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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 2, 2023

“I caught ’em. I caught ’em all. We have the cards. They don’t.”
– 2 Term President Donald J. Trump

Though I often refer to President Trump, this is really not about him. He is a faithful servant to the United States of America, but moreover to the One who truly called him. Though he may not have known it at the time, he does now.

This is about God’s Plan. And yes, that Plan is in alignment with a Military Operation that has been in the works since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Plan is about Draining the Swamp. Have you heard that catchphrase a few times? For those with ears to hear, can you hear the drainage taking place under the dark tunnels of DC at this very moment– tunnels that were used for unspeakable evil.

Donald Trump is an anointed leader like Cyrus the Great. Cyrus drained the moats of Babylon and took the city in a single night. No counterattack was possible, because his Plan was not only strategically brilliant, it was “in the cards” from a Higher Source.

Do not kid yourself that this treasonous (at the highest level) criminal election fraud, which was an Act of War against the United States by Enemies Foreign & Domestic, was somehow successful and now the masked puppet they call ‘Joe Biden’ actually took over as de facto leader of the world.




Patriots are in control. The US Military is in control. Laugh all you want, but Space Force Guardians are in control.

This is not like the first Revolutionary War, where ordinary citizens were tasked with charging the enemy in a field with bayonets. This is cyber-warfare. Satellites and the dissemination of information via technology are the main weapons.

General Flynn called citizen patriots in this Second American Revolution digital soldiers, engaged in irregular and asymmetrical warfare. That is accurate. But this is, above all else, a spiritual war. A battle between Good and Evil for the Soul of a Nation– and by extension the World. Because where the United States goes in this battle, so goes the World.

Where We Go One, We Go All.

Spoiler alert: The war has already been won in the spiritual realms. Now we are enacting it in the physical, temporal realm. Like a stage play, the main story has already been written, but there is still flux and flow as to how the actors perform the scenes, as well as the minutiae of the overall performance.

Anyone who has ever acted in or been involved in the theatre knows that each performance of a play is unique, a lot of things can go right or wrong on any given night, but the actual script stays the same. There is improv possible within those contexts, or mistakes that could happen. A light could fall from the rafters and hit an actor. And yet, come what may, the Show goes on and the actors all gather and take a bow afterwards.

The outcome of this grand story is 100% secure because the Author is God. Whether we feel like we are onstage in this Show or in the audience, or a little bit of both, we are all going to see this Story through together.




The bigger picture is that humanity has awoken, or at least enough of humanity has. The majority of the world knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that this ‘election’ was a fraud and that ‘Joe Biden’ is not a legitimate leader. There will be no putting the genie back in the bottle or convincing us all to go back to sleep and continue watching the corporate media for news, while looking to Hollywood stars (paid actors) for direction.

That old world is dead. A new world is emerging from its ashes like a phoenix. There is no possibility whatsoever that Biden/Harris puppet masters can lead the awakened human population for any significant time moving forward.

It doesn’t even matter that they “inaugurated” Biden. It was a fake inauguration, via a fraudulent vote and under the auspices of the 1871 United States Corporation, which is now a defunct and bankrupt organization.

When Donald Trump is re-inaugurated it will be in the line of succession following Ulysses S. Grant, the last President before the corporate takeover of the United States.

So, in a way, Donald Trump was the Last President of the Old US Corporation and will be the First President of the New United States of America which follows in its wake. That’s how big the historical moment you are living in is. That’s why we say that it’s going to be Biblical.

This moment in history is aligned with the birth of the United States and the dream of the founding fathers, who consecrated this land to the Living God, deriving all rights as given from the Creator, and who then went to war with the biggest Empire on Earth, relying solely on Divine Providence for their Victory.

Well, here We the People are again. In the culmination moment of that journey, a moment that will deliver not a birth, but a rebirth of a Nation.

Make America Great AGAIN.

The only way to make it great again is to free humanity for good this time. The only way to do that is to take down the Deep State Swamp in ONE FELL SWOOP. By the Grace of God.

Angelic Armies are working in conjunction with human armies, which are working in conjunction with the citizens of the world. If you aren’t a military operative, you do not need to pick up a weapon. No violence whatsoever is required. No storming of Capitols or anyplace else.




All that is needed is that you stand up and stand your ground. Declare your Truth before the World and stake a claim for the rights of all humanity.


We’re not wearing your masks. We’re not bowing to your media lies and deception. We are not disavowing President Trump.

We are not turning our backs on the prophets of God, and most especially we are not turning our backs on God itself.

In God We Trust!

This is not about In the Vatican We Trust. Or in Hollywood We Trust. Or In Corporate Media We Trust. Or In Central Banks We Trust. And it’s certainly not In Congress We Trust.

“There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”
– Mark Twain

All of the above are captured operations. They appear strong, even invincible to some, like Goliath did to the people of his day. But David did not fear Goliath. He laughed at him. David trusted in God. And he was a hell of a marksman with a slingshot, to boot.

“My David I have set aside for this Nation.”
– Kim Clement in 2014, on the coming Trump Presidency.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.




This is all in God’s Plan for humanity and for the world. So, oppose it at your own peril. However, anything the politicos and globalistas do will have no effect on the ultimate outcome. They already lost. And yet, it looks to many like Donald Trump has left the Oval Office forever and might even go to jail.

They probably would have said the same thing about Sun Tzu or Cyrus, right before they realized they were played by a master.

The shadow government opponents of the United States are about to lose everything. They are going to lose their money. They are going to lose their power. And many of them will lose their lives.

We are all here as witnesses. First, we will witness the collapse of their plans. Then we will witness what they have been up to all of this time in the dark. And dark it is. Most of them at the top were occultists, and it’s all too true that some of them used children in sacrifices or ritually abused them. They did the same thing to their own children, to mind-control them, so can you imagine what they would do to children not in their family?

They were able to hide in the dark and rule by secrecy because the average person could not accept that something so dark and abominable could actually occur in this world. However, this has been going on since Biblical times with Baal worship– and it has continued up to the present. This activity was used for blackmail and also to advance within the ranks of the Swamp.

The nature of evil and darkness is such that only the most ruthless and amoral can advance. Anyone with a shred of humanity would balk at a certain point and thus could not reach the pinnacle of the pyramid of rule. Anyone with a change of heart along the way would not be able to back out. They’d be eliminated for knowing too much. It’s like the Mafa that way.

However, now we are in an “Untouchables” moment. The world criminal Mafa is being taken down. It will be done legally, by the book, and by the Constitution. What happens next now remains to be seen and to be lived. It’s part of the fun, for those in the know. For others, it may be a rocky rollercoaster ride. The end will not be for everyone. But for those who exit the stage in the phenomenal world, they will witness the rest of “the show” in the etheric audience, so to speak. This Story is for Everyone to complete, one way or another.

I conclude by telling all Patriots and Trump supporters, many of whom are broken hearted right now: Do not get hung up on timeframes and this day or that day, watching the pot waiting for it to boil or not boil.

Nothing the Enemy can do can change the outcome. While they have their media they can still stage and interpret events for the remaining gullible public, but they cannot unwrite what God has written.

How does it end?




God Wins, is how it ends.

Every road leads to Rome and every road leads to that outcome. The United States will experience a National Renaissance, which will transform into a World Renaissance. There will be a new Quantum Financial System to go with it.

If you are wondering about Q, it was/is a Quantum computer employed by a small number (less than 10) of patriots in military intelligence and others, who have gamed out this meta-historical moment, taking all possibilities and moves and countermoves into account for maximum success, while also paying homage (with the letter Q) to President John F. Kennedy, who called out the Cabal in his “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” speech, and had a plan to stop them before he was publicly assassinated.

Now we complete what JFK, Lincoln, and the Founding Fathers started. We are the transition team to a new world and a new age.

And it will be: “A smooth and orderly transition of power.”

The transition of power will be from the Luciferian Deep State Swamp, with its usury fat banking empire, its deceptive media, and its blackmailed agents in intelligence and politics, back to We the People.

We the People have awakened and cannot be defeated now. God is on our side and Lucifer is getting chained up and dropped in the Pit, for a thousand years or more. You can take that literally or figuratively, but the end result is the same:

The Best is Yet to Come.

And All Glory is to God.

So, give us your last bet shot Team Puppet Biden.




Give us your last best Media Spectacle. We’ve got our Popcorn.

And no death of any true freedom fighter, from JFK to Bobby Kennedy to Martin Luther King, and back to the original Patriots of the First American Revolution, to Patriots for the cause of Freedom the world over, all the way back to the Alpha and Omega of freedom fighters, Jesus Christ, will ever have been in vain. Because it all led to this.

Now We Win. For them. For Us. And for the children of today and tomorrow. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be again.

“Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that We, as a People, will get to the promised land! And so I’m happy tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man! Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!”
– Martin Luther King


Parting the Washington Sea


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