Zeno’s Zero

Zeno of Elea, Greek philosopher 495 – 430 BCE


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Submitted on August 5, 2023

Philosophy (definition 1) is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, existence, and experience.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time and space; and also includes some abstract theory (seemingly) with no basis in reality.

Aristotle called Zeno the ‘Inventor of dialectic’ which is the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions, and inquiry into metaphysical contradictions and their solutions.


If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (by Sting, written by Gordon Summer)

Forever conditioned to believe that we can’t live




We can’t live here and be happy with less

So many riches

So many souls

With everything we see we want to possess

If you need somebody, call my name

If you want someone

You can do, you can do, you can do the same




If you want to keep something precious

You got to lock it away and throw away the key

If you want to hold onto your possession

Don’t even think about me

If you love somebody

If you love someone

If you love somebody

If you love someone

Set them free

Free, free, set them free (set them free)




Sting – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free – YouTube 


This article follows from the book ‘A Brief History of Infinity The Quest to Think the Unthinkable’, Author Brian Clegg, © Brian Clegg 2003, Constable & Robinson Ltd, London, UK

Chapter 2 Counting On Your Fingers

Page 10 5th century BCE, Zeno has two paradoxes that are still relevant although much of his work is lost except a few hundred words of his fascination to tear apart the way we think of motion – which demonstrates a fundamental belief of the Eleatics: the denial of the existence of change. (“Strange fascinations fascinate me” David Bowie, Changes)

Page 15 Zeno’s Arrow: He describes an arrow flying through space. After a certain amount of time has passed, the arrow has moved to a new position. At a particular instant in time it must be somewhere. “You can imagine it hanging in space like a single frame from a movie.” 

In today’s world, by using strobe lights a single still frame photo can be taken of an arrow in flight.

“Is the arrow stationary (suspended in space) or is it moving? How do we tell the difference? How can the arrow tell the difference?”

Is motion an illusion?

Were Zeno’s works lost or purposely destroyed?




The chapter then goes to relativity ‘theory’. “Einstein imagined FREEZING A BEAM OF LIGHT, not by taking a snapshot in time but by riding alongside it at the same speed.” A frozen beam of light implies light of no speed, in agreement with Zeno. So Einstein began with Zeno’s idea. 

Page 16 “But Einstein’s ‘daydream’ of stopping light was a real problem, because the mechanism that Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell had used to explain the workings of light some fifty years before would not allow it.” 

“Maxwell’s explanation of light depended upon electricity and magnetism supporting each other in a continuous dance, an interplay that could only work at one speed, the speed of light. If it were possible for light to slow down, the delicate interaction would collapse and the light would cease to exist.”

Note: Maxwell’s explanation is surprisingly the same as the physics given in the Phoenix Journals (link below) where God is the centering White Magnetic Light controlling two interacting opposing lights.

Einstein’s mind game ‘assumes’ that the speed of light is a constant close to 186,400 miles per second. “Fixing light to a single speed changes the apparent nature of reality.” 


Modern science is afflicted by the influence of money; mind games. 

Mind Games by John Lennon

“We’re playing those mind games forever

Projecting our images, in space and in time”




Zeno’s Zeroes to ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie

“And the shame was on the other side”

Nikola Tesla: “Einstein is a shill.”

Physics Derived from Observations: Newton’s gravity observation stops before the apple’s matter radiates to gases that rise due to (negative) gravity. What would Newton say about the entire existence of that same apple? Einstein’s observations and assumptions took the speed of light from ‘Zeno’s Zero’ to a positive number, in order to match Maxwell’s equations. 

Yet!!! Einstein is quoted, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

The illusion is the speed of light or motion.

(Deep Aside: The illusion is also the presupposition of the existence of time, speed being distance divided by time. This short Galaxygirl channel gives the profound truth about time in the first sentences: A Message From Alcyone: Speed of Light – Era of Light This brings God into science and the equation; now insert the value given for time in the equation s = d/t.)

Fascinating article: The Illusion of Time and Space ( by Jeff Street

According to the Phoenix Journals at Home >> Four Winds 10 – the speed of light is zero, Nada, and reality is a simulation, an illusion. Einstein’s ‘frozen light beam’ would appear to have a speed of zero, Zeno’s Zero.

Einstein’s assumption has misdirected physics for generations.




The One and Infinite One, The Supreme Creator, using the Ultimate form of quantum entanglement, changes the wave patterns directly at all sensory receptors (eyes, ears, … electric sensors) at an apparent rate of 186,400 waves (still frames) per second. This gives the illusion of a speed of light, motion. 

Further, the inference from that number is that the mile is the ‘correct’ basic measurement unit for distances and not the kilometer, or there would be 300,000 waves per second. 

Looking at the famous equation: E = mc2 (energy = mass times the speed of light squared) 

Given c = 0; solution: there is zero energy, regardless of the mass; Zeno’s Zero.

Does this allude to ‘zero point energy’?

God is the still Zero Point Energy centering The Creation. Freeze light. Frees light. 

Further and farther, Zeno posited the Stadium Paradox in which he compared A to B where A is an athlete running along beside a row of people and at a steady speed, for example 60 people per minute, and B is the same thing except the row of people are moving (moving sidewalk) at the same speed as he runs but in the opposite direction of his running. Running at the same speed he now passes twice as many people. If the people were moving in the same direction the runner would not pass any of them, but they would appear at a standstill to the runner. THIS IS RELATIVITY!!!!!!!!! 

ZENO gave us relativity more than 2400 years before Einstein. 


However, Einstein’s observation of a person bouncing a ball on a passing train provides a great demonstration of the illusion of distance and speed and his resulting time dilation equation. 





Quantum Zeno Effect: from Zeno’s paradoxes – Wikipedia 

In 1977, physicists E. C. George Sudarshan and B. Misra discovered that the dynamical evolution (motion) of a quantum system can be hindered (or even inhibited) through observation of the system. This effect is usually called the “quantum Zeno effect” as it is strongly reminiscent of Zeno’s arrow paradox. This effect was first theorized in 1958.

Available at EBH CLUB – Empowering Better Humans : “In 2022, two teams made photons act as if time were simultaneously flowing in both directions, which could point to a way to boost quantum devices. Physicists have coaxed particles of light into undergoing opposite transformation simultaneously, like a human turning into a werewolf as the werewolf turns into a human.” (Aside: This reminded me of the movie ‘Ladyhawke’ in which two human lovers are separated by the Bishop’s devilry: each dawn the hawk turns into a woman while simultaneously the wolf turns into a man; the reverse transformations occur at dusk such that the lovers never exist as humans at the same time.)

“In carefully engineered circuits, the photons act as if time were flowing in a quantum combination of forward and backward.” 

If we exchange ‘time in circuits’ with a ‘cat in a box’ then the above appears to verify Schrödinger’s quantum mechanic’s thought experiment. ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ is a hypothetical cat in a box which may be considered simultaneously both alive and dead as a result of its fate being linked to a random subatomic event that might occur. 


Zeno’s arrow might be the origin of modern day physic’s Arrow of Time – the one-way direction or asymmetry of time; as posited in 1927 by Arthur Eddington. A video of real events would seem realistic whether played forwards or backwards. 

NUMB3RS 09 – 01 – 2009 Episode 98 entitled ‘Arrow of Time’

Charlie Eppes: “What might appear to be chaos, even decay, is really a system’s way of smoothing out differences; its search for equilibrium.“




This explains the chaos in today’s world.

The Phoenix Journals tell us that as events unfold there is the reverse holographic reality where things go backwards. Although we only see the forward sequence (more of the illusion), the hologram plays backwards at the same time as it plays forwards. Now that’s quantum.



How does a train hear? (see Train below)

What is an advantage of wearing a pullover sweater? (see B below)

The Ancient Greeks felt Zeno’s ideas and paradoxes were outside of the circle of logic. What ‘name’ did they derive for Zeno? (C below)

Message to Einstein:

Prima Donna Lord you should have really been there

Sitting like a Princess perched in your relativistic chair

And it’s one more beer and I don’t hear you anymore

The world’s gone crazy lately

Mankind’s out there rolling ’round the basement floor 

And “Someone Shaved My Wife Tonight”, Sugar Bear

You almost had your hooks in me, didn’t you dear 

You nearly had me doped and tied

Alter-bound, hypnotized, Sweet-Freedom whispered in my ear

You’re a butterfly. And butterflies are Free to Fly. Fly away. High away. Bye bye.


And I would have walked head on into the deep end of the river

Clinging to your gravity bonds, playing your e m c squared forever

They’re coming in the morning with a ship to truck me home

Elton John and Bernie Taupin (adapt-a-tad)

The ‘Recycling Icon’ ( symbolizes squaring the circle, cubing the sphere. This one uses a white arc cut-through too. 

Train below: With its engineers. 

B below: No one can push your buttons.

C below: They called Zeno a square. 


Can You Hear The Sound of Freedom

Can you hear The Sound of Freedom?

Coming over the mountain top

Bippity, bippity, bop!

Echoing around Mother Earth

Feeding the Freedom Horse


The Sound of Freedom, The Sound of Freedom

A hundred monkey human rise

A mustering Motherly musical birth

Weaving welcome wondrous skies

We will have all

Freedom to travel

Freedom to unravel

Freedom from the gavel

Free, free, freedom! 

Freedom to teach, freedom to preach

Free, free, freedom!

Freedom beseech, freedom of speech

Free, free, freedom!

The Sound of Freedom is in reach

Can you hear The Sound of Freedom?

A subtle breeze in mankind’s hearts

Fueling the mirth of life’s worth

Flavoring and feathering fresh starts

Children playing, singing harmony

Enjoying friends and family

Climbing trees, running free

Innocent curiosity in all they see

Happy just to be

This is The Sound of Freedom to me


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