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The Global Money Laundering Fraud … [court info]

We have already mentioned the concocted Masterfiles created and maintained by the Internal Revenue Service/IRS and the completely fictional narratives that have been attached to the names of all individual Americans, connecting each and every one of us to alleged offshore activities and engagement in regulated activities related to the interstate manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms

This was obviously done to bring each one of us under the enforcement umbrella of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, which has armed enforcement authority that the Internal Revenue Service/IRS lacks.  

… same process and mechanism has been employed in other countries using similar deceptive and false information dossiers to secure armed enforcement against individual people. 

As we have seen in Australia and Great Britain, the path may differ, but the end result — criminality and fraud practiced against the civilian population under color of law …  obvious objectives seeking to use unauthorized armed force for purposes of non-domestic federal tax enforcement activities, these False Narrative Dossiers serve another purpose — money laundering. 

The fictional persons created by this process earn trillions of dollars in income every year from all sorts of fictional occupations, and the purported money earned by all these fictional persons engaged in these fictional regulated offshore activities, are used to launder actual money from actual illegal activities.


Money coming into the Municipal Corporation coffers from illegal drug production and trade, sex trafficking, human adrenochrome sales, illicit gambling, organ harvesting, securities fraud, illegal arms sales, rum running, mercenary service contracts, child labor contracts, and a host of other profitable but unlawful and also largely illegal activities, is injected into accounts set up and maintained in the name of the clueless Americans whose identity has been hijacked and whose private copyright has been infringed upon. 

This offshore income to the private offshore ESTATES created by the first Dead Baby Scam is then subject to a special offshore Gift and Estate Tax owed by the unclaimed infant decedent estate, and that is passed through certain “participating banks” — laundered — and passed on, ultimately, to the Vatican. 

An exactly similar process is used to pass on income from illicit sources to the Estates of the “lost” British Territorial Seamen named after Americans — a Public Trust Interest Estate formed by the second Dead Baby Scam, attached to the Public Charitable Trust, and this is processed under Admiralty Law as another specialized tax on Seaman’s wages owed by the fictional Estate in probate. This largesse goes ultimately to the British Monarch acting as Overseer of the Commonwealth. 

Both of the Municipal Corporations operating in the District of Columbia are complicit in these activities, both in setting up the legal but unlawful framework of the constructive fraud and impersonation scheme used to create all these “foreign persons” operating under the names of the clueless American victims, and in using these foreign persons to reap profits from illicit activities — income that gets laundered as earnings from non-existent jobs that are all in federally regulated occupations. …   While their criminality is surely and certainly derived from the source of all such criminality, rooted in egotism, selfishness, greed, gluttony, violence, and every manner of corruption, it has been no different nor any more religious than any other examples of the same since the 1640’s to now. 

We wish for these matters to be addressed and for the return of our purloined property, including all Baptismal Certificates which have been illegally, immorally, and unlawfully traded for profit under the pretension that these bits of paper convey ownership of our souls.  …

We wish for their ouster in all three jurisdictions and for the peaceful remedy, cure, and truth to heal the Earth and all people upon it. 

We wish for the removal and destruction of these criminal means, methods, dossiers, and associated activities promoting fictional persons and occupations as a means to obtain unauthorized armed enforcement powers and then further used to promote money laundering for criminal activities as described above. 


We wish for the restoration of all property rights, interests, identities, powers, and prerogatives of the living people and the lawful governments that have been purloined, misused, misdirected, and abused.  …    they must prove their claim beyond reasonable doubt and all contracts, treaties, trusts, incorporations, and agreements that they have entered into must be dissolved to their detriment for lack of full disclosure.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America… May 10th 2023   

#4172 Excerpt, Anna von Reitz 


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