Two Important Pieces by Dr. Ron Paul and Other New Articles from “The Best Is Yet To Come”


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 16, 2023

Two Important Pieces by Dr. Ron Paul – And Other New Articles From “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Aloha Friends and Fellow Humans,

We have a stimulating selection of material for you this week, mostly coming in “twos”: politics from Ron Paul, psychology from Gabor Mate, and science and sociology from After Skool, plus a very important clarification from the natural medical world. 

Please share this with friends and loved ones who would benefit from being exposed to the kind of material we offer. It may be particularly good for “newbies” looking for answers about what is really going on in their world.

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Independence is my happiness, the world is my country,
and my religion is to do good.
               – Thomas Paine’s Aquarian motto

Two Important Pieces by Dr. Ron Paul

There Has Been a Coup in America; it Began With the CIA Murder of JFK

4/12/23 – “Former presidential candidate, congressman and medical doctor Ron Paul appeared on the Tim Pool podcast this week and made some bold statements about the state of country.

“Paul called out the numerous current members of Congress who have no knowledge of or loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.

“’…we don’t have any resemblance to a government that believes in a Republic, we don’t have honest money, we don’t have integrity,’


“’…there has been a coup…and anybody could pick probably any date in the last 100 years, but I have picked November 22nd 1963,” Paul continued. “That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government, you know by the CIA.’”

Peace is Breaking Out in the Middle East…and Washington is Not Happy!

4/10/23 – “While we were being distracted by the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war – and Washington’s increasing involvement in the war – tremendous developments in the Middle East have all but ended decades of US meddling in the region. 

“Take, for example, the recent mending of relations between Saudi Arabia and formerly bitter adversaries Iran and Syria. A China-brokered deal between the Saudis and Iran has them re-establishing full diplomatic relations, with the foreign ministers of both countries meeting in Beijing last week. It is the highest level meeting between the two countries in seven years.”

Two Very Excellent Self-Help Pieces From Psychologist, Dr. Gabor Mate

Addiction expert, Gabor Mate developed a psychotherapeutic method called Compassionate Inquiry. He is author of several books, including The Myth of Normal and When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress.

How to Reframe a Challenging Moment and Feel Empowered – The Tim Ferriss Show

Gabor engages Tim in a simple inquiry that shows him how to reframe a personal experience that made him angry:

“When you reframe things, and you actually see the source within ourselves, all of a sudden that’s liberating. Because, guess what? If you’re feeling that way because this guy did this or didn’t do that, that makes you a victim. But if you see that you are the source, now you’re powerful.”

The Dangers of Being Too Nice


“There’s a deep need to belong, a deep need to be loyal, and a sense of betrayal when that loyalty is somehow insulted…you might become a helpful, very helping individual, which is a coping pattern.

“But the other need that we have is for authenticity: to be ourselves. And that again has to do with survival. If you’re not in touch with yourself out in the wild, you don’t survive.

“But if a child is confronted with a dilemma: that if I’m authentic, express my feelings, then my attachments are threatened — because my parents can’t handle it…then perforce the child will automatically (but not consciously) suppress their authenticity.

“So it’s that irresolvable tension between authenticity and attachment that many children in our society are faced with, that results in their self-suppression.”

Florida Grand Jury: Biden Regime is Facilitating Sex Trafficking of Foreign Children

4/10/23 – “More than 250,000 unaccompanied children (UAC) have entered the United States since Joe Biden took office. A Florida grand jury found that the Department of Homeland Security’s Office 

of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has left thousands of vulnerable migrant children with unvetted ‘sponsors’. Some children have been sold to be used for sex. The grand jury also accused the Biden regime 

of misleading the public about the abusive and dangerous situation. The grand jury reported that, ‘In reality, ORR is facilitating the forced migration, sale, and abuse of foreign children, 

and some of our fellow Florida residents are (in some cases unwittingly) funding and incentivizing it for primarily economic reasons.’”

Jim Caviezel Stars in Film About Real-Life Sex Trafficking Rescue — Producer Says ‘You’re Dead’ if Child Slaves’ Plight Doesn’t Move You


4/9/23 – “Jim Caviezel, the Hollywood veteran best known as the leading man in The Passion of the Christ, is starring in a new movie about a sex trafficking rescue operation 

that is based on the true story of a former federal agent who quit his job to devote his life to saving exploited children.

“Producer Eduardo Verástegui said he was drawn to the story of Tim Ballard after meeting with the former agent and hearing about the horrific realities of the sex trafficking industry.

“’We’re talking about millions of children around the world kidnapped for sex; these kids are being raped 15 times a day for many years,’ Verástegui said.”

Drs. Tom Cowan, Mark & Samantha Bailey, Andrew Kaufman: Why Are We Doing This?

Drs. Cowan, Bailey, and Kaufman are spearheading the movement that is breaking the spell of scientific hypnosis that’s been holding humanity prisoner for over a hundred years. 

Through their detailed analysis of the history of virology and germ theory they are slaughtering the sacred cows of science fraud to free the human mind and help return us to natural, safe, and effective medicine.

April 2023 – “…the dramatic events of the past three years, events that have devastated the lives of many people all over the world, are based on this very misconception that so-called pathogenic viruses exist. 

This misconception has been around for a very long time, and it has led to damaging public health measures, the most notorious being vaccines, which have themselves harmed and killed millions of animals 

and people during their long and sordid history. This carnage needs to stop.”


Two Visually and Intellectually Beautiful Videos From After Skool

After Skool makes educational presentations and takes presentations made by world class educators from all arenas and animates them with beautifully fluid cartooning drawn at warp speed on a white board.

     (We feature them in our Resources section under Supportive Venues).

How an Obsession with SAFETY Leads to Mental Illness & Tyranny – Academy of Ideas

“This video explores some of the philosophies which examine the prioritization of safety. What happens when we value safety above all other values? 

“This video was made in collaboration with Academy of Ideas. They create videos explaining the ideas of history’s great thinkers in order to help supply the world 

with more knowledge, to empower the individual, and to promote freedom.”

Exposing Scientific Dogmas – Banned TED Talk by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Illustrated by After Skool

The classic debunking video visionary biologist Rupert Sheldrake made (barefoot) in 2013 on a Tedtalk stage come to life through vivid and inspiring animation.

Based on his best-selling book The Science Delusion: Freeing The Spirit Of Inquiry, published in the US as Science Set Free, Rupert shows the ways in which


science is being constricted by assumptions that have, over the years, hardened into dogmas.

Parisse Deza: A new age Renaissance man and visionary with 50 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

He is the co-creator and care-giver of The Best Is Yet To Come educational website for the new paradigm.

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