Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 28, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 28 July 2023

Compiled Fri. 28 July 2023 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

Trust The Plan
The Plan To Save The World.
Military Is The Only Way.

Get Ready for Military GESARA and NESARA Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) – American Media Group (

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, cash, water and essential items on hand.

“Saving Our Constitution”
SCOTUSLetter.pdf (
(VIDEO 1.08.46) Flight of the Brunson Brothers – A Nick Alvear Film (

“Ye Shall Know The Truth, and The Truth Shall Make You Free”
…Jesus Christ

“This Wonderful World”




July 16, 2023 – #4896 Music & the Spoken Word (

The next time life feels heavy, confusing or overwhelming, try spending some time among God’s creations. Notice how much closer you feel to Him. You may discover how much He wants you to feel His love through the wonder and beauty of His wonderful world.

Judy Note: It appears that the Quantum Financial System will be fully integrated and running on the new secure Star Link Satellite System by Tues. 1 Aug. – the same date President Trump was expected to return to his duly elected office as President of the US.

Those in Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) will be notified to set redemption/ exchange appointments by Mon. 31 Aug, with appointments likely beginning on Tues. 1 Aug.

Prepare for activation of the Emergency Broadcast System in a version of Martial Law, which could shut down everything for up to a ten day period while documentaries are shown in eight hour segments 24/7. The purpose would be to educate the public about our new court and government systems including our God-given Freedoms as outlined in the original and inspired US Constitution.

WARNING: There were reports that some were asking you to hand over your foreign currencies and/or Zim Bonds to them saying they would exchange or redeem them for you. DO NOT give in to this scam. Only the purchaser of the currency or bond can legally exchange or redeem that currency or bond at a Redemption Center for the higher rates. Exceptions were that if you had given someone currency or bonds, along with a notarized gift letter saying you did so, or if you gave someone Power of Attorney over your affairs. The bottom line: If someone tried to turn in your currency or bonds without your authorization, they could be arrested.

Judy Note: If you were reading this Update as posted on Operation Disclosure Official, be aware that some information has been redacted. For the complete un-redacted version, see the PDF copy at the end of this Update on Operation Disclosure Official.




Global Currency Revaluation:

  • Thurs. 27 July Bruce: Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) will be notified to set our appointments sometime between Fri. 28 July and Mon. 31 July. NESARA should be announced to the US general public on Sun. 30 July, or Mon. 31 July. Restitution allowances will come out the first week of Aug. Those 60 and older can take it as a lump sum. Those younger will be paid out over ten years. Increases in SS up to $5,000 will supposedly start in Aug. The real president will be back in office by Tues. 1 Aug.
  • On July 27th, the Basel 3 compliance plan for the economy was proposed. Another day will be set for activation. No one knows for sure what this will do to the markets when they go to real values. It has always been assumed that the markets will crash. Let me propose to you another possibility. We could start from where we are as markets are reset behind the scenes. Actually, this has been happening for some time and most people don’t know it. What remains to be seen in the activation of Basel 3 accords is a mystery. Cross your fingers. We are getting closer. …Goldilocks
  • Wolverine: “Watch between now and Monday.”
  • The General Public Tier 5 could exchange currency at the new rates at a bank beginning on Thurs. 3 Aug. …Bruce
  • We are in a critical time frame window of the Great Wealth Transfer until Wed. 9 Aug. …BoPolony
  • On Wed. 23 August the new gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System would be made public. …Bruce
  • The RV will happen after a Global Financial crisis.” …Charlie Ward

Thurs. 27 July 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#, 667-770-1865

  • Bond Paymasters (Geneva) inter media funds will receive emails that funds were available on Mon. 31 July and will have 100% access to their funds on Tues. 1 Aug.
  • Bond Holders will be notified on Tues. 1 Aug. with access to 10% of their total funds on Wed. 2 Aug. – that will last for the first 60 days.
  • Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) will have up to a 12 hour time difference between bond holder emails and Tier4b setting appointments.
  • A high up Military Source said Tier4b will be notified between Fri. 28 July and Mon. 31 July.
  • NESARA will be kicking in any day now with full asset-backed USN
  • Our bank accounts have been mirrored into the QFS.
  • As of Tues. 1 Aug. our accounts will be fully integrated into the QFS.
  • The QFS was fully integrated as of 12:01 am Thurs. 27 July.
  • There were 360 banks closed today because they weren’t Basel 3 compliant.
  • Chase Bank was changing signage to Chase Wealth Management and Financial Services
  • The USN, Iraqi Dinar, Dong have been trading upward in value.
  • Zim Holders with projects would be paid at a 1:1 with the USN.
  • Restitution allowances will come out the first week of Aug.
  • Those 60 and older can take it as a lump sum. Those younger will be paid out over ten years.
  • Increase in SS up to $5,000 will supposedly start in Aug.
  • The real president will be back in office by Tues. 1 Aug.

Global Economic Crisis:

Restored Republic:

  • JFK Jr. Private on Telegram. “Everything will be exposed on Fri. 4 Aug.”
  • Sometime soon the Supreme Court would announce their decision on the Brunson Case and another 2020 Voter Fraud case before the Court. That decision was likely to reverse the 2020 Election due to massive Election Fraud. Such would then dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress and likely be accompanied by activation of the Emergency Broadcast System where the Military would take over for a short period of time until new elections could be held.
  • Med Bed appointments could be made sometime soon.
  • When Trump’s presidency ended, JFK Jr. would come in as President, while Trump would be elevated to Global Financial Ambassador to make the GESARA changes around the Globe according to Bruce.
  • Fall 2023 Massive protests and riots were forecasted to shake Canada’s core, ushering in a winter of discontent in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024.
  • 2026: U.S. (public) Tribunals slated for 2026 would coincide with Canadian Tribunals and World Tribunals that would connect everything from Deep State Human Trafficking, to World Plandemic Deep State Operations, to creation of the Virus.

Help Save Our Constitution – It’s Hanging By A Thread: (VIDEO 1.08.46) Flight of the Brunson Brothers – A Nick Alvear Film (

“Barbie & Ken Cromar vs Goliath IRS”

Ammon Bundy, defendants, hit with tens of millions in damages in St. Luke’s lawsuit, Ken Cromar

  • Ammon Bundy & Diego Rodriguez were trying to prevent a kidnapping of Diego’s child by government enabled hospital staff and return the baby to its mother.  According to Yahoo news, Bundy is “another far-right activist”.  For protecting a baby? Really?  
  • Now also consider that First Amendment rights to peacefully protest do not apply to parents and their friends, BUT only appear to only be allowed for violent, dangerous rioters like ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER. 
  • Any reasonably intelligent person has to wonder if the Ammon & Diego & friends who have been money ahead if they had broken windows and stolen hospital equipment and demanded “reparations” for the stealing of brown-skinned babies from their mothers?  (Surely, somewhere in Diego’s family tree there must be an Latino immigrant who was oppressed by some white hospital official some time right?). They could’ve sued the hospital for $26 million or more probably, right?
  • Well, Ammon should be allowed to speak for himself with his video posted at:
  • And YOU being a juror in the court of public opinion, watch it and, “You decide!”

The World Elites and their Accusations, America Media Group

The Deep State will allegedly stop at nothing to preserve its economic dominion over humanity. Historical events have allegedly been manipulated to safeguard their interests.

  • The Titanic’s catastrophic sinking is claimed to be a well-orchestrated bombing to eliminate three influential bankers opposing the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank (a symbol of human slavery).
  • President John F. Kennedy was allegedly murdered due to his plans of transforming the banking system to a public one, thereby eradicating all debt.
  • The collapse of the Twin Towers supposedly happened just on the day when many truths were to be revealed, and the GESARA NESARA Human Equality Act was to be announced. It’s alleged that all the relevant files were conveniently deleted.
  • The 2020 US election according to some theories, was rigged to prevent Donald Trump from winning. The reason? His potential to eradicate debt from the Federal Reserve during his presidency.

The Real News for Thurs. 27 July 2023:




  • The Whistleblower exposing the project Blue Beam/Sky Beam technology. In a nutshell, their plan is to essentially create these holographic spacecrafts in all major cities, make them look like the Aliens are attacking our planet. Also, you need to understand they (parasites) have already been working on flying aircrafts, and directed Energy Weapons, so fooling the masses into another poorly directed Hollywood movie will not be difficult.
  • Bill Gates owns a factory that genetically modifies mosquitos and releases them into countries around the world.
  • Former US Intelligence Agent David Grusch testified under oath during the Congressional UFO hearing, confirming alien existence through UFO sightings and recovery of non-human aircraft with biological remains. During his testimony, Grusch also revealed the US government’s possession of off-world nonhuman bodies. He mentioned colleagues injured by UP activity and federal government involvement, even disclosing crashed crafts with non-human biological pilots.
  • Telegram Videos: Philadelphia Experiment, MK Ultra, Magnetic Fields & 5G Are Tied Together, How the subversion of modern medicine happened, 1988 Dr. Delbert Blair prophesying:
  • Under the Vatican running deep underground from Vatican City, there is a tunnel that runs almost in a direct line to Jerusalem. The length of the tunnel was given as approximately 1,500 miles, so it cuts through underneath both land and water. Starting from Vatican City, for the first 150 miles, (241 kms) there was found a huge amount of gold stacked 13 levels high. 650 airplanes were required to carry all the gold that was brought out of the tunnel to Fort Knox.
  • “Interview of Tamara Lich, heroine of the Canadian convoy, still on house arrest, facing trial and further harassment”
  • Nobel Physics Laureate Speaks Out About “Corruption” Of Climate Science – His speech was cancelled by the IMF on “climate crisis”:
  • Supreme Court reinstates major gas pipeline in blow to environmental groups | Fox News

Biden Crime Family:

Thurs. 27 July White Hat Intel:

  • Project Blue Beam would be initiated during the Ukraine war when Aliens that look like monsters would be unveiled (actually Deep State twisted DNA testing between humans and animals that created sub monsters that are kept at underground bases around the U.S. They are not Aliens)
  • Now you have Deep State Chuck Schumer talking about this monster and UFOS. The Real TRUTH: Schumer is the mouth piece for the CIA/ ROCKEFELLERS. The original plan was to have Killery Clinton be the President to bring in the Alien agenda but now that was passed to Schumer.
  • You are watching the unleasing of Project Blue Beam in stages. We are now in the stage of DEEP STATE OPERATORS as Schumer bringing forth Alien UFOs.
  • There are several inside the Congress and the Senate who don’t want the White Hats to exposes Military advanced technology, Healing technology and life changing energy technologies that will change the world away from dependency on oil. The Gas Industry that runs the world is 80% controlled by the Deep State Regime and banks.
  • Anna Luna whom Trump voted for is leading a third party and exposing the military hiding advanced technology and secrets. She is silently digging her way to D.U.M.B.s in time this WILL happen.
  • The White Hats are waiting for the Deep State to play their attempted takeover of the Alien Agenda narration and hide advanced technology, life saving medical technology and earth energy free technology.
  • The Deep State Cabal were trying to bring in fake Alien disclosure so they could go after $trillions and create laws connected to censorship. The worldwide banking collapse would be a cover up to use the trillions to create an American digital banking system.
  • The exposure of the above will insure collapse of the Deep State Pentagon, CIA and three letter agencies working in behalf of the Cabal.
  • Timing is everything: exposure of Project Blue Beam; how the Deep State Military used technology against the World; Crimes Against Humanity; how DARPA used Project Blue Beam, CIA, Raytheon and Rockefellers to kill humans and try to enslave the World with a fake Alien invasion connected to Lockstep Operations.
  • The German Army is growing tired of the war.
  • Russian soldiers disguised as Wagner soldiers enter Belarus as they prepare to attack NATO land, the corridor between Lithuania and Poland.
  • China’s XI told Putting that if he is able to capture the NATO Territory and turn Kaliningrad into a major Russian Military Base, that China would bring in Military warships. Turkey and Hungary were also aligning with Russia. Australia and France would vote against NATO if they were to invoke full war with Russia.
  • At the same time McCarthy begins Impeachment against Joe Biden.
  • A massive Storm is Brewing.
  • Obama is waiting to pull the Internet kill switch.
  • Schwab is prepping Cyber Attacks.
  • The Deep State is fear mongering Climate Change to use the weapon of HAARP EMP to blame the Sun for the 2024 US Blackout.
  • The 30 Days of Darkness was looming.
  • White Hats in Cheyenne Mountain are ready with the World Alliance Operations for a Blackout, Military intervention and Laws of War. Military is the only way. The plan to save the world.

Unveiling Project Blue Beam, Ben Fulford:

  • Prepare for the most astonishing disclosure of our time: Project Blue Beam! As [DISCLOSURE] unfolds in multiple stages, we are witnessing a twisted saga involving monsters and UFOs. But hold on to your seats, for the real truth behind this audacious operation will blow your mind!
  • The Deep State’s Alien Agenda Exposed. Deep State puppet ChuckSchumer is now the voice of a cunning CIA-Rockefeller plan to initiate Project Blue Beam. Originally designed for Killery Clinton’s presidency, the Alien Agenda now rests in Schumer’s hands. Brace yourselves as you witness the intentional release of ALIEN [DISCLOSURE] as part of the deep state’s plot to suppress advanced technologies and life-changing energy solutions that threaten their oil and gas industry dominance.
  • The Cabal’s Sinister Scheme Unmasked. Beware of the FAKE [DISCLOSURE] orchestrated by the Deep State in Congress. As they seek to control the Alien UFO agenda and cover up life-saving medical technologies and Earth’s free energy solutions, they plan to seize trillions of dollars, create oppressive censorship laws, and engineer a worldwide banking collapse. But wait, the real White Hats are silently strategizing, awaiting the perfect moment to reveal the truth and protect humanity.
  • Musk’s Mysterious X: A Symbol of Transformation. Elon Musk, the visionary, and innovator, is a key player in this global chess game. His enigmatic Twitter change to “X” carries profound meaning—symbolizing a crossing over to a new dimension of transcendence and transformation. This marks the countdown to 2027, a pivotal year when Musk will usher in groundbreaking world technology.
  • The Storm Approaches: A World-Changing Revelation. In the heart of this storm, military intervention looms in 2024, as the truth behind Project Blue Beam [DS] military ops becomes undeniable. The plot thickens as the fate of nations hangs in the balance. No elections in 2024—instead, prepare for a revelation that will change the course of history forever.
  • The Unveiling of a Global Deception. Join us on this journey of truth, as we expose the most intricate web of deception humanity has ever faced. The real [DISCLOSURE] is coming, and its power to liberate will be unprecedented. RFKJR was sent for a reason, Trump holds his cards strategically, and the celebration of humanity in 2025 awaits us all. The countdown has begun—the world will never be the same!

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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