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Reader Post | By Anonymous Light

To ALL Restaurant Owners and Food Distributors

Please ban your use of canola oil in all your recipes. Why?

Canola oil is officially an E.P.A. registered pesticide

Most people have NO IDEA that canola oil coagulates in your blood and causes weight gain, memory loss, heart trouble, and dementia.

That’s a few reasons to give up canola oil.

Below are some more along with soy products:

Hello All Owners and Distributors;




Did you know you are slowly poising the very customers you so value if you are using any amount of canola oil in the foods you serve? If you value them, why poison them?

Saving room for latitude you have not been given the full truth of this very damaging substance that was once used as a diesel lubricant. Yes, diesel oil that has been refined for human consumption because it did not make the industry enough money as a solvent.

I have come to learn that the use of canola oil is nothing more than a poison introduced into our bodies and affects the brains ability to reason and more. Here is that more you need to know, if not for you and your family then for the very customers that write your paycheck.

I pretty much know why companies such as yours use canola oil. It is a cheap alternative but it also damages the health of the body and I choose not to give companies any money that use it.

Please find below the information you may not have about the toxicity of canola oil. It is my hope that you will wake up and stop using this poison in the foods that you make. I will gladly pay a little bit more for better choices.

Start here: The Lowdown on Canola Oil

So, You Think Canola Oil is Healthy?




Last paragraph in article…

Finally, completely overlooked by nearly everyone, is the energy frequency or resonance in this substance. You know how essential oils carry a resonance frequency, like a vibrating aromatic spirit? The essence of canola oil still carries the energy signature of erucic acid that sends this toxic signa instantaneously to every one of your multi-trillion cells.

References and notes can be found in the original article at:

Canola oil causes weight gain, memory loss and dementia:

Canola Oil: The Magic of Marketing

Rapeseed Oil Reincarnates as Canola Oil

From Canola Oil: Brain Plaques and Tangles, Common to Alzheimer’s Patients

Canola Oil Mice Gained Weight, Lost their Memory and Problem Solving Skills

Research indicates olive oil is beneficial and reduces the indicators of Alzheimer’s Disease





Canola Oil Impairs Brain and Memory

Canola Oil Increases Memory Loss (Don’t want your customers to forget to pay right?)

Think your cooking oil is safe and healthy? Canola oil producers claim that it’s the healthiest oil you can use, but science begs to differ. Unless significant weight gain and diminished memory are your idea of good health!

Canola oil has been heralded as a modern healthy alternative to olive oil, and ‘saturated fats’ like coconut and palm oil, backed by a big promotional push from North American growers. The Canola Council of Canada pulls no punches, calling it “the healthiest of all commonly used cooking oils.”[1]The marketing campaign appears to be working: canola oil consumption in the United States has nearly tripled since 2000, up to almost 3 million metric tons in 2017.[2]

When asked if canola oil is the same as rapeseed oil, the answer is both “yes” and “no.” Canola oil comes from the rapeseed plant, and was called rapeseed oil until the early 1970s, when a promotional campaign to rebrand the oil was devised in conjunction with genetic-modificationto remove two of the plant’s undesirable elements, erucic acid and glucosinolates.

The Rapeseed Association of Canada took the opportunity to rename the plant, and “Can” for Canada, plus “ola” for oil, was born.[3]Producers are still keen to leave the rapeseed designation behind, hence their claim that this GM-version is a distinct type of plant. Essentially, it is a very comprehensive marketing campaign designed to confuse and lead the public to a foregone conclusion.

With more than 90% of U.S. crops and upwards of 80% of Canadian canola derived from genetically-engineered seeds, it’s almost certain that your bottle of canola oil comes from plants contaminated with chemical herbicides. Because processing removes the genetically-modified protein from the finished oils, producers consider it the same as conventional oil,[4]believing this production process removes all potential for harm. It is therefore marketed as being 100% safe for unlimited human consumption. But as the latest medical science points out, this oil is far from being a healthy choice for human brains and bodies.

Canola oil is often promoted as a low-cost alternative to olive oil, possessing the same health benefits. It’s even promoted as having a mere 7% saturated fat, compared to olive oil’s15%. But what does science say about the healthfulness of canola? Until recent years, no data were available on the effect of canola oil intake in relation to increasingly common diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease. Canola oil had never been examined as a causal factor in the sixteen-fold increase in deaths from Alzheimer’s reported in 1991: a total of 14,112, up from just 857 deaths reported in 1979.[5]

In December 2017, researchers from Alzheimer’s Center at Temple University investigated the effect of daily consumption of canola oil on mice whose brains had developed both plaques and tangles, common brain characteristics for Alzheimer’spatients.[6]Mice in the control group received a typical diet, while mice in the experimental group were fed a diet supplemented with canola oil for a period of 6 months. At the beginning of the study, mice had the same body weight. They were put through three different tests involving memory functions and conditioning, such as mazes. Ability to navigate these environments demonstrated measurable brain function and emotional stimulation.

Mice who were chronically exposed to canola oil experienced a significant increase in body weight; a gain of nearly one-fifth of total weight recorded just six months earlier. Effects on the brain were equally undesirable. Mice showed impairments in their working memory, demonstrated by decreased problem-solving abilities. Together with reduced levels of beneficial brain proteins that mark synaptic integrity, or how well neurons are firing, the mice performed significantly worse on all tests as compared to control mice. Synaptic integrity can affect whether or not critical connections are made in the brain, something that is vital to a functional memory and enjoying a high quality of life. Canola oil impairs synaptic integrity, which greatly exacerbates the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.




Researchers concluded that their findings do not support the beneficial effect of regular canola oil consumption, nor does their data justify the current trend aimed at replacing olive oil with canola oil in your diet. Not when research has consistently shown that olive oil reduces the same brain plaques and unhealthy proteins that canola oil increases.[7]

The same way that Big Pharma selectively publishes only favorable scientific research on drugs,[8]canola oil producers have cherry-picked data that is both contradictory and inconclusive when viewed in its entirety.[9]Meanwhile, consumption of extra virgin olive oil continues to deliver on its promise of being a true superfood.

A similar study was conducted by the same Temple University research group in June 2017,[10]but this time the focus was on olive oil and its effects on Alzheimer’s brain plaques and tangles. Mice were fed a diet of normal food, or food supplemented with extra virgin olive oil for six months. Compared with controls, the group fed olive oil demonstrated improvements in their prior behavioral deficits. Synaptic integrity also improved, thanks to a significant increase in steady-state levels of synaptophysin, a protein marker of synaptic integrity. In addition, brain plaque deposition decreased, thanks to reductions in insoluble peptides and specific proteins associated with the disease. Overall, their findings supported the beneficial effect of olive oil consumption on all major features of Alzheimer’s disease.

GreenMedInfo has over 70 abstracts on olive oil, demonstrating its healthful effects on over 150 different disease conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Start enjoying these benefits immediately by swapping out your canola oil today!


Soy found to be ‘unfit for human consumption’ and what the industry never told you about it

Soy’s Effects on Human Health

  • 250% increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease — Cognitive impairment
  • Brain shrinkage and premature deterioration — Produces steroidal hormones
  • Produces estrogen-like compounds — Vascular dementia
  • Decreases brain calcium-binding proteins — Early puberty in girls and retarded physical maturation in boys
  • Unnatural menstrual patterns in women — Malnutrition – soybeans have potent enzyme inhibitors — Reduced protein digestion
  • Interference with tyrosine kinase-dependent mechanisms required for optimal hippocampal function, structure and plasticity
  • Inhibits tyrosine kinase which impairs memory formation — Inhibits dopamine
  • Movement difficulties characteristic of Parkinson’s disease
  • Depressed thyroid function
  • Infants who receive soy formula are 200% more likely to develop diabetes — Birth defects
  • Due to suppression of the thyroid, fluoride becomes much more toxic –
  • Inhibits zinc absorption4

More info – if you still need it.

Canola oil causes weight gain, memory loss and dementia




Should Whole Foods rename their store “Canola Foods?”

P.S. Calling canola oil organic is saying this poison is good for your body.

Feel free to download and print multiple copies to share. If you email it it may not get read. 

Anonymous Light


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