(Reader: Reda) A Very Special Message from God about Jesus


Reader Post | By Reda

My beloved Readers, once again our beloved María Cecilia bring us a beautiful message, this time from our Creator, please be blessed and happy while reading it! 



My Beloveds . Your Father speaks to you, your Creator and of All that has been Created.

It is the first time that I address you Spanish-speaking people, through our beloved Ngari.

Because what I have to tell you is very important.

When I sent you my beloved son Yeshua, better known as Jesus, few have recognized him as my most beloved son. Few believed that it was I, his Father, who sent him. They laughed and made fun of him.


All of his teaching has been distorted by the Church, which only had the intention of, through religion(s), imposing a belief system on them that would allow them to control all human beings. So it was with all religions, and not just the Catholic.

They denigrated my figure, as being an angry and punishing father, so that through fear and fear, you would respect that pseudo God and observe his laws. All very false and far from the truth.

This has been done by beings without soul or heart, who enslaved men, aided by laws that far from favoring them, only served themselves and the accumulation of wealth and power by the Church.

For centuries, the Temporal Power (of the Church) and the Legislative Power (by the rulers) were established. And both shared all the power on the face of the Earth. Added to this, they created financial power, which made all those who disagreed bend with that system. 

Such creations have kept the human being in a prison without bars. With a false appearance of freedom. They believed everything that is said on television, without questioning anything. And that malevolent invention has have you absorbed in a sea of lies, deceit and control, even mentally. 

Until I, the Eternal Father, the ultimate Creator of All that is, have decided to put an end to that situation!!! I am an All Hearted Father and I suffer when I see my beloved children suffer! I will never punish you ever! I do not want homage. I want you to love me, as I love each and every one of you!

My beloved sons, Jesus, has suffered unspeakably at the hands of an elite without a soul. The same suffering that they want each of you to suffer and relive, year after year, with what they usually call Holy Week.


It is time for you to wake up, my children! That dream of millennia is now over. Truth triumphs over the darkness of darkness. Enough of controls and manipulations! Know that my son Yeshua has NOT died

on a cross to save mankind from his sins. That even exists!

He has done it to free humanity from the slavery of ignorance! So that you could raise your vibrations and see the reality of the earthly paradise that I have created for the delight of human beings. From everyone and not just from some!

This pedophile and satanist elite is still the same as before. It is the same elite that kidnaps, sodomizes, abuses and murders billions of children. Who makes ritual sacrifices to Satan. who drinks the blood of innocent to rejuvenate themselves.

My beloved, it is time for all these truths to come out. Donald Trump, Putin, Chi Jing Ping and others joined the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Heaven, the Galactic Brothers, what we call the

Earth Alliance and light Workers, for the final battle between good and evil.

The LIGHT has already won! The NESARA/GESARA 

Law is in the process of being officially announced, after attempting to be implemented and being in effect for 23

years. And from being systematically hidden behind a wall of silence, (under gag law), from the public eye. Everyone who tried to bring it to light has simply been wiped out.

That is humanity’s puffball card. No more hunger or poverty. No more cheating or control. No more human trafficking. No more trade in human beings or slavery. I assure you that the victory of Light is already! The banks will soon cease to exist. Religions too! 


And 120 days after the official announcement of that law, all current governments will be extinguished, giving rise to fair elections and without frauds.

My dear children this beings of such a low vibration are being eliminated from the face of the planet, In the same way that the low frequencies vibrations of those who wanted to decimate at least ¾ of the planetary population.

Very soon all the

truth comes out! Nothing will be hidden anymore. And I ask you, my children, to strive to ascend together with Gaia, and thus consolidate the

ascension to 5D. Try to see beyond the five senses of the physical body.

Learn to master

the creation process, and everyone know that like my children, you are also creator gods! And in fact you are the ones who create their own

reality, through your thoughts and emotions. You activate an atom in the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

I wait for you on Earth 5D, Earth-Paradise so that he welcomes you with open arms. As You know, it’s not about a place, it’s about a state of consciousness. Do not wait for a savior. You are the ones who have come to save Earth.

You are all of you and each one of you, my beloved sons.


Your Creator Father spoke to you, the Source of All That Is! 

This Light Worker asks for your lovely Help to make ends meet,  life is still hard while we wait for our RV blessings. Please Lord bless everyone who reads this beautiful message. 

Your contribution is highly appreciated! And Know that Everything you give will come back to you multiplied! Believe it! 

Please send your contribution to


Blessings of Light to all! 



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