(Reader: Hawke) Showtime Carlos III


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

It has been a while since I last wrote as I have been monitoring the increasing ‘hopium’ that alleges that the ‘Blanco Head Attire Wearing Folks‘ are at full flow saving Hue’Man-IT-y.

Let me speak this… If White Hats exist? Then they are indeed the ‘Good Guys n Gals’ right who have the biggest Stage in the whole PSY-OP ‘Pantomime’ for all to see – the Corona-Nation of King Charles III.

If the stakes have been ramped up for a while, then this is a huge, significant, play in the “Truth Show” & will prove that ‘White Hats’ exist & are in control.

The truth being, the Corona-Nation of King Charles III cannot actually take place given he does not serve in the interest & protection of the people. He serves a different master – same as all those claiming to be Fighting for Hue’Man-IT-y. His allegiance is with WEF, the Elite, the ‘Black Hats; which I will add – Are just a PSY-OP to make you think that WHITE HATS exist.

They do not exist! They are one of the same – This is Duality…. Black Hats, White Hats , Grey Hats – whatever you call them – They are all puppets to their Master.

So see for yourself as the Stage is Set. If the Queen Protected the King then behold – King Charles III. The fraud who requests that Oath be swore to him… Only a true King would swear Oath to uphold, protect & serve the people – Not the other way around…


Don’t trust that he be welcoming all Faiths & Rah’Legions during his Corona’Nation – This is the whole ‘One World Rah’Legion N|W|O playbook. Notice the Full Moon timing & also the 6th day – “Saturn Day” they planned. All week has been Spellcasting & any verbalisation of any wording they have conjured up is not only Legalese but trying to contract your soul. Only Quantum Grammer & Syntax are true as fact, correct both when read forwards & backwards…

Now, a true King would not enter into contract, continuing with Admiralty – Maritime Law. He would now follow the Magna Carta & Common Law of the land, better still – ‘Universal’ Law by the Prime creator God. There is only God’s law – The true King or Kings.

If however, those folks need reminding – The ongoing EBS horse chit for example. In the UK, the Govern’MEN does not have your interests or needs at heart. The EBS facade has already proven that Fujitsu were awarded the contract for the EBS who then outsourced to InfoSYS. The CEO of InfoSYS’s Daughter is Married to the UK Prime Minister – Hmmmmmmm doesn’t this sound oh so family’er…

So, those who will watch the Corona’Nation are sure to be seeing later the pre-planted into the mind, that which is the 2024 election narrative. That is another distraction proving that this is just one whole controlled programme to starve, enslave further & remove the population from existence. No freedom, no rights, no life… If you didn’t see the recent announcement by the passing of Bill 5599 – please do look into this.

If you think I’m writing horse chit – How many times have you read about ‘Rods of God’ blowing up Buckingham Palace & Princess Diana coming out of the ‘Shadows’… Well the stage is set – It’s Showtime!!!!


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