to you soon. Hold the Line. Be of Good Cheer. Have Faith.

With profound thanks to Scott McKay, Miki Klann and SG Anon for their recent podcast on 9.22.2023 shown on
Research and take action: and the book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin.

Dances with Eagles (DWE) 9.24.2023


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