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I have been following the Operation Disclosure newsletters, and I have some information to bring to light about some of the recent posts I’ve been reading.

In regards to the rumors that Canada is under some form of Martial Law, I have reason to believe this to be true.

My reasons are as follows;

I have grandparents that live in Canada, and I straight-up asked them.

They have returned all my emails, texts, calls and been open and forth-coming about everything I’ve asked them…Until I asked them if Canada is under Martial Law.

Suddenly, they fell silent and have still not answered my question.




However, they have responded to all of my other, mundane/”normal”, communications since then.

This strange and out-of-place silence in regards to their current government operations, is not normal for them.

Prior to “popping the question” they had been joking on the phone with me about how “all politicians are crazy”.

That statement is mostly due to the covid border restrictions, and how we literally live 3 hours away from each other, but can’t visit one another without injecting ourselves with the medical communities experimental goo (covid vax/”the jab”).

Then they mysteriously go silent, only on the topic of their government.

I was taught from a young age, to “read between the lines”.

It’s not what we say, but what we DON’T say, that speaks volumes…In my family.




Another source of information on the subject comes from my husband, who plays online games with people all over the world, including people in Canada.

He asked one of his gaming buddies if Canada is under any form of Martial Law, and also got the silent treatment.

This gamer buddy in particular usually answers his messages, same as my grandparents answer mine.

So although I do not have concrete evidence of the Canadians subjugation by their military, it is highly suspicious that all questions regarding that topic are being either ignored, or silenced.

That is my contributing information on the topic of Canada being under Martial Law at this time.

The other rumor I have seen frequently in the newsletters, is the topic of Joe Biden and everything having to do with him and his “presidency”.

I have been watching this situation closely from the beginning of Trumps presidency, and I have written letters to and been in contact with both Trump and Biden.

I cannot speak to the legality of either of their reigns as president, due to the fact that our entire government system has been operating on questionable legality, if not full illegality, since before I was born.

However, I can say that Biden has a very different way of governing than Trump did.

I felt like I could actually talk to Trump as a real person, and over the course of his presidency, he earned my respect.




On the flip side of that, Biden has always felt more distant, colder and shadier.

He functions on a much more “classic” presidential frequency, and as such I speak to him with more tact and proper mannerisms, trying to be as “un-offensive” as possible.

In doing so, I have come to understand Biden in a way that I don’t think the Op.Dis. community does.

1st of all, he is a centrist moderate politician.

Meaning he is a “meet-in-the-middle” kind of guy who makes deals and does not like to, or want to, fight on any subject.

Biden is NOT a fighter.

He will run and hide, before he will fight.

We saw that when he ran from the riots and protests at the White House, and how he continually hides from further conflicts, both with the media, their questions and by not being in the real White House for his public addresses to our nation.

If he fights at all, he fights from the shadows.

He is (in his own way) trying to bring peace and unity to our nation. (YES HE IS)




However, the WAY he is doing that, is not working well for a large portion of our population, and he definitely has his own agenda going on behind the scenes.

While Trump would combat our adversaries on multiple levels, even while making some smart concessions and deals with them, Biden will/does make deals with them, that are not in the best interest of the American People.

He claims, in his form letter responses to me, that he “cares”…but his actions tell a very different story.

For example, he just passed into law a rule that makes work requirements mandatory to obtain food benefits for everyone except those suffering from a disability of some sort.

This decision was a compromise on the fiscal budget.

It only happened AFTER I wrote a poignant letter to Biden, and AFTER several politicians from multiple states had also disagreed with the decision to place work requirements on food benefits for EVERYONE, and stated as much publicly,

For those of you that missed the significance of this last minute deal he made, that affects ALL OF US, let me lay it out for you…

Our government is no longer providing proper nutrition or food assistance for their workers.

They are only providing food assistance for their documented citizens, who are working for them, or have already worked for them and are documented as being legally disabled, based on the “codes” they have agreed upon amongst themselves.

And in case you didn’t know, we already had some pretty strict requirements on food assistance, prior to these new rules.




So much so, that most people I have talked to on the subject don’t even collect their own benefits because it’s not worth filing the paperwork to get $5 a month from the government, because you’re making too much money at your part time job, that barely pays your bills anyway.

It seems that our government is claiming to be out of resources to spare, and are locking down the country from the inside-out.

Now, here’s the bullshit that we can all smell a mile away…We can literally grow food from the ground.

I personally grow and catch a portion of my own food, and it’s not as hard as some people claim.

So why is our government having such a problem paying for food for it’s citizens, when it will literally grow from water, sun and dirt?!

Last I checked those resources were free, naturally occurring and sustainable.

To me, the only thing that makes any logical sense, is that we are out of room to grow our food, AND house our people.

It’s not a “manufactured food crisis”, it’s just a lack of space to grow our food AND live in our own country along side all the other creatures that also make this land their home.

That’s why their locking down the available resources.

That’s why there are harsher restrictions on border regulations.




That’s why their weeding out the sick, weak, elderly, and “undesirable”.


I’m actually working with a licensed designer to create sustainable gardens for new and pre-existing infrastructure atm.

We are actively trying to solve our food and housing crisis, simultaneously.

Expect things to get even more chaotic, as we move further into the latter days of this system, and as people continue to breed un-checked, and expect other people to take care of their kids FOR them.

Expect more viruses, harsher restrictions, war games, death, destruction and disease to run rampant, thinning the heard.

Do not believe the lies from the lips of mislead people, who tell you to “just be yourself” and that we are “being placed” somewhere into the system.

That era is coming to a swift close, and all the open spots to “be yourself” are being filled very fast.

We also have legal restrictions on certain behaviors.

So, NO, we are NOT all allowed to “be ourselves”.




There is not a place for all of us at the dinner table.

It is going to be more beneficial to find someone who is already an integral part of the system, and find a way to work for them and sustain yourself that way.

This is what the authors on this website mean, when they say “you are a slave”.

It is a consequence of our lack of space to live, and the way our current system is set up.

We aren’t considered actual “slaves” because we still have some “rights” in this country, and we’re getting paid for our labors (even if it’s not enough). …but those “rights” have been/are being stripped away.

If anything, we’re not “slaves” so much as “servants”.

There ARE plans in the works to move our population off the planet and begin colonizing and terra-forming other planets within reach of our own.

This will help with our immediate over-population problem, but not all the other systemic problems we would bring to other habitable planetoids in our solar system.

Such as this “need to breed” epidemic that has a hold on our species.

This over-population problem keeps re-occurring within our species, and it is the direct cause of why we keep repeating the same mistakes over, and over, and over again.




It is why homosexuality originally occurred.

It is also why homosexuality is considered a “sin”.

It is not the people who are practicing same-sex relationships that is the “sin”.

It is the occurrence of homosexuality itself, and the need for it in a population, that is the “sin”.

There is a reason these teachings were chiseled into stone, and passed down to us through the scriptures.

They are important to each and every one of us.

However, over time, these teaching have become corrupted for political purposes, altered or have been mis-interpreted

So, while most Christians know that homosexuality is A “sin”, they fail to understand exactly WHY that is, and the ripple effect that causes this SYMPTOM of corruption in our world.

Biden knows this, and is trying to treat those of an alternate sexual preference with the humanity they deserve, while balancing the ferver of those mis-lead Christians who do not have a full understanding of our current population problem.

That being said, there is some validity to the claims of “de-population” mechanisms being implemented throughout our global population.

That is due to the over-population problems that we are experiencing all over our planet.

Believe it or not, they are being nice about it, for now.

Heed this warning well, it is going to get worse before it gets better.

This is also written about in the scriptures.

The 2nd coming of the savior will not be a peaceful sacrifice.

It will be a holy war of blood and death, that will clean out our population and leave the “meek” (those that run and hide/the disabled and “undesirable” population) to “inherit the earth”.

This is the Plan of “Salvation” written about in the “good” book.

So take that how you will, but get ready for the end of days, because that’s what we’re all prepping for.

On that topic, let’s dive into the subject of automation in the modern age.

We are becoming more and more reliant on robots, programs and automated mechanisms to run our system FOR us…Why?

Well, short answer…Someone thought it was a good idea at the time and other people supported that notion because they didn’t want to do the jobs the robots could do for us.

Then, by the time they figured out the ripple effect on the world around them, it was too late.

“Cat’s out of the bag now, might as well roll with it, right?”

“Let’s make some money off this shit, before it all goes to hell.”

That’s how it all started.

Then we figured out automation can actually be very helpful, if used responsibly.

Now it’s a mini-war to find an appropriate balance between manned mechanisms and robot-run automation.

That’s all it really is.

How do I know?

Several reasons, but 1st and foremost is because my grandfather came up with the idea of the internet prior to the Gate’s family capitalizing on it.

He literally talked to the wrong person, who talked to the wrong person, who went wild with the idea and made it into something it was never intended to be.

This also happened to my ancestors back in Germany, when the Einsteins sold out to war mongers and shared how to split the atom.
(We left our homeland due to that travesty btw)

So it’s not a pre-meditated conspiracy, it’s just people being people, learning, growing and trying something new…and “new” doesn’t always work, and it’s not always better.

It may interest you to know that Einstein failed 4th grade math (I struggled with that class too btw. Must run in the family, right?) and HE discovered the secret of how to mass murder everyone on the entire planet….Were that information to fall into the wrong hands.

So don’t think yourself stupid, or a lesser being, just because you don’t pass someone else’s test. 

I learned from my ancestors, and I hope you will all do the same.

There is no set bar on actual intelligence, and our education system is not made for creating intelligent individuals.

It is made for creating compliant workers for the elite agenda.

Heed my words, do NOT pay for education in the U.S….unless you are learning a specific set of skills that will allow you to gain employment, which WILL fully compensate your debts.

It is not worth it to drag yourself (and our nation) into debt, going to college, to “figure yourself out”.

This is a major reason our country is currently 30+ trillion dollars in debt.

Whoever came up with the idea of college being a “fun place to go hang with your friends and figure out what you want to do with your life”…and rack up un-payable debt while doing so…Just to get out into the real world and get a job flipping burgers at McDonalds…needs to be found, tarred and feathered, and put in stockades for a week…while the whole thing is live-streamed on Youtube.

I can not recall how many horror stories I have heard from my peers, classmates, friends and family, about the insurmountable debt they racked up in college, and how they regret that decision.

….But it’s a lot.

Look at our national debt…It’s a lot.

In saying this, I am not trying to dissuade people from getting an education or learning skills, but rather I am openly and plainly speaking the truth as I know it to be.

The best way to get a real education, is to preform self-study.

Pick a subject to research, go to the library and check out books on that subject.

Search for additional information on the internet from reliable sources of information.
(Good luck finding reliable sources of information on the internet.)

Look into auditing classes at your local colleges (that’s still free, last I knew) and get a feel for what their teaching people.

TALK to each other, exchange information openly and honestly, and observe the world around you.

Go for a walk and explore your home, our planet.

Do not take the information fed to you by “authorities” as 100% fact.

It’s not.

It’s popular opinion based on evidence provided by several different sources, that may or may not be accurate and truthful.

The most accurate source of all information, is what Christians commonly refer to as “God’.

“God” as far as I know, is the collective unconscious of all life in the multiverse.

Many people seem to require some form of mind-altering substance to connect with God, but that is actually un-necessary and can cause corrupted or confused information to be relayed.

That is why we are taught to “keep our temples holy” or keep our bodies free and clear from mind-altering substances

God is literally the biggest provider of accurate and un-filtered information in existence, and it exists in each and every one of us.

One day…I would like to live in a world where the medical community does not hinder our connection to our heavenly father, but practices actual health care, and promotes a clear connection to our souls, and our source of all creation.

Unfortunately, right now…That’s just not the case.

The medical community is full of swamp rats that do not care about you, regardless of their claims.

That being said, mixed in among the rats are angels, and cats.

The cat’s are catching the rats, as the angels take control.

Trust in God, trust in yourself.
Listen to your feelings.
Listen to the messenger of God, the Holy Ghost.

Don’t fall prey to the lies and deceit of the rats.

They only want your business.
Your money.

That’s how you can tell the difference between the rats, the cats, and the angels.

Rats will pump you full of drugs you don’t really need, and then give you more when you come back for help, sicker that you were before.

“Rat’s” don’t care about you.

Cat’s will question your desire for drugs and treatment, but they may still provide that, under a much more watchful eye than the rats.

“Cat’s” care enough to work with you, but are always on the lookout for “Rats”.

Angels will see through you, and give you what you really need, regardless of what you’re asking for.

“Angels” are in full connection with God, and they care about you as God does.

They don’t tolerate any crap, and they won’t play games with your health, and subsequently, your life.

We are going to see more and more angels take control, and this may piss off some people who are use to doing business with rats, but please try to understand…It’s better for the angels to be in control of health care.

We will suffer less, be sick less and be capable of doing more things that make us happy and healthy.

However, the angelic control of the medical community is going to come with a cost.

No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room, but I fee very strongly that we need to take a good hard look at Dumbo over there in the corner.

Social Security Disability claims are going to need to update their definitions of what constitutes a “disability” or an abundance of people in need (but not technically “disabled” based on the current definitions) are going to be in a world of turmoil, pain and suffering.

…Like they’re not already going through enough hell.

There has been call for a UBI (Universal Basic Income) System to take over, to assist the meek, weak and downtrodden.

As it stand now, we are currently functioning under a psudo-UBI that was created out of the wreckage of the Bush Administrations demolition of the Social Security Administration, to fund their war for oil.

This destruction of funding for our basic needs lead to a lot of back and forth conflict that is still on-going in our politics, between the “haves” and “have not’s”.

AKA; “Capitalists” and “Socialists”.

It is also the reason for the creation of new funding systems and alternative UBI-type systems being proposed on the Op.Dis. Website, and in our current politics and banking systems.

We’re trying to fix what greedy, adversarial forces in positions of power broke.

…And they broke it for everyone other than their own people.

Selfish greed once again put’s us in a precarious position.

Wasn’t that written about in the scriptures too?

This is why there is an over-whelming homeless population, and why our leaders are putting up a lot of “middle housing” for people in need.

Their trying to get people off the streets, and out of sight of those that complain about them(the “have’s”/”Capitalists”).

I’d like to call attention to the parable of the “Good Samaritan” here.

On the surface, our leaders seem like good Samaritans, helping get the weak and downtrodden off the streets.

However, the devil is in the details.

The rules around the “government housing”, “middle housing” or “free housing” tend to be a hodge-podge of helpful and hurtful to their tenants.

I am currently on the RAB (Resident Advisory Board) for the Housing Authority in my area, that manages government housing vouchers and federal government housing.

From the inside out, I can tell you right now…it’s a shit-show.

Other RAB members and the employees of the Housing Authority itself have stated the same complaints as I have, about the restrictive rules around family size, living conditions, and income level.

Some of these restriction have already been rescinded upon being brought to light.

Other restrictive rules have yet to be addressed or corrected.

It is a work-in-progress, but we are doing what we can to get people appropriately housed for their needs, with this mix-match of out-dated rules.

Currently I am awaiting a form letter response from “President” Biden about the rules around family size.

These idiotic rules do not allow people who are related or married to obtain a voucher that will pay for their own room in their own home.

Yes, you heard me right.

They will give you a voucher to pay for everyone to have their own bedroom, as long as they’re not related, or in love, or married.

As the current family rules stand, If you want to live with your family or be in a loving relationship(a couple or married), you have to live stacked on top of each other (5 to a room).

The only way around this at the moment is to get a “medical exemption” based on your disability, even if the voucher they are providing is based on INCOME LEVEL and has absolutely nothing to do with any medical reason or disability status.

If you follow their instructions and their protocols to file a complaint, you get hit with a backlash from one of their divided departments that tells you they won’t help you, because you were offered a “medical exemption”.

A medical exemption, on a housing voucher that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR MEDICAL STATUS.

The most idiotic part of that rules conflict is this…The rules are different in every county in our country.

What this means, is that whoever get’s into a position of power can use the Housing “Authorities” to pass bullshit rules that prevent certain types of people from obtaining housing vouchers, and/or fully function and living peacefully in their communities.

They are doing this as a deterrent to keep low-income (traditionally people of color) from being as healthy, productive and functional as they can be…if they were allowed to get a decent nights sleep in their own damn bed.

It began with systemic racism, but it affects low-income people who are pasty-pale as snow too.

So what we have now are pockets of people in our country still living under what remains of “Jim-Crow Laws”.

Meanwhile, the elite racists try desperately to keep themselves in positions of power, over anyone they can pretend to be better than.

I think there is something very broken inside, with those people.

At the current time, they feel they are entitled to rule over people with less money or in need of help with their health care.

They call us “Socialists” and pretend like we’re the biggest problem in “their” world.

They hate us, and they treat us like lesser beings.

They claim we are the cause of the bulk of the national debt, because their taxes pay for our housing, food and bills. (OUR taxes pay for those programs too btw.)

Never mind the 3 mansions, 10 race cars, 5 yachts and 2 country clubs they took out loans to buy.

Poor leadership, human greed and public apathy got us into this mess, and it is now up to the people to take control of our own country and speak up, stand out and be unafraid to find lingering problems like these and propose solutions.

Now, that being said, we can propose solutions up and down all day long, but if the rules and the system are designed to prevent those solutions from seeing the light of day, then aren’t we wasting our time and energy trying to work with people who don’t want to listen to reason?

The answer?


It is imperative that more people get involved and bring these problems to the attention of those “in authority”, regardless of the backlash, or the feeling of beating your head against a brick wall.

We have to go through the system and take back control for the people, by the people, of the people, from with-in…and with-out.

If we don’t try their way 1st, they will call us out on it later, and it will slow down our progress.

We have to try and fail doing it their way, so they’ll fully understand why their way doesn’t work.

It’s retarded, because their retarded.

(Yes, I’m using that word in the correct context. Open a dictionary if you don’t believe me.)

So, here we are, teaching the retards in power humanity.

These kinds of systemic problems are rampant in our nation, and are going to take more than just myself to remedy.

Please, do not let yourself be shut down or silenced by the devils hiding behind their devices, pretending to own everyone and everything.

Is this still the land of the FREE home of the BRAVES?

That seems to depend on where you’re living in this country.

Stay sharp my friends.

Get involved, don’t be deterred and fight like hell for what you need.

They won’t give it to us any other way.

Keep preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best…and keep fighting for a better tomorrow than we had today.

That’s the only way out of this mess we’re all in.

I’m doing everything I can to make our world one worth living in, every day I’m alive.
…What are you doing, with your life?


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