Col. Douglas Macgregor​: “No 2024 Election” -​ 11 New Pieces / The Best Is Yet To Come



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 7, 2023

Col. Douglas Macgregor: “No 2024 Election” – 11 New Pieces/The Best Is Yet To Come

Happy Birthday American People

Today we are celebrating the birthday of one of the most important presidents of our time, George W. Bush. Born on July 6th, he is the third generation of the Bush neo-Nazi crime family, responsible for more mayhem that I could possibly put into words. Did you know his grandfather, Prescott L. Bush was indicted in 1942 for trading with the enemy? He was a banker financially supporting the Nazi regime. Their original family name was Scherff.

But that is the subject for another time.

Now we move on to more important current events and educational pieces…

I have selected some very powerful pieces from Greg Reese of InfoWars, Joe Rogan and Bobby Kennedy, Colonel Douglas MacGregor who tells it like it is in Ukraine, and possibly the most important one of all now, Dr. Denis Rancourt, who shares with us the startling statistics of the Covid fraud in a way we’ve never heard before. The facts of his deep, three year analysis show conclusively that the only causes of “excess mortality” during the false pandemic were government measures forced on the people and the vaccine rollout, both of which killed many millions of people all over the world. In India alone, he says, 3.7 million people were murdered by covid vaccines. While horrifying, it is most necessary to know what we actually have been experiencing and why.




Another doc not to be missed is The Lightbulb Conspiracy – The Untold History of Planned Obsolescence. You will never view your world the same again after watching this most “illuminating” expose.

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Independence is my happiness, my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.
              – Thomas Paine’s Aquarian motto

There Was No Pandemic – Dr. Denis Rancourt’s Testimony at National Citizens Inquiry Canada

June 2023

Interdisciplinary scientist and physicist, and former tenured Full Professor of physics and lead scientist, originally at the University of Ottawa, Rancourt brilliantly presents the conclusive findings about the “pandemic” and what actually caused excess mortality: government measures and vaccines.




“I want to start by giving you my conclusions. I’ve been working on all-cause mortality and its analysis for more than three years, and I’ve written more than thirty reports about it, detailed scientific reports, some of them more than a hundred pages long…

“First of all, if governments had done nothing out of the ordinary, if they had not announced a pandemic, had not responded to a presumed pathogen, had done nothing other than what we normally do when we have a high season of mortality in the winter, then there would have been no excess mortality…That is a conclusion that I hold firmly from analyzing the data.

“So, in that sense there was no pandemic that caused excess mortality…There would have been no excess mortality beyond the historic trend.

“The second point…is that the measures governments applied, which I would think of as an assault …definitely and quantitatively caused excess mortality in many jurisdictions and at various times during the pandemic period. Very significant deaths.

“And the final point is that…the Covid-19 vaccination campaign itself, definitely caused excess mortality in definite peaks that are seen, that are directly associated with various vaccine rollouts of different doses to different age groups and different jurisdictions…There is no way to escape the conclusion that the vaccines definitely caused death in a significant number.

“In my view, this was an exercise in biowarfare. And the Russians have said it that plainly. They have talked about the biolabs that are in Ukraine that they have now taken and have all the data for and so on.”

RFJr. Delivers In-Depth Overview of Vaccines and Childhood Injuries and Disease on Joe Rogan Podcast

“In an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. laid out the case for thorough, scientifically sound safety testing of vaccines and greater transparency on the part of agencies responsible for approving and recommending the vaccines.

“Rogan said it wasn’t until the pandemic that he first started questioning the official narrative on vaccines, especially COVID-19 vaccines, and related public policies and narratives.

“Rogan acknowledged the mainstream media’s boycott of Kennedy and his views and proceeded to allow Kennedy to speak, uninterrupted, on the topic.




“Throughout the interview, Kennedy shared highlights from his decades of research into vaccine injuries and public health authorities’ suppression of any science, no matter how sound, suggesting vaccines cause harm.

“The interview prompted Rogan to challenge Dr. Peter Hotez to debate Kennedy. Rogan pledged to donate $100,000 to a charity of Hotez’s choice if he would appear on Rogan’s podcast with Kennedy.

“The challenge triggered an avalanche of activity on Twitter, as others offered to up the ante — which at press time, had reached $2.62 million.”

The 2 Party System and the Dumbing Down of America

Greg Reese of InfoWars 6/28/23

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. – Thomas Jefferson, 1816

A revealing and most relevant synopsis in under six minutes of how the educational system of America was hijacked with intent to keep us ignorant and controlled. I love the way Greg is able to take such a complicated subject with so much material and simplify it beautifully.

6/28/23 – “After seven years of violent revolution, our American founders were well aware that political factions were most often used to divide and conquer the people. And they knew that the Republic they created would only last as long as the people could remain educated.

“By the nineteen nineties, this globalist dumbing down system was perfected.

“Charlotte Iserbyt, author of ‘The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America’, has traced most of this agenda stemming from ‘The Order of Skull and Bones’ at Yale, through both Republicans and Democrats.




“The American people have been so thoroughly dumbed down that we think freedom is the ability to choose between two parties working for the same control system…But if we were an enlightened people, we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the tyrants.”

Ricardo Bosi of Australia Explains White Hats, Black Hats, the World Movement For Freedom, and Why It’s Taken So Long

When they say ‘Nothing can stop what’s coming’ (laughs out loud) – Nothing can stop what’s coming. The forces in play are beyond the Masonic filth’s comprehension. -Bosi

Very clearly put, retired military officer Bosi gives a quick and clear explanation of the workings behind the scenes that are bringing about a positive coup in our world. Ricardo has been the Australian Conservatives Party NSW candidate for the Senate (2019), Independent candidate for the House of Representatives electorate of Eden-Monaro (2020), and Independent candidate for the Queensland electorate of Nicklin (2020).

This is what Benjamin Fulford (featured on our Resources page) had to say about Bosi’s interview:

“We also got a very definitive explanation of what the so-called Q movement and Donald Trump have to do with all this activity. Former SAS Riccardo Bosi explains the entire Q movement was started by about 300 or 400 mostly Navy and Marine officers. They originally thought of staging a military coup but realized it would involve killing large amounts of American civilians. So, they decided instead to act slowly and systematically in accordance with military law. This is why it has been taking so long. However, it has now reached a point where nothing can stop what is coming, Bosi says.”

Brighteon founder, Mike Adams, launches Decentralize TV, a new show and website focused on “decentralized living” for all people who value freedom and autonomy

6/29/23 – “‘Decentralize TV’ features interviews with top pioneers, innovators, influencers and thinkers who promote ideas of decentralized living.

“The slogan for the show is, ‘Building the infrastructure of human freedom,’ and one of the core underlying principles of the show is that I believe grassroots innovation can out-pace centralized government tyranny.

“The show is tech-heavy, exploring many projects that are building and announcing new, decentralized systems for finance, food, publishing, medicine and more. Join the email list on Decentralize.TV to be alerted as each new episode is posted. To begin, there will be two episodes posted each week, and this may increase based on viewer feedback.




“Watch Episode One now at Decentralize.TV

Neurologist’s Near-Death Experience Changes His Understanding Of Consciousness

7/1/23 – “Neuropathologist Dr. Peter Cummings was convinced everything about consciousness, including profound near-death experiences (NDEs), could be explained by science and was rooted in the brain—until he had an NDE of his own.

“’There was a point where I was drowning. And I knew it,’ said Cummings.

“He was surprised at how calm he felt in the face of death.

“’I thought about the autopsies I’d done on people who had drowned. This is supposed to be a very peaceful way to die. And then I’m thinking well, ‘What the heck is taking so long?’

“At the bottom of the river, Cummings experienced something neuroscience probably would have called a hallucination.

“’At that point, everything stopped and I was next to this huge boulder and all the bubbles had stopped… And then there was this bright light,’ he said.

“Then he felt ‘an incredible feeling of love.’ He heard a voice speak to him.

“’I got really emotional not because it’s upsetting but because I’m in that moment of that beauty. And I knew my family was going to be okay. And the voice said ‘they don’t need you, they’re going to be fine,’ he recalled.




“Somehow, he also knew that his wife and son had already been pulled out of the water.”

Now in Effect: Wyoming Law Expands Food Freedom Act, Opens New Market to Small Egg and Dairy Producers

This article is important because it illustrates the ever-increasing movement at legal grassroots levels to bring the power to choose away from Big Gov and back to the people.

7/2/23 –  “Yesterday, a Wyoming law went into effect that will further increase food freedom in the state.

“Sen. Tim Salazar and 10 fellow cosponsors introduced Senate Bill 102 (SF102) on Jan. 12. The new law expands the Wyoming Food Freedom Act to allow a ‘designated agent’ to ‘facilitate sales transactions’ in the marketing, transport, storage, or delivery of food and beverage products. Under previous law, producers could only sell directly to consumers.

The new law will also add eggs and dairy products to the foods that can be sold at farmer’s markets, farms, ranches, producer’s homes or offices, and the retail location of the third-party sellers.

“Wyoming was the first state to enact a comprehensive Food Freedom Act back in 2015. The law allows the sale of many foods and food products direct from the producer to the consumer without adhering to onerous state regulatory and licensing requirements.

“Constitutionally, food safety falls within the powers reserved to the states and the people. The feds have no authority to enforce food safety laws within the borders of a state. Food freedom laws undermine these federal regulatory schemes. Widespread adoption of food freedom, along with state and local refusal to enforce federal mandates, could make FDA regulations virtually impossible to enforce and nullify them in effect and practice.”

The Light Bulb Conspiracy – The Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence

This is one of the most important documentaries you will ever see.




In order to understand how things got the way they are today, one must know the history behind the scenes. This documentary shows explicitly how misguided manufacturers concerned only with profits manipulated their products shelf-life so people would have to re-buy and re-buy and re-buy. Dupont, in 1940, invented the nylon stocking to replace fragile silk ones. Those original “nylons” were so strong that, as shown in this video, one pair of them could be strung from the bumper of one car to another to tow the second car along. When the execs realized that they would sell only one or two pairs per woman, they sent their scientists back to the lab to change the formula to make them weaker. This is exactly what happened with light bulbs too.

This brilliant doc gives similar examples from many other fields, including the light bulb industry.

“I Don’t Think We’ll Ever Get To The 2024 Election”, Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Warns

7/2/23 – Retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor talks with Patrick Bet-David on his PDB Podcast for a deep discussion of Russia, Ukraine, the woke military, the Trump Tape, China, and much more.

This great interview might be considered required reading for inside information on the world situation in general, and specifically Ukraine.

Colonel MacGregor is explicit in his condemnation of government and media in deliberately lying to the public so we don’t really understand what is going on.

This kind of revelation is becoming more and more common, as intelligent and concerned parties reveal their knowledge so we get an accurate picture of the world we live in.

JK Rowling Congratulates Anti-Trans Activist After Judges Award $127K For Wrongful Firing

7/3/23 – “A UK woman, Maya Forstater, has been awarded £100,000 ($127,000) after the woke anti-poverty organization she worked for fired her for saying that people cannot change their biological sex.

“Three London judges handed down the decision on Friday, doling out compensation of £91,500 ($116,000) and interest of £14,904.31 (almost $19,000) to Forstater for loss of earnings, injury to feelings and aggravated damages after CGD failed to renew her contract.




“’We are all free to believe whatever we wish,’ she said. ‘What we are not free to do is compel others to believe the same thing, to silence those who disagree with us, or to force others to deny reality.’

“’Human beings cannot change sex. It is not hateful to say that; in fact it is important in order to treat everyone fairly and safely. It shouldn’t take courage to say this and no-one should lose their job for doing so,’ she added.”

JK Rowling on Twitter: “Congratulations, you star. It’s the husband’s birthday, so I’ve got two reasons to crack open the champagne this evening.”

Australia Is the First Country To Use MDMA and Psilocybin To Treat Severe Psychiatric Conditions

7/4/23 – “Sputnik reported: ‘Australia’s controversial move to become the world’s first country to allow the clinical prescription of MDMA, better known as part of the drug ecstasy, and psilocybin – the main ingredient in “magic” mushrooms – for a raft of psychiatric conditions has left many clinicians and researchers concerned.’

“The therapy would provide an options for people with mental illnesses  not responding to other treatments. Some hail it as a ‘game changer’, but others fear that the was decision rushed.

“Australia is the first country to regulate the use of these drugs as medications, but clinical trials are ongoing in the US, Canada and Israel.”

Parisse Deza is new age Renaissance man and visionary with 50 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

He is the co-creator and curator of The Best Is Yet To Come educational website for the new paradigm.

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