Devon Archer Exposed More than the Democrats and the Media Want to Admit



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Patrick J. McShay, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 1, 2023

“No wise man ever thought that a traitor should be trusted”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

We finally heard from Hunter Biden’s best friend, college buddy, business associate, and fellow Burisma Oil company board member who he’s known for the last 35 years, Devon Archer. Despite the mendacious Democrat, “nothing new was revealed in this hearing” talking point that is being breathlessly reported on the mainstream media, Mr. Archer confirmed what many of us have long suspected, Joe Biden has lied a lot.

And just one day after Archer went in front of the committee, today Prosecutor Jack Smith indicted Donald Trump on Four more weak counts in the 2020 election caper. Constitutional attorney Johnathon Turley said he sees serious legal problems with the indictment. and says Smith is criminalizing thought and free speech. He called it a “Free Speech Killing Indictment” That is what Communists do.

The D.C. Judge who will preside over the case is a Black Obama-appointed judge who has sent every Jan 6th defendant brought in front of her to prison. Sean Davis Tweeted:

“That’s the same Tanya Chutkan who represented Theranos at Boies Schiller (the firm that hired Fusion GPS to attack Theranos whistleblowers) and then presided as judge in the U.S. House lawsuit against Fusion GPS. Completely corrupt”.

The Democrats like to claim that these are old claims of Biden’s criminality and were debunked long ago, but the truth is the Democrats, the DOJ, and the FBI have obstructed and derailed these investigations for years, and none of it was ever debunked.




Archer said Hunter sold an illusion of access, and, that he was very interested in Building Biden’s “global reputation”. He testified that Hunter put his father on the phone over 20 times to discuss business. Why? Because he was selling access to Joe Biden, I’m sure he was introduced to everyone at the table, and no matter what was discussed on those calls, Hunter demonstrated with every call he made to the “Big Guy” that he had access.

It also means the Big Guy lied, but Biden lies about everything. He lies about his college grades, he lies about the number of grandchildren he has, he lies and says this horrible economy is getting better, and he lies about what he had for breakfast. Why would anyone believe a thing he says? I worry more about what Joe’s controllers plan to do next.

The mainstream media are nothing but pawns for the corrupt government, and Joe Biden’s controllers have done everything they can to keep the public from seeing real news from the Alternative media and sharing articles on social media. No hearings were televised on national television to go over the mountain of evidence that Trump won in 2020, but the ridiculous Jan 6th witch hunt was given days of prime-time coverage to spew their lies and disinformation.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and illegal “Ministry of Truth” was discovered by reporters Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi while uncovering government-ordered censorship and banning content on Twitter that the government didn’t want you to see. Some of the banned content the Biden Administration deemed unacceptable for public viewing were articles and videos about the Biden family’s criminal activity, diaries, and laptops.

The Marxists on the Left argue there is nothing to see here, Hunter was a drug addict, had some friends in high places, and is sorry he was a bad boy. They claim no special treatment was given to the First son, and his supporters are sure there will be a good reason the Bidens took $10 Million from a Ukrainian billionaire, tens of millions from Communist Chinese billionaires, and $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch. All of the bank records  are coming soon.

Joe Biden Called President Trump “A Clown” During a 2020 Presidential Debate for Pointing out Hunter Biden’s $3.5 Million Donation from the former Moscow Mayor’s Wife, billionaire, and a friend of Putin’s, Elena Baturina. Despite Biden’s denials, the Republican staff of the Senate Finance and Homeland Security committees, according to, issued a joint report with a startling claim.

 — Joe Biden’s son Hunter had received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, a Russian billionaire, the widow of the former mayor of Moscow and a friend of Putin’s. See it here:




*A Hunter Biden Linked Real Estate Firm Received at Least $100 Million From  Russian Oligarch Elena Baturina

So here is where we are. None of this is speculation, there is already evidence to support every accusation with more bank records about to be revealed. The Marxists on the left have taken over control of the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS, and the military and have shown they wield significant power and aren’t afraid to use it. This case has shown itself to be a textbook case of how not to handle a case.

The IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ obstructed every investigation into these various Biden accusations and charges for years. The report from the FBI showing a longtime asset accused the Bidens of accepting a $10-million-dollar bribe from a Ukrainian oligarch was from 2016. Nothing was done, and a cover-up began. How many employees of these agencies went along with these cover-ups and obstructions? how many saw it and were afraid to say anything because of the treatment of whistleblowers in this administration? 

The FBI received Hunter’s laptop in December 2019 and nothing has been done. The New York Post reports that Garrett Ziegler at has released a 634-page report (plus 2,020 footnotes) It lists six alleged crimes committed by Joe Biden – including tax evasion and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) – alongside 459 crimes it alleges were committed by Hunter, including illegal foreign lobbying and money laundering.

Whistleblowers from these same three letter agencies have allowed the statute of limitations to run out on a tax year that Hunter owed well over $100k. The whistleblowers are being punished for coming forward instead of being protected from retaliation from their own agency.

Another mendacious Democrat talking point they have employed since Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin was fired after a threat from the “Big Guy,” Joe Biden, was that he wasn’t prosecuting enough criminals, and everybody wanted him fired. The truth is, Devon Archer just testified that Hunter was being pressured by his Ukrainian benefactors (controllers) to rid them of Shokin and his relentless investigation into Burisma corruption.

*Here is Joe Biden bragging about firing Viktor Shokin at the Counsel on Foreign Relations

Devon Archer blew that excuse out of the water when he stated that after a call from Hunter, Joe Jumped on Air Force 2, flew to Ukraine, & threatened to withhold a Billion dollars in already approved aid to Ukrainian officials unless Shokin was fired. 




The crimes are laid out in front of us, will this DOJ continue to do nothing while they roll out new indictments against Trump? We aren’t just talking about Hunter’s gun charges and tax crimes anymore. Joe Biden is taking bribes through his bagman Hunter, his compromised, degenerate son. Bribery is Constitutionally an impeachable offense. Do we have enough patriots in Congress and the Senate to stop a traitor?

Sadly the complicit and corrupt media and the Democrats will never tell us the truth because Liberals know they control the liars in the media. They can’t stand that the alternative media are out here calling them out, and they hate the fact that Elon Musk ended the government censorship on Twitter.

They won’t stand for anything less than total censorship. Meanwhile, the criminals on the left will continue to obstruct cases against the Bidens. They will continue to harass Trump with more ridiculous charges that everyone knows are bogus, and a distraction from the Biden Family’s criminal activity.

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