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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 11, 2023

Tucker Carlson’s First Episode – “UFOs are actually real” – New Twitter Show Garners Over 60 Million Viewers In Less Than 24 Hours

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Govt. Nudge Units Find The “Best” Ways To Manipulate The Public

6/4/23 – “Huge amounts of money have been poured into ‘nudge research,’ determining the best ways to get populations to change their behaviors without passing laws or using force.

“The concept of ‘nudging’ people into making better choices became popular with the bookNudge—Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, authored by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, and published in 2008. Their book defines a nudge as:




. . .any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives.  To count as a mere nudge, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid.  Nudges are not mandates.  Putting fruit at eye level counts as a nudge.  Banning junk food does not.”

Ron Paul Ravages Republicans’ Fiscally Irresponsible Act

6/5/23 – “The political and financial class breathed a sigh of relief when Congress passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023. The bill suspends the debt ceiling for two years, thus avoiding the establishment’s nightmare of a government default on its debt. Rather, it allows the government to continue adding trillions of dollars of debt that will be monetized by the Federal Reserve.

“Of course, this default will be felt by the people in the form of an inflation tax.”

Greater Idaho’ Movement to Make Rural Oregon Counties Part of Idaho is Gaining Traction and Votes

6/6/23 – “The ‘Greater Idaho’ movement is gaining steam in Oregon.

“People who live in the rural parts of Oregon are tired of having the political direction of their state controlled by far left voters in cities like Portland.




“’The whole thing is gaining so much support that even the liberal media is starting to take notice.’

“Oregon breakaway effort is down to just 8 votes, deepening urban-rural divide

“A grassroots movement to redraw Oregon’s border is gaining traction after voters in 11 rural, conservative counties approved measures that would start the process of seceding from the blue state and joining Republican-dominated Idaho.”

Senator Rand Paul to Release Book About the Fauci Cover-Up

6/6/23 – “No Republican in government has gone after Anthony Fauci more aggressively than Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and he is not done yet.

“Paul is apparently coming out with a book that will reportedly expose Fauci’s role in the COVID pandemic and the associated cover-up.

“’I’ve been on to Tony Fauci from the start. He’s misled the country about the origins of the COVID pandemic and shut down scientific dissent.’”

Anti Woke Ad – – “Find a job that respects your values”

“This is a movement of hometown America…There’s a growing marketplace of those who are tired of workplace politics and tired of the senseless rules and mandates that violate their faith, or compromise their values. This is a movement of hometown Americans who work hard, bring value to their workplace, and foster a winning company culture.”

Tucker Carlson’s First Episode of New Twitter Show Garners Over 60 Million Views in Less than 24 Hours




    With breath-taking precision, Tucker torpedoes the mainstream news lying machine…again.

6/7/23 – “In less than 24 hours, the episode has received over 59.6 million views, absolutely demolishing the 3.5 million audience of his former Fox News show.

“In journalism, curiosity is the gravest crime. Yesterday a former air-force officer, who worked for years in limitary intelligence, came forward as a whistleblower to claim that the US government has physical evidence of crashed non-human made aircraft – as well as the bodies of the pilots who flew those aircraft. The Pentagon has spent decades studying these other-worldly remains in order to build more technologically advanced weapons systems…

“In other words, UFOs are actually real, and apparently, so is extraterrestrial life. Now we know. In a normal country this news would qualify as a bombshell. The story of the millennia. But in our country it doesn’t…. So if you’re wondering why our country seems so dysfunctional, this is a big part of the reason: Nobody knows what’s happening. A small group of people control access to all relevant information, and the rest of us don’t know.”

“We Are Not Alone”: US Has Retrieved Craft Of ‘Non-Human Origin’ Says Whistleblower From Govt. Task Force On UFOs

6/6/23 – “A new report from two veteran (mainstream) journalists citing a decorated whistleblower provides stunning insight into the US Government’s history with UFOs.

“For those who ‘want to believe’ – short of a UFO landing on the lawn of the White House, this is it.

“For those who think the recent government UFO disclosures are one big psyop, this is it.

“The whistleblower, 36-year-old David Charles Grusch, is a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan who went on to work at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) – where he served as the latter’s representative to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force from 2019-2021

“The recoveries of partial fragments through and up to intact vehicles have been made for decades through the present day by the government, its allies, and defense contractors.




“’We are not talking about prosaic origins or identities,’ said Grusch. ‘The material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.’”

“The non-human intelligence phenomenon is real. We are not alone,” Grey continued. “Retrievals of this kind are not limited to the United States. This is a global phenomenon, and yet a global solution continues to elude us.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Bomb: Joe Biden Was Bribed and Paid Millions of Dollars to Have Ukrainian Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Fired 

6/8/23 – “The Ukraine-Biden-bribery evidence was first presented to the FBI by a trusted, highly credible, well paid informant back in 2017.

“According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, the informant said the Burisma owner claimed to have two pieces of evidence showing proof of payment to Hunter and specifically Joe Biden.

“’He [Burisma owner] paid $5 million to one Biden and he paid $5 million to another Biden and it was all a bribery to get Shokin fired and end the investigation into Burisma,’ MTG said.

“In 2018, Joe Biden was caught on video bragging about withholding $1 billion from Ukraine until they fired their Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.”

Nikola Tesla – Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt – from After Skool

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. -Nikola Tesla

“Today’s episode is a brilliant showcase from the Original Gaia series, Ancient Civilizations. We chose this episode because it opens the gate to new possibilities and new perspectives surrounding the pyramids.”




A wonderful compilation of excerpts illustrations and photography from luminary researchers such as Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Robert Schoch, Robert Bauval and Anton Parks.

After Being Fitted With Cell Phones, Horses At Churchill Downs Began To Die During Races

6/8/23 – by Arthur FirstenbergCellular Phone Taskforce

“Racehorses are among the most finely tuned, exquisitely sensitive creatures on earth. So what happens when you give them all cell phones to wear during a race? They start dropping like… well, horses.

“That is exactly what started happening this spring at Churchill Downs in Louisville, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby… The spring meet this year at the Downs began on April 29 and was to continue until July 3. And beginning on April 29, and in every race on every day thereafter, every horse was fitted with a device they had never worn before. It is a wireless device, shaped like an iPhone, that fits into the cloth underneath the saddle on the horse’s back. Horses also began wearing these devices this spring during morning workouts.

“And on April 29, 2023, horses racing at Churchill Downs began to die during races or suffer such severe injuries during races that they were euthanized. So many horses have died this spring that on June 2 it was announced that the spring meet at the Downs would be suspended as of June 10.”

Parisse Deza is new age Renaissance man and visionary with 50 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

He is the co-creator and curator of The Best Is Yet To Come educational website for the new paradigm.

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