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Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 10, 2023

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

before I start with the summary of the last 4 weeks, let me say,

it has been remarkably calm.






of course there were those incidents of the daily madness in politics,

but there was nothing really substantial, nothing of importance.

so please excuse therefore, that the following might not be something

of weight and importance for your decision-portfolio,

it will just be… a summarization

not more

not less





did you do your homework and learn these nubers?

did you learn them so that no ignorant fool can have the slightest chance to win any argument with you in a discussion about this topic?

Science says:

Atmosphere contains:

78% Nitrogen

21% Oxygen

1 %  noble gases

0,04 is CO2




out of this CO2 96% is controlled / produced by nature and 4% is man made

that makes 0,0016% CO2 being manmade

out of these 0,0016 % manmade CO2  1,76% of that is made by Germany

that is 0,000028% of total CO2

this is less than 1/1000 %

and because of reducing this 0,000028% by 1 or 2% = 0,0000 0028%!!!

the german government wants to shut down the most important parts of german economy

and in the US it is not soooo different

the same scenario there.

migrants all over




social system on razors edge

industry under pressure due to energy

food supply expensive and under pressure (and terror) (like setting on fire complete production facilities)

it’s the same everywhere:

NETHERLANDS – Mark Rutte PM, makes it clear where the food will come from.

4 global food hubs. Controlled by the largest agribusinesses in the world.

His policy of bankrupting small farmers and forcibly buying up the rest is in full swing!


let us start.




may 8th

among others it gets more and more clear what Germany will look like in 10 years

Now front runner: Mohammed is the most popular baby name in Berlin

+ Mohammed is the most popular name in Berlin.

+ Noah only makes it to second place.

+ Across Germany, Noah and Emilia are the most popular names for children.

In the capital, Mohammed replaces Noah: In 2022, Mohammed was the most popular first name for boys in Berlin, pushing Noah from the previous year into second place. Third place went to Adam.

Berlin is a GERMAN city

or nor





Berlin is now a City in Germany




Berlin is a city which claims to be the capitol city of the area formally known as Federal Republik of Germany which ended its official existence on Sep. 17th 1990

and where, last but not least, people used to speak generally German language

and gave their children german names

like Hans, Peter, Stefan, Michael, Georg etc.






Mohammed is the most popular name

and now the german government wants to bring in 250.000 people from Kenya

the migrations who came into Germany here on a very informative video on some scales which yeare / how many of them


many areas in Germany with more than 50% migrants

and this is only the OFFICIAL number, where all those migrants with german passport are not counted!!




and its not only the migrants that come in.

ladies, fasten seatbelts… sauna on a ladies day in the future will be partly with transsexuals.

or men who claim to be transsexual.

or men who “identify themselves as woman”

have fun!

and if you didn’t have fun enough in the sauna, then you will have some adventure while looking out where to buy … potatoes.

yes, potatoes. you remember that fruit? a luxury which was a cheap food for the poor some decades ago

it will now become a luxury to buy.



+ The EU Commission wants to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50 percent by 2030. 

+ The result: In future, consumers will have to do without potatoes, asparagus and onions from Germany.

and even if you in the US might have enough potatoes to buy…

there sure will be limits on groceries and meat.

and if you are lucky you live in an area where Bill Gates did not buy all fields and then sold them to China

because now already more than 80% of the US meat production is in Chinese hands

while at the same time gas prices are expected to go triple price

not in 2030

this winter (!)

beware what you are doing here



right now

you are reading alternative news

the WEF wants you to go to jail for this

no joke

therefore you might want to join the archive channel (english books)  (german books)

and perhaps download this book about the aims of the committee of 300

written by coleman

and you are not only forced to read and watch mainstream


your children are forced to watch hard core porn in school

and are motivated to go for their own swinger party as a birthday present

Edward Snowden

told the world that the US government knows that there are underground civilisations

Podolyak said.”

the future in Europe will show a completely different political map as today.

the beginning of this is already in full swing

the Russian government openly told in mainstream media that Poland has to give back ALL robbed and governed areas to Germany and Russia.

it has to look completely different and the people in power need to be completely different.

because the ruling elite from today uses 8million children PER YEAR

who simply disappear. and if they are lucky, they die fast.

some don’t die fast enough..

and get eaten…

what do we look at these days?


in 2 days the big NATO maneuver starts in Europe

at the same time Russia openly says they are ready for a nuclear pre-emptive strike

and the US orders thousands (!) of airplanes to get ready for war

and Hal Turner received private and confidential information that made him believe Hot World War II will start next week,

(no joke)

this all happens while institutional kitchens and food suppliers in the US are warned and advised to keep up a stock of minimum 10 days for their production

and Norway orders private medical personal to their army and gives them a 6 month contract and a non disclosure agreement…

while official soldiers from Poland already officially entered fights against Russia (and nobody talks about it)

let me add:

personal opinion:

when a country like Poland attacks a country like Russia I regard this as a sign for suicidal tendencies in their government.

there is NO logic explanation for ANY hope to win a fight like that.

and it also shows they did not learn from history.

nobody will help them.

not the UK, not the US.

no this time

not that time


not to forget

also british soldiers are officially there and get killed

this all looks like “there is something in the bush”

I am writing you this today, because I can not exclude what might happen beginning in 2 days.

may be Hal Turner is right.

All what I read in the past about predictions is talking about a sudden and surprisingly fast attack of the Russians who “stand at the river Rhine in 2 days”

(that’s what I call real BlitzKrieg!)

I have a contact who spoke to a swiss intelligence officer who told him that the northern part of Switzerland would be a safe place to be, but the rest could be in danger

because “the Russian and the swiss army will work together” (in a certain project) which he didn’t describe more detailed.

it has been calm.

very calm.

unreal calm.

the last months were perhaps only the eye of the storm and when you remember how hurricans work,

its like when you leave the eye of the storm it will hit you in the face very hard.

and then slowly get better.

so, I repeat what I wrote several times already.

get ready

get your stock ready

keep your car filled up

and you fridge filled up

water, cash, etc etc etc

be ready

and dont panic when it comes.

sorry that I don’t have good news.


I´ll keep you posted.



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