BlackRock Down


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 26, 2023

The Robber Barons of old never went away, they just rebranded into a BlackRock which utilized A.I. to buy out the world.

When you hear “Dominion” won a suit over “Fox” regarding reports of voter fraud in the 2020 election, understand that BlackRock owns (in part) both companies. So, BlackRock won a suit over BlackRock and wrote it off, laughing all the way to their shadow bank.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink was among the most prominent US business leaders demanding Congress certify the Biden “win.” Afterwards, Biden appointed BlackRock executives to senior positions in his economic team. I’m sure they have our best interests in mind, and were very careful to count all the votes from the machines they own.

So, if you (or more likely someone you know) thought that by supporting “Biden” and railing against President Trump, the only one standing between BlackRock and total financial domination over the United States of America, you were somehow “fighting the good fight” and defending the little guy who is always getting screwed over by Bigwig Capitalists, kindly remove your head from your tookus and take a good look at that towering BlackRock making a monkey out of us again.  

BlackRock Aladdin

In the end, #GodWins and defeats the Luciferian A.I. Matrix. In fact, it has already happened,  and we are simply enacting the grand stage play for the world to experience, turning pages each day in the living book that is The Greatest Political Story Ever Told.


The first book was The Greatest Story Ever Told, which is to say, the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ, the living avatar of Unity Consciousness. 

While Aladdin is the A.I. which the central bankers have utilized to capture the financial world, via proxies such as BlackRock and Vanguard, and the usury fiat currency of said central bankers is the lifeblood oil which keeps the machine humming, we must remember that all machines require constant energy in order to work. In other words, they need to be plugged in.

As the movie The Matrix suggested, these machines are (metaphorically) plugged in to us. They can only work by utilizing the God-given life energy and consciousness of human beings. And that is how they can be defeated. Because, from one perspective, it would seem that they have the entire game sewn up and cannot be defeated. They own the monetary system, they have infiltrated and/or created all governments, intelligence organizations, militaries, media operations, and crime syndicates. What could possibly stand against them at this point?

What could stand against Goliath?

David. What did David say to Goliath?

David said to Goliath, “You are coming to fight against me with a sword, a spear and a javelin. But I’m coming against you in the name of the LORD who rules over all. He is the God of the armies of Israel. He’s the one you have dared to fight against.”

Donald Trump is in the line of David. As Kim Clement said: “My David for this time…”


But what is the greater representation of the LORD? What is it that Christ himself represented to the people of his day and today?

Christ Consciousness. Unity Consciousness. The very Energy and Essence that created all beings and also all of the playing fields upon which they enact their dramas. 

The truth is that the Luciferians should already have won by now. Their New World Order should already be in place. How is it that this one political leader, Donald J. Trump, is still a fly in their ointment and the movement that he has been the frontman of worldwide is only growing in power and momentum each day?

The skeptics will say that the 2024 election will be rigged just like 2020 was and that Trump will not come back into office. However, the 2016 election was also rigged against Trump. Do you think that election rigging is something new? The Establishment was all-in on the 2016 election. 

The Plan is a Plan of God to set his people free. It is a Plan for a New Era of Light and Freedom– not a New World Order of Darkness and Control.

However, all of the darkness of the old system must be brought into the light in order for it to be corrected. The One-Two Punch of Covid and the 2020 Election Steal was the most visible socio-political crime ever committed in the public eye. The “paper trail” for it, so to speak, is immense. While you can make the case that certain world wars, instigated by that cabal of central bankers and industrialists, was an equal or greater crime against humanity, the fact that human beings are more awake now, relatively speaking, made the recent crime more visible and thus more prosecutable. 

But who has the power to prosecute such crimes?

There are far more good people in the world than bad. The cabal, while they number in the millions, they also represent a very small interest, with a great deal of (soon to be rapidly dissipating) power. There is a reason they have ever tried to limit the numbers of the human population. But where are their Georgia Guidestones now?

In a very similar manner to the American Revolution, Divine Providence is required for this great Victory. President Trump and his Alliance play their part. We all as individuals play our part. But God is the architect of this lasting Triumph. 

Even Tucker Carlson, formerly of the corporate media, said in effect, right before he was “let go,” that this is a battle between good and evil and that we should pray for our country. 


But, why does prayer have power?

Because it unites us with the source of all power, with the Unified Creator of all life, of which we are part and parcel.

All Energy comes from this Source. We cannot exist without it and machines cannot exist without it or without us.

The Luciferians are going to lose the power of their money machine. It will be unplugged. When it is, they will be nothing more than the Wizard of OZ when his curtain is pulled back. Their formerly fearsome power will seem even petty and ridiculous, despite all of the pain and suffering they have caused with it.

But the lesson, the Grand Lesson of it, will be there for all of us, and for the ages to come. And you will know that you were there for it, for one of the most historical passages of all time. Meta-historical, you might call it.  The Victory celebration will be almost unimaginable from our current perspective. So, stick around…

The Best is Yet to Come.


Parting the Washington Sea


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