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The Military Fraud

Most people on this planet are familiar with Mahatma Gandhi and the struggle of the Indian people to liberate their country from the ravages of the British Raj.  Most people cheered the return of natural self-governance to the Indian Subcontinent and the removal of the brutal bureaucratic and social oppression of the British Territorial Forces that violently commandeered the Indian economy, subjugated its people, and actively sought to destroy its culture. 

Yet the same exact things have been done to America and the rest of the Commonwealth and all of Occupied Europe and numerous other countries “conquered” by Territorial Forces since the Second World War. 

 We may be the Bearers of these Bad Tidings, but we are certainly not the cause of them.  That fault lies with the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Office of the Pope, all of which owe us “good faith service” instead of what we have received. 

 Begin with the fact that the words “Commonwealth” and “Territory” have become synonymous, with the only appreciable difference being that the Commonwealth stands for peacetime and that the “Territory” is a wartime fabrication overlaying the Commonwealth.  

 Thus, they fly different flags, but refer to the same land and impact the same people.  The Commonwealth is administered by a lawful civilian government under a constitutional framework, while the Territory is administered by a military government operated as a Municipal Corporation under the presumptions of wartime. 

 The civilian Commonwealth government is run by the people of the country for the good of their country, while the military Territorial government is an oppressive foreign commercial corporation in the business of subjugation and asset-stripping for the good of “the Empire”– whatever that means in current parlance. 




 It used to mean the Holy Roman Empire and has now been converted to mean the Empire of the Cities —  Rome, London, Washington, DC, the UN enclave, and Vatican City, etc.  These foreign enclaves existing as “independent, international city states” operating inside the borders of other countries have sought to commercialize the entire world under a single oppressive bureaucratic state promoting a form of Corporate Feudalism. worse than anything experienced under the British Raj in India. 

 The incorporated foreign commercial corporations operating “as”  Municipal government service providers and as de facto governments in the same exact manner as Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa Company did in South Africa, have all joined forces in their illegal and unlawful conspiracy against the lawful governments and the people of each nation, a fact well-known to the conspirators themselves and to their bankers and their flunkies and bureaucrats running affiliated organizations like the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute on International Affairs, the World Economic Forum, and even the United Nations, all of which work behind the scenes to establish One World [Commercial] Government that proposes to treat people as animals and farm them like animals for the benefit of “the Empire”. 

 This is all modeled on the Roman Empire and we all know how that turned out. 

 We have seen it before, and we have no need to see it again. 

 This has all been promoted via the same generally applicable bureaucratic means explained by Dick Yardley’s history exposing the arrival of Australia, Inc. on Norfolk Island, and its subsequent impersonation of the Government of Terra Australis.  The same thing was done with the arrival of “the” United States of America, Incorporated, on the Island of Puerto Rico, and its impersonation of our lawful international government, The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States. 

 This evil is being funded by wealthy Corporatists in the same manner as Cecil Rhodes and by government and banking collaborators acting in the same manner as Henry de Worms (Rothschild) aka, Lord Pirbright, and enforced by British Territorial Corporations acting “as” governments in the same way that the British Raj was imposed on India and the same way the British South Africa Company’s rule was imposed on South Africa. 

 This has led to national military forces being unlawfully converted into private commercial corporation mercenary forces without anyone being the wiser.  




 As an example, when Abraham Lincoln substituted himself and his office of “President” of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Commercial Corporation, and impersonated our President of The United States of America, he also took over the Office of Commander-in-Chief unlawfully, and impersonated our Commander-in-Chief, too. 

 This gave a British Bar Association Member and Esquire serving the Queen of England control of our military forces via the exercise of commercial fraud. 

 That situation was not sufficient in-and-of-itself to guarantee a British hegemony over our military services, so additional inroads and unauthorized changes were made without our knowledge or permission, to unlawfully convert the political status of members of our military services — without their knowledge or permission, either — into that of British Territorial Subjects. 

 Americans signing enlistment forms or otherwise enrolling in any branch of our Armed Services unknowingly agree not only to tour of duty requirements, but to adopting the foreign political status of a U.S. Citizen and to comply with the obligations of a British Territorial Citizen born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

 Thus, they become the creatures — not of any American Government — but of the British Monarch and the Territorial Government of Puerto Rico and the British Crown Corporation employing them as mercenaries.  They unknowingly take their oaths to serve the Federal Title IV  War Flag, without knowing or being told, that this specific flag was loaned to the British Territorial Municipal Subcontractor for their use while exercising our delegated powers as stipulated under The Constitution of the United States of America — and for no other use whatsoever. 

 Obviously, our British Subcontractors have been using our flag to cover their rumps in many, many other circumstances having nothing whatsoever to do with defending our country from invasion, and have not been honoring their obligation to defend us from such direct threats as the current situation at our Southern Border.  

 These are all violations of our Treaties with Great Britain and its several governments and more to the point, violations of the commercial service contracts we have with them as well.  They have been excusing themselves by claiming that we acquiesced to this course of action and abuse of our service contracts, but in fact, we were not consulted and were left to assume that they were accounting for their costs and changing their flag to the Union Jack while employed in these various incursions and wars for profit. 

 Imagine our horror when we learn that the costs of all their opportunistic commercial actions have been misapplied to our accounts and our flag on loan to them only for duties under our Constitutional Agreement, has been deployed and displayed as if our country and nation was the Perpetrator of all these commercial mercenary conflicts that the British Government and its Territorial affiliates have promoted “in our name” and using our flag, and which they have charged off to our accounts, with no authority or permission to do.  

 How the international banks including the Federal Reserve Banks and the Vatican Bank, too, have allowed this situation can only be attributed to ignorance or collusion.  

 We note that although our unsuspecting young people have been drawn into this morass of British Commercial Self-Interest and have been unknowingly employed as British Territorial Subjects and as Mercenaries employed by the British Territorial Municipal Corporation calling itself the United States of America, Inc. —in various iterations– there has never been a “peep!” of disclosure about any of this wrong-doing and unlawful trafficking of their persons, nor has there been any remedy for it since the Second World War.  




 It used to be presumed that when an American left this undisclosed private Mercenary “Service” they received paperwork affirming their honorable completion of that service, and they were presumed to have returned “home” to their natural political status as Americans hailing from one of the nation states of the Union.  

 Beginning with the Second World War the self-interested bounders adopted different presumptions and unless the formally discharged service member wrote a letter to his or her Branch Commander and informed them that they were returning to their original political status it was presumed that the individual “voluntarily” stayed in the political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen.  

 All of this reveals a criminal and pernicious and purposeful and self-interested abuse of our people and our resources and our flag in Gross Breach of Trust by the Governments of Great Britain, the British Monarch, Westminster, the Government of Ghent, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

 These trespasses and crimes against us and against our country cannot be fathomed by anyone having a moral conscience, especially in view of the fact that Great Britain itself would have been unlikely to survive World War II without the timely intervention of Americans who gave their lives and contributed their resources to stave off the Nazi attack.  

 That our children would continue to be misinformed and drafted and mistreated by the British Government and its various regimes and that our flag has been misused and dishonored in the same vile manner by British Crown Commercial Corporations and the British Territorial Municipal Corporation Subcontractor in their endless wars for profit — wars that we certainly did not profit from, either —  fills us with righteous anger and brings this claim against them and their accomplices in these crimes and acts of deliberate obfuscation, impersonation, and all the false commercial claims and charges that have been made against us and our accounts. 

 They have been the Perpetrators of all this bloodshed and aggression against other nations, and they have been hiding it behind our flag, using our children as their cheap mercenaries, and profiting themselves by offloading the expenses of these criminal activities against us via the aforementioned bankruptcy, trust, undisclosed registration and currency fraud schemes. 

 Not only have we suffered the Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Service Contracts described herein, but we have also suffered the ill-repute heaped upon our nation and country, as other countries have mistaken us as the source of this problem.  

 Let us be perfectly clear — America is not the problem here.  America has not benefited from this war profiteering or foreign subjugation via commercial deceit one iota.  Our people have suffered along with all the other victims of this criminal cartel and we are bringing forward our claims with the single-minded purpose of seeing all these criminals arrested and removed.  

 The problem stems from certain groups in Great Britain and from British Commercial Interests and from the unlawful deployment of British Territorial Forces acting at the behest of Municipal Corporations engaged in impersonating national governments. 

 All these Municipal Corporations must be liquidated and those responsible for running them into this pit of lawlessness and orchestrating the whole Covid 19 debacle must be individually and personally punished for it, or we can look forward to repeat performances from these same fraud artists and their progeny. 




 Those who remember history are not doomed to relive it and we do remember all this history and a good deal more, with documentation to back it up.  

 We wish for the immediate reform and restoration of our American Armed Services as a national service serving our country under the limits of The Constitution of the United States of America and for the control of their payroll to be returned to us and our Office of the Paymaster for these Services and for the immediate return of our estates and our estate assets and the dissolution of all State Trusts and Assets in our favor and to our control.    

 This is the only way to prevent continuing and future abuses of the military capability of our country and its disservice in the interests of foreign commercial opportunism.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, The United States of America … #4188 May 23rd 2023

Via FreeMom7 with emphasis- Love & Blessings for Highest Good of All  


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