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VOL. VII. No. 16


There have been many severe famines in the history of this world. Some of those deaths resulted in many hundreds of thousands of human deaths. A few of them resulted in the near entire extinction of nations.

There are several causes of famines. One cause is poor farming technology. Most famines it seems result from, “…Natural Causes…” such as climate alterations. Volcanic eruptions have a number of times in history resulted in material being lofted into the upper atmosphere occluding the light and warmth of the sun. Many others appear to result from shifts in wind patterns that result in failure of adequate moisture for the gardens.

In the scriptures we find that at least some of the changes in climate were the intentional act of our God. Sometimes God employs the wicked to punish the wicked. In other words, He allows those people who have evil intents to bring suffering upon those who may not have been attending to their duties in life as they should. If and when the famine is a direct or indirect act of God, there is only one way that we will be able to assuage the loss that will occur. We must humbly inquire of God what it is that we have done or failed to do, that has brought this terrible judgment upon us. What must we do to persuade him to end the famine.

It is my personal belief that if, as we have been told, a great famine is already beginning to appear in our world in our days it is due to acts of men of evil intent. It is also my belief that if this famine will become worse, and spread across the whole world, as some have suggested, it is being allowed to occur by our Father, The Most High God. It may be that every one of us now alive on this world, will have to seek the word of Heavenly Father as to what we may do, or stop doing, to mitigate the effects of this famine on ourselves and out families.


If a large enough number of us call upon God personally to help us know how we can change our lives to enable Him to provide relief to us and our families, we may constitute a sufficient majority to help others and perhaps save many lives.

We, every one of us, need to remember that it was God who Created this World and enabled us to live on it in a way to prepare us for a far more glorious and beautiful life in Eternity. Jesus said that he came that man might have life, and have it more abundantly.

No one who comes to this mortal world is lost to God. He knows who we are and where we are, physically, emotionally and spiritually, from the time we are born until the moment we return from this world as spirits, without our mortal bodies.

If we experience a famine it is because there is some essential principle that we must learn here, which, so far, we have, in large measure, missed. If we can find that principle and apply it to our lives then the purpose of the famine will have been accomplished, and the famine will be abated. Those who fail or refuse to seek the truth, the true principles, that Father is trying to teach them, may suffer through the famine until their mortal bodies fail and they return to the world of spirits. Even there our Father has means of helping those who need help to learn and apply essential principles to life. Those who reject Heavenly Father’s help out of personal pride/arrogance, will very soon find themselves in another realm where those true essential principles are not required.

It is my personal belief that we can avert the worst of a famine by seeking for truth, asking for God’s help, and applying those principles now. Not only will we avert a terrible famine and pestilence but we will have the marvelous thrill of hearing the voice of our God.

ACH VII 16 23-05-26 CC JD



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