(Reader: Yvonne) God’s Design, How Will We Leave Our Planet, and Honk, Honk


Reader Post | By Yvonne


I am a child of God
I am his by design
I am innocent and pure
I am filled with love, laughter, and dreams

I may want to be an author
I might become a doctor
I might work at a golf course
I may take a college course

I died by a horrible crime
I thought I had more time
I am returned to him by design
I am a child of God

Written by me, Yvonne@AlbertaMarch28,2023

I dedicate this to all the many many many children taken too soon for decades or longer, robbed of their childhood. So I have an upcoming birthday! 60! So my wish is too help OUR, Operation Underground Railroad to raise funds to help in the healing of the rescued children, while at the same time praying for all the ones lost.


How Will We Leave Our Planet

Future Generations will be left with our choices
Did we cave or did we use our God given voices

Freedom is our God given birthright
The Truth revealed thru sunlight

They poisoned our water and food
Their long awaited demise will be good

The movies have revealed truths over time
Hoping we would never catch on to there crime

When watching programming listen with an open mind
If your open you will hear it, your teeth may grind

All the cover ups hidden in plain sight
The darkness eventually always comes to light


Why are all the celebrities having a meltdown
Their well hidden crimes are taking them down

God wanted for his people to live with freedom
with a set of guidelines with the will to choose

Instead some got greedy and decided they wanted
to enslave the people and tax them to death

We were supposed to thrive be happy and healthy
and continue to share the love of God thru our lives

Let’s take a stand for the children of the future!
So they can reap the blessings of God’s Kingdom.

Written by me YDondo@AlbertaFeb15,2023

Honk, Honk

These last months, never in a million years
Did I think I would shed so many tears
From the lockdowns to the Freedom Convoy
That would awaken not just Canada but the World

To the overwhelming movement that showed the people’s power
Children thanking Truckers for heading to shake Trudeau’s tower
By hook or by crook we will be heard and we will not quit
Thousands of citizens on roads and bridges patriot’s hope is lit

Spreading the hope like wildfire convoy’s emerged worldwide
We are here to tell you we are turning the tide
Politicians alike be afraid, be very afraid you haven’t won
This is not the end, Canadians are not scared to honk, honk.


For far too long we tolerated the hypocrisy of the woke
The government hid their crimes by legalizing the toke
The rest were too busy trying to keep up with life
“And We Know” now why we were targeted with so much strife.

Let us be clear this will not end well for you and your thugs
We have taken a stand and united strong, we don’t need bugs
The Storm is here, and we led you right into they eye of the storm
The time is now for the truth is revealed, ready the popcorn

Jim Caviezel, Sound of Freedom will spread with sadness and cheers.
As rain will cleanse the earth, with new found hope filled tears.

written by me , Feb 19, 2023@AlbertaYvonneD

If this is used, I’m glad to have had this gift so it can be used to inspire.


Yvonne D

P.S. I found a few years back I can express my feelings through poetry when I clearly hated poetry in school. Then after a rough patch, I took a free pastime course on poetry covered by the city and discovered I could write. Although still consider myself a newbie I found an outlet. Then joined a group on LinkedIn, WeWritePoetry which is no longer, the person in charge has moved to Facebook, and was honored among 38 other poets globally to have had the opportunity to have two poems written in his book, De Navarro, Sometimes Anyway.


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